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Coronation of Fire Lord Zuko


Final scene of ATLA in Ba Sing Se


Final events of "Sozin's Comet, Part 4: Avatar Aang"

From Enemies to Friends is a one-shot fanon written by PSUAvatar14. This fanon focuses on two former enemies making a step towards friendship at the end of the War.


Thought Process

The author came up with this idea while thinking about his favorite character. He felt that she was shipped romantically so much, that her friendships were just tossed aside. As a result, he came up with this idea to friendship her with another girl.

Characters involved

This fanon will mostly involve those two, but other characters will appear and/or be mentioned.


The setting is the afternoon after Zuko has been coronated as the new Fire Lord.

Everything is starting to settle towards peace. However, not all former enemies have made up. Katara had a great fear of Ty Lee during the War, having lost her Waterbending skills to her on a pair of occasions. Katara also once called Ty Lee a circus freak, with we later learned was hurtful to the now-Kyoshi Warrior. Ty Lee had retaliated with some actions of her own against Katara in Ba Sing Se. Can the two resolve their qualms with each other and strike a new friendship?

The Story

2 October, 100 AG

Fire Lord Zuko wrapped up his speech to the crowd of peoples from various nations as the sun gleamed down on the Royal Plaza on a magnificent early autumn day. Ten days had passed since Sozin's Comet went through the atmosphere, and Team Avatar, along with the Order of the White Lotus, helped to bring an end to the Hundred Year War which had plagued the world.

All the meanwhile, enemies were starting to become friends. Team Avatar accepted Mai in as a result of her connection to the new Fire Lord, and Ty Lee had both befriended and joined with the Kyoshi Warriors.

In ways, Katara was finding herself at peace. The War was over; she no longer had to worry about Aang dying at every turn. As a result, she was now settling into a romantic relationship with him. She, though, held some friendships along the way, but still had not yet become friends with a former enemy.

In addition to becoming friends with Suki and the rest of the Kyoshi Warriors, Ty Lee also made Sokka a friend, although she was a little disappointed that the guy she crushed on was with someone else. Regardless, she had not yet gotten to meet the rest of Team Avatar. After the coronation of Zuko, though, she did get to meet Avatar Aang, who was shaking out more of the post-war planning with the Fire Lord. However, she too wanted to befriend more of her former enemies. It was just in her personality. She would become friends with the whole world if she could.

"Well, Katara, I think I finally made another friend out of an enemy," Aang said to Katara, grasping her hand.

"That's great, Aang! Who?" Katara asked curiously.

"I'm surprised she never came after me, though, I'll say that. Her name is Ty Lee," Aang said with a smile.

"Oh." Katara looked sort of downbeat. "Her..."

"What's wrong, Katara?" Aang looked at his girlfriend, who suddenly felt down for whatever reason.

"Well...I can't ever say I really liked Ty Lee. She always...sort of...scared me," Katara admitted lowly. "Her chi-blocking abilities, when they took my bending was a scary feeling. Also...I kind of called her a...circus freak once."

Aang turned his girlfriend's face back in front of him. "I see...but, Ty Lee looks friendly now. You should try and get to meet her. She seems like a nice girl who would like to be friends."

Katara took a deep breath. "I suppose I can give it a try...after all, I've always known her as just an enemy. I have never gotten the chance to really meet and understand her. With the War over, and her being presumably on our side...I should meet her, I guess."

Aang smiled brightly. "Do you want me to come with you?"

Katara released her hand from Aang's grasp. "It's all right Aang, I'm not in any danger now...I can handle this own my own."

The Waterbender gave her boyfriend a quick kiss and walked away from him. The Avatar could only smile, glad that she was giving her once-worst enemy a chance to make friendship. He was so proud of her, being able to release grudges and fears. Katara returned a smile over her shoulder, seeing his great pride in her.

The Fire Nation's first ever Kyoshi Warrior sat in a room in the Royal Palace, chatting with Suki.

"I'm really glad we became friends, Ty Lee," Suki said.

"Me, too! I don't like to be an enemy," Ty Lee replied. "I wish more people could see me that way, like that Water Tribe girl..."

"Katara?" Suki questioned. "She's a friendly girl!"

"Not to her enemies," Ty Lee said. "At least that's why I heard. I don't think she would have any interest in being my friend..."

Suki placed a hand on Ty Lee's shoulder. "Give her a chance! If you see her, just talk to her...get to know her. I guarantee, with your personality, you will make quick friends with her. Deep down, she is a friendly person. I should know."

"Okay, Suki. I guess you're right, and Aang seemed to like me, and she's his girlfriend, after all. So, it could work," Ty Lee smiled at the Kyoshi Warrior leader.

"Just talk to her. Trust me." With that, Suki walked away.

