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Warning! This page contains spoilers for Emblem of the Outlaw.

By MibuWolf Part of the Emblem of the Outlaw continuity.
Pogonia (Frost)
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New New Team Avatar

Pogonia (more commonly referred to by her ring name "Frost") is an ex-pro-bender and main protagonist in Emblem of the Outlaw. Currently, not much is known about her past, other than the fact that she was born in one of the Water Tribes and her fate brought her to be a part of the Avatar's life. She is the self-elected leader of New New Team Avatar (Team Avatar being the Gaang, New Team Avatar being Korra, Bolin, and Mako). She prefers being called by her real name, however both Ishio and Liwei are insistent upon calling her "Frost".


Frost has been considered by the other members of New New Team Avatar as "insane". Her personality is close to bipolar in that one minute she could be a person's best friend, and the next she would be at their throats. A wild imagination extends the belief that she is not sane, overall giving her a bizarre demeanor. Even so, her heart is in the right place, and she isn't socially inappropriate. In fact, other than her interactions with Ishio and Liwei, Frost is extremely socially appropriate. When something makes her uneasy, she isn't afraid to speak up (causing her to sometimes come off as sassy), though at the same time this can be helpful for reading any sort of situation.


Master Waterbender

It is assumed, from Frost's ability in the ring, that her Waterbending is at a master's level. Years of training has contributed to her expert manipulation of water, and many times people have died at her hand. Like all Waterbenders, her style of fighting is relaxed and smooth, like Tai Chi. However, Frost adds in a certain edge to her fighting, specializing in the manipulation of the moisture in the air and the solidifying of water into ice.


  • A pogonia is a type of flower, hence where Frost's real name comes from.

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