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"Friends" is the third chapter of the fanon series The Spirit of Competition, by Tono555

Author's notes

  • Special thanks to AvatarAang7 for advice on how to make this chapter better. If you still haven't seen his fanon, do yourself a favor and do it.
  • Another note that should be made is that we are not in the Avatar universe. Future Industries, Republic City Academy, Four Elements High School, and Cabbage Corp will be the only references to it from now on aside from names, etc.


As Asami woke up to get ready for school, she couldn't help but notice that the house was strangely quiet. She got up from bed a little slower than usual, because even though it was Friday, no school day is ever one to look forward to. Still on her bed, she took her pajama pants off, and was halfway through taking her shirt off as well when a burst of light came shining from the direction where the door was at. Her parents came barging in, singing the birthday song, but stopped very suddenly and looked away as fast as they could as Asami let out a scream. KNOCKING!

"Oh my gosh! Haven't you ever heard of knocking?!" she yelled.

"Sorry sweetheart!" her mom replied. "Forgive us and put on some clothes so we can sing you the birthday song!"

"Are you kidding?! What time is it? I'm going to be late for school!" Asami insisted. It's like this woman doesn't want me to go. Though that wouldn't be such a bad idea...

Yasuko pursed her lips.

"Don't worry about that right now, honey. Just do what your father and I told you to," she said.

"Ugh. Whatever," Asami replied. She put her clothes back on, and her parents came into the room once again. Once they finished the song, Asami thanked them. Though she told herself she was sixteen the last couple of weeks, it was now official. Her parents then got a small present for her and handed it over. Inside, was a soccer ball and not just any, it was a special one used by some of her favorite players. Inside the box came a little gift card for her phone.

"Aw, thank you!" she said. She got up and gave her parents a hug.

"Sorry it's not much," her father said. "But you know, with the money we have, we simply can't afford things that are too expensive."

"Oh, don't worry about it," Asami said, meaning every word of it. She knew her parents were on a budget, but the fact that they went through the trouble of getting her a present meant the world to her. She sat on her bed in silence, looking at the presents until she suddenly sat upright.

"All right, well, I am going to go downstairs to get some breakfast. Congratulations, Asami," her dad said.

"Man, I gotta get ready for school!" she exclaimed.

"What do you mean?" her mother asked.

Asami froze. She was standing on her bed and was about to jump over to her closet, but she turned around and looked at her mother; curious as to what she had meant by that last sentence she had spoken.

"Mom... it's Friday, there's school today," she replied, a confused look on her face. This again?

"Surprise!" Yasuko said.

"What's the surprise, mom?" Asami asked.

"You are not going to school today because..." she started drumrolling the side of Asami's bed, so the teenager just rolled her eyes. Inside, however, she was excited to hear what was going to happen.

"We're enrolling you into a new school!" her mother said.

Asami's jaw dropped from the excitement. She let out a small scream and jumped on top of her mom, giving her possibly the strongest hug she had ever given anyone before. Going to a new school would mean a fresh start. If she didn't become popular, she could at the very least, make some friends.

"You will now be attending the Four Elements school," her mother informed her. "It is a private school - like the one you are going to right now, only they say it's better.

Asami couldn't have been happier to hear that she was going to the Four Elements as everyone called it. She had heard that at that place, there were a ton of breaks.

"This is so awesome!" Asami exclaimed. "When are we enrolling?"

"We're going today, so eat your breakfast quickly, as I want to have time to fix your party dinner," her mother said. "Any friends coming over, or just the "fam"?"

"I guess you could say that only the family will be coming today, mom," Asami replied.

"D'oh... honey, you'll be fine," Yasuko said as she went up to her daughter and put her arms around her. "Now, hurry up! We do not want to be late. Trust me."

Asami was now alone in her room. She took her clothes off, hit the shower, did her hair, went to her closet and got the best clothes she had. Once she was finally ready, she went down, where she found her parents cooking her favorite for breakfast: French toast. Sweet. She clapped her hands and sat down at the table as her dad read the newspaper and her mother gave her a plate full of French toast. Asami prepared them to her liking, and as her mother sat down, grabbed her first one.

"So how do you feel from yesterday, Asami?" her father asked.

"I am a bit tired," Asami admitted. "But not too much - I didn't swim the two hours," she added.

"Good, good," her father replied. "Did you enjoy it?"

"I guess so," she said. "The people there are pretty cool."

"Really?" her father asked, setting down the newspaper.

"Oh, yeah," said Asami, while shoving a piece of toast down her mouth. There's this gir-- I mean, there are four people besides me," she corrected herself, while slightly blushing. She grabbed the glass of milk in front of her and gave it a quick sip to hide it.

"Come on, Asami, brush your teeth. We're leaving," her mother told her.

Saved by the bell... "Sure, mom, wait for me in the car; I'll be right out," she smiled.

"But hurry," her mom yelled as Asami ran up the stairs.