Katara strolled down the emptying plaza, where a few Earth Kingdom residents were chatting with other Water Tribe members. Suddenly, a figure in a green dress caught her eye. A Kyoshi Warrior...but the's not Suki.

Ty Lee turned around and caught sight of the girl in the blue Water Tribe dress, long hair and boots. "Hello?"

Katara stood nervously before the Kyoshi Warrior. She folded her arms, resting her palms on her elbows. Although she was covered with makeup, Katara was able to see that it was Ty Lee; she remembered when Ty Lee was in disguise in Ba Sing Se and caught her off guard and blocked her chi, resulting in her imprisonment. She sort of shrugged away from her. That's Ty Lee...that's her... A shiver went down her spine as she flashed back to when Ty Lee blocked her chi in Omashu, rendering her helpless.

"Are you...Katara? The Waterbender?" Ty Lee asked, seeking her attention.

Katara edged her head up towards her. "Yeah...that's me. I guess you're...Ty Lee..."

"Well, hello there..." the warrior said slowly, clearly detecting a sense of nervousness in the environment that was between her and the Water Tribe girl.

Katara and Ty Lee each rubbed the back of their own heads, walking around in a little circle. Although the War had ended, the two were yet to bury the hatchet that divided them. Both girls slowly waited for one of them to say something, each gesturing to each other, as if to say, talk.

The Kyoshi Warrior finally broke the silence. "Uhhh, Katara...can we talk about know, during the War?"

The Waterbender sighed, as if she finally wanted to move on with things. "Alright, Ty Lee. I guess."

Ty Lee gathered up her memories of her past meetings with Katara. "Look...I want to apologize for the strife I caused you. I know that, apparently, you got scared of me. I don't want that. I don't want to be a monster to you, Katara. Now that we're all the same side...I want you to see me for who I am. Please...I can be a friendly girl. I hate the feeling of knowing that I'm scary..." She dipped her head and frowned.

"Ty Lee..." Katara began. "Listen," she said as she moved towards her. "I understand why you did what you did, of course you were trying to fight for what you thought was your side. I'm not upset about that. I have mostly shed my fear of you, anyway. Not that those memories of feeling hopeless still don't hurt..." She shuddered as she again flashed back to Omashu. " really hurt me one day."

The warrior gasped. "Oh my gosh...when?"

"Well..." the Southern Waterbender began. "Do you remember when we were in Ba Sing Se, and you, Mai, and Azula were disguised as Kyoshi Warriors?

"Yeah," Ty Lee said. "But I was different, then, Katara!"

"I know, I know," Katara resumed. " hurt me that day I wound up imprisoned, and not just with your chi-blocking, either."

Ty Lee shifted to a look of guilt, her eyebrows pointing upward. "Katara...wait...I did?"

"Yeah," the girl dropped her head, turning away from the girl in the green kimono across from her. "Well, do you recall..."

Ba Sing Se, Spring

"Well, well, look at what we have here," Azula smirked happily at the defeated Waterbender. "The peasant decided to trust us and she was wrong. Now look at you, so-called master. Wiped out easily by Ty Lee, and now our prisoner."

"You won't get away from this!" Katara tried to yank free from her chains, her attempts all futile.

"Awww, look at you trying, little girl," the Fire Princess sadistically remarked.

"Aang will be here, and then you're done for!" Katara yelled angrily.

"Oh, the Avatar. How sweet," Azula continued to taunt Katara. "Amazing how he managed to fall for a sad peasant like your own.'re from the Water Tribes, you know a lot about fishing. How does it feel to be the bait?"

"Haha, good one Azula! Fish, Water Tribe, I get it!" Ty Lee remarked, chuckling.

"All right, I've seen enough of this peasant. Ty Lee, Mai, take her to the Catacombs."

Present Day

Ty Lee's head dropped down, overwhelmed with guilt. "Katara...I'm so sorry..."

"I hate feeling helpless, Ty Lee. Then you liked all of Azula's sadistic jokes..." Katara looked at her, her crystal blue eyes starting to grow tearful. "Why?"

"Please...Katara...hear me out...I was misguided, by Azula..." The warrior tried to look at the Waterbender, but Katara shied away. "I just didn't hurt me either..."

Katara turned around quickly. "What...? When did I hurt you?"

Ty Lee turned away from Katara. "Well, it's complicated. It goes back to you calling me 'circus freak' when we were fighting at that Fire Nation Drill..."

"Okay, but how did I hurt you? Ty Lee, I don't understand," Katara said with quickly piling guilt.

"To let you'll have to know my past. It wasn't easy, Katara," the Kyoshi Warrior started to tear up a little. "I heard that you lost your mother, so believe me, I'm not implying that mine was as bad as yours. Still..."

