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Hama entered the city after an incredibly long journey. She snuck in through the sewers, and then found an area big enough to train an army. Hama recruited many who had suffered during the siege and wished to make the Tribes pay for not getting more involved. Among them was a ten year old named Yakone. Hama soon discovered that the child was a prodigy bloodbender, able to bloodbend at any time without hand gestures. He was promoted to second in command and put in charge of training and recruitment. Thus did six months pass, with constant training and recruitment. One day, Hama sent a soldier named Wu out on a very special mission. He was to place a bloodbending scroll disguised as a treatise on Southern style, in a shop, hang around and watch the buyer's reaction to determine if they were a potential recruit.

The Scroll

It had been a good six months for Hydros and I. We had married and Pakku had declared me a waterbending master, and then given me students to train. All of that changed when I found the scroll. It appeared to be a manual on Southern style. I had been having trouble finding Master Pakku a good birthday present, and decided to buy it for him. The shopkeeper claimed to have never seen the scroll before and gave it to me for free. This bothered me a tiny bit, so I opened the scroll to see its contents. It was a bloodbending manual! When Pakku came over for his birthday party, two weeks later, I brought up the matter of the scroll. After hearing its contents, he asked Arnook and Hydros to come over. I then retold exactly what had happened. Arnook promised to discover exactly where the scroll came from. Hydros retrieved the scroll and Pakku destroyed it with waterbending. The party ended on a high note, despite the discussion about the scroll.

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