"Sure thing!" Asami replied. She ran up the stairs, two at a time to get her teeth brushed. Once finished, she looked at herself in the mirror once again, and decided to put some more perfume on. She spritzed the little glass container, which held some of her old, expensive things and ran out, grabbed something to cover herself with, and ran out to the car, where her mother was waiting for her.

"What took you so long?" Yasuko asked. "Is that perfume?"

"Mom! Let's just go!" Asami replied.

"Alright, alright," her mother answered, a smile creeping up her cheeks. Asami just sighed and decided to drop it. They drove toward the school when Asami made a realization.

"Hey, mom! I won't have to swim anymore right?! I'm not even going to the school anymore!" Asami cried out happily.

"No, kiddo," her mother replied.

"What," Asami said, really surprised. "Wh-why not?"

"Because, Asami," her mother calmly answered, "there is no swimming pool in this school."

Asami didn't say another word and just kept her eyes fixed on the road. She couldn't explain why, but she felt kind of relieved when her mother told her that she would still be swimming. They didn't take long to get to the school and when they did, it seemed like everyone was in class because there was nobody to be seen in the hallways. As her mother tried to grab her hand, Asami yanked it away in a polite manner, walking faster so that her mother couldn't reach it. Don't need her embarrassing me today. They walked over to reception, where they saw a single secretary who looked like she was in her twenties, but was probably in her thirties.

"Good day, I am Yin!" she said with a smile on her face. "How can I help you?

"Hi there!" Yasuko replied. "I am looking to list my daughter into this school."

"Of course! Just let me see her paperwork," she said. After that, Asami zoned out as she want to sit on a little bench that was nearby while her mother took care of enrolling her into the school. She sighed, half-excited for her birthday as she thought about how the party would be. Birthdays only came around once a year after all.

After what seemed like an eternity waiting, it seemed like her mother and Yin were almost done, Asami got up. As she did, the school bell started ringing loudly. Asami didn't mind and went outside to the hallway, where doors were exploding with a lot of high-school students pouring out of them. Boys shoving each other around, and girls gossiping, this school looked a lot like the one Asami had just left. She must have been standing there for about a minute, when she heard someone say:

"Oh my gosh, is that you Asami?!"

Who the hell knows me here? Asami quickly turned around, wanting to see who had called out to her and was surprised to see Mako and Bolin coming to where she was.

"Oh, hey guys!" she said. She hadn't even known them for so long and they were already calling her to say 'hi'. Asami didn't like a lot of people, but she definitely liked them.

"What are you doing here?" Mako asked. He sounded a bit interested there, though.

"Well, it seems I am gonna be coming here," she replied.

"Wow! That's so cool!" Bolin exclaimed. "Wait here, I'll go get Korra!"

"Ooh, she comes here, too?" Asami asked. She hoped that they didn't notice, but she played around with her hair for a little when she was mentioned by Bolin. What the hell are you doing?

"So, when will you start coming officially?" Mako asked.

"I don't really know," Asami replied. "I guess that by next week I should be here, but I also don't know how these things work," she continued with a little laugh.


Asami turned around on her heels as soon as she heard Korra's voice. Truth was, this girl was driving her crazy, but she didn't really know why. Do I really need a friend this bad? Not wanting to have an awkward moment, she shook that thought out of her head and went up to Korra, who reached right out for a hug, so Asami followed. Her hair smelled like berries and was quite nice; Asami closed her eyes... What the fuck, that must look so weird - don't smell her hair. Confused with herself, Asami let go of Korra and smiled at the three in front of her.

"So, I hear you're gonna be coming to this school!" Korra said. "That is so exciting!"

"I know," Bolin said. "Now you're not only part of our team, but of our school!"

"Hey, if you hang out with us, it would be nice to have another girl in the group," Korra said.

Bolin tried to answer, smirking, "Nice to finally have a hot gir--" but was nudged by Korra in the chest.

"Not again, dude," she said, playfully. "You owed it to me, you did it yesterday."

"Yeah, alright," said Bolin, who was holding his chest obviously in minor pain, but smiling nonetheless.

"What do you mean by having another girl in the group?" Asami asked. "How many are you?"

"It's just the three of us here," Mako responded while the other two looked away. "I guess you could say we're not really popular."

"Ooh," Asami replied. She knew it sounded stupid, but she actually wasn't quite sure what to reply. "Well, I know this may not mean much from someone who you just met yesterday, but you guys seem pretty cool to me. I would love to hang out with you guys."

Bolin was the first to respond, running up to Asami and hugging her.

"We have a fourth member now, guys! How exciting!" he said.