Katara stayed focus on Ty Lee. "Go ahead, I'm listening...."

For the first time since their meeting, the two girls sat down next to each other. "Katara...what was your family life like? How many siblings did you have?"

Katara appeared confused. What does this have to do with me calling her a circus freak? "Well, Sokka is my only sibling...I was born a year after him."

"So, of course, you looked different from him, yes? You...stuck out?" Ty Lee began to feel tears again.

"I guess..." Katara still wore a puzzled look.

"Well, let me tell you something. I grew up with, get this...SIX sisters. SIX...IDENTICAL...sisters," the warrior to Katara's right began to recall harsh memories. "I had no sense of individuality in my family. We all just looked the same," her head started to slump.

The Waterbender lifted the Kyoshi Warrior's head up. "Go ahead...say what you want to say."

"My family had no clue who I was! No idea! I was a stranger in my own home!" Ty Lee began to break down in tears. "So I ran away to join the circus, where I could actually make a name for myself! This way, I could be different instead of just looking like the same! To call me a circus's a compliment! At the same time's hurtful."

"I don't get it, Ty Lee. It's a compliment, but it hurts? Explain." For the first time since meeting her, Katara grew a sympathetic look at the former ally of Azula.

"I's the only thing that makes me unique...and people still tease me for it! I don't know if I'll go back to it, now that I'm a Kyoshi Warrior, but still! Katara...that hurt," Ty Lee looked at her tearfully. "I guess it still doesn't justify what I did to you..."

A wave of guilt overswept Katara quickly. It was not a great feeling for her, as she looked at Ty Lee worriedly. "Oh my gosh...I'm so sorry. Ty Lee, really...I didn't know..." tears appeared in Katara's eyes. "I...didn't mean to. You have to believe me...this War, I sort of grew to hate the Fire Nation, because my Mom was killed by them...I just got so heated in battle that I said things I would regret drive, everything just took me over."

Both girls were now in tears, having opened up to one another about their past engagements and histories.

"You don't have to be sorry, Katara," Ty Lee said as she wiped the tears from her face. "I was so mean to you, that I guess I deserved whatever words I got from you...I just don't want to look like a sadistic's not me, believe me..." She buried her head into her kimono.

Katara also wiped her tears away. "I do have to be sorry. I'm also not a mean, hurtful person to's just not in me. When I get angry, like I said, things slip out that I normally don't..." She again tried to pick up Ty Lee's head. "We have a second chance, though...if you want to take it. I do believe, from what Aang told me when he met you, that you are a kind-hearted person."

"It's always been me," Ty Lee looked finally at her. "I don't want to look mean..."

Katara cracked a smile. "You don't look mean to me. What I see is someone who is looking for a new friend..."

The two girls got up and looked at each other with smiles.

Ty Lee's eyes watered up again. "You mean, after all would be willing to become friends with me? Katara, I..."

Katara opened her arms to her. "You tell me."

Without a further moment's hesitation, Ty Lee ran up to and threw her arms around Katara. The former enemies were now locked in a hug, a few tears streaming down their faces.

"I'm sorry," both girls spoke out simultaneously.

Briefly, they separated. "As Zuko said, this is a new era of love and peace," the Waterbender looked into the Kyoshi Warrior's eyes. "I think I can be at peace with you, Ty Lee. I'm glad I finally got to see you for who you were really were. I take back all I said about you."

"Yes, this is peace for us. I'm glad I know you too, now. For a while, I just took you as another enemy. Now I see that you are just someone who has just had a hard life. We have that in common...friend," Ty Lee cheerfully stated.

"Yeah...we do. I can't imagine what it would be like to live with six people just like me. That could not be easy for you. You are right...friend," Katara returned Ty Lee's great happiness.

The former enemies slightly teared up with joy at the thought of calling one of her worst enemies a friend now.

"Forgiven?" Ty Lee asked.

"Forgiven." Katara answered.

They re-entered their hug, resuming their crying. Like little waterfalls, their tears flowed down their cheeks and onto each other's clothes.

At a distance away, the Avatar watched as his girlfriend released another grudge, and smiled at her proudly.

A new era of love and peace.

A new era of friendship.

A time for enemies to become friends.


Author's Notes

There. Would it kill any fanon writer writing about Katara to not ship her (Besides the one who writes the work titled "Eyes of Katara") romantically?

Ah, this was fun to write. Entirely new concept for me. I had to, though...come on, the poor girl has been shipped romantically with Aang (Though that's fine with me :)), Zuko, Jet, Haru, Toph, Mai (Look at <_<), and everything that breathed in the series! </rant>

Well, I hope you enjoyed reading it as much as I did writing it. :) KataraFanboy Send me a messenger hawk Read my fanon! 21:47, September 16, 2011 (UTC)

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