Young Katara throwing a snowball
From Your Mother
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She was a little girl when I left her. She is now a woman.

She thinks I am gone; but I am still with her, and I will be with her forever, to give her courage and the strength she needs. Like a stream, a mother's love is unconditional and forever flowing. She has made mistakes and learned from them. I lied to protect her, and it was never in vain. Katara is a loving sister, understanding friend, valiant warrior, relentless worker. She takes care of her brother and makes up for my absence. She used to throw snowballs; now she can create a snowstorm.

My daughter. She can extinguish any flame, and calmed the fire that took my life. Death is an illusion; she knows that. I am the proudest mother in the world.

I know Aang will take care of her. My little waterbender.

From Your Mother,


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