Mako and Korra didn't say anything, but they looked happy; Korra smiling and Mako attempting to do so, but Asami could tell that it wasn't common for him to do so. Then Asami thought, I haven't even entered this school and I have already placed myself with the people who aren't popular, which was sort of the opposite I had wanted to accomplish by coming to a new school. She looked around again and saw everyone. As she looked through, she couldn't see any group she was really interested in. For one thing, she hated the thought of having to constantly having to make herself likable to others, and looking at the people that had taken her in so quickly, she could see that high-school may not be as wild as she thought it would be, but at least she had some friends she could hang out with and truly be herself around. It felt good to finally have friends again and Asami thought of all the things they would be able to do together and remember her mother asking her if any friends were gonna be at her birthday party. Well, you might as well ask.

"So guys, you know it's actually my birthday today," she told them.

"Oh!" the three replied in unison.

"Congratulations!" Korra said.

"Yeah, you have a great one!" Bolin added.

"Congrats, Asami," Mako also said.

"Heh, well, I'm actually throwing a small party -nothing big- just some family members, and I would really like it if you came," she followed.

The three agreed and asked Asami for her phone number so that if they needed directions getting there, they could text her or call her. She was planning on giving her phone number to either Mako or Bolin, but when she asked Mako, Bolin asked her to add him anyway. She found it hard to believe those two were twins, as they were nothing alike in personality or physique - Bolin was much stronger. She wanted to talk to them for a little longer, but the bell rung.

"I guess we'll be seeing you tonight, Asami," Korra said, reaching out for a hug, which Asami gladly returned.

Bolin also gave her a hug, but Mako just waved, wishing her a happy birthday once more. With that, Asami returned to the main desk, skipping toward the bench. When she was about to sit down, however, her mother called her.

"Asami, don't sit down - we're leaving," she announced. Then speaking unusually quick she said, "You got in. You won't be attending next week since they have to do all sorts of fixes to get you in classes and everything; I hope you like Spanish because you're gonna have it this year."

"Woah, mom, you're talking very fast. Slow down a little; and no, I don't mind Spanish," she said, walking in front of her and stopping, so that she would slow down a little. "What's going on? Take three deep breaths."

Yasuko did just that, and when she was finished, put on a smile.

"I'm good, Asami," she said. "Let's just get home and get started on fixing the house up for our guests."

"Oh, mom, that reminds me!" she piped. "I made some friends--!"

"You made friends this quickly?" Yasuko interrupted.

"They're actually from the swim team!" Asami said. "I met 'em yesterday and when I saw them here, I said 'why not?'"

"Asami," her mother replied. "Honey, this is wonderful news! How many are they? Tell me so we can get everything we need."

Asami told her mother everything as they got into the car. They were in a hurry, so they went to the Costco in a rush, got the ingredients they wanted and raced back home, where Yasuko focused on making the meal which would be roasted duck while Asami hung banners, put the little cards which tell you where everyone sits at, and finally, spent way more time than she needed in the bathroom to get ready for all the guests. Once her father got home, Asami hurried him to his room so that he would get ready, demanding him to take a shower - this was her sweet sixteen party after all and though she didn't want anything big, she at least expected her father to dress up. As usual, when the doorbell rang, nobody was quite ready yet except for Asami.

"I'll get it!" she called out.

When she opened the door, she found out that it was her mother's older sister Yee-Li along with her husband, Ryu. They had two sons, Jin Wei and Pao who are now eleven and eight, respectively. They were quite a mess, but give them an iPad or an Xbox they can play on, and they'll behave fine. It was actually a routine of theirs, so they got to a point where they just brought their own games over, which Asami didn't mind so long as they don't touch her stuff. She had more family members who were supposed to come over, but nobody else could make it except for her grandparents from her mother and father's side. Fong and Giya were Yasuko and Yee-Li's parents and Karu and Michi were Hiroshi's parents. Not long after, Mako and Bolin arrived.

They waved goodbye to their parents and came into Asami's house, where she sat them down over where everyone except for her cousins were. Mako got along splendidly with Asami's grandfather Fong, who had always been a strict man, while Bolin seemed to enjoy himself with the family. After ten minutes later, Korra arrived. When Asami opened the door for her, Korra hugged her until Asami had to tell her that she was doing it too hard. Asami brought Korra to where the two brothers were at, and they all exchanged greetings. The party went on with a cake and the duck, but better yet, it was what Asami had asked for. It was simple, yet fun to be with everyone that she loved. Not much longer than three minutes later, Bolin casually pulled Asami aside for a moment.

"What's wrong, Bolin?" she asked.

"No! Nothing's wrong!" he replied.

"Then why-?" Asami started, but Bolin interrupted her before she could finish.

"Ssh! Listen. Korra has known Mako and me for a while; more or less, three years, since we met in middle school," he began.

"Yeah," Asami replied. "So?"

"Well, we started this tradition back at her sweet sixteen. We didn't know it would be one, but we decided to do it again at Mako's and mine and from then on, we promised to do it every birthday together," he said.

"But do what exactly?" Asami insisted.

"Well, we get a few drinks," he calmly explained. "Alcoholic of course, I wouldn't be telling you this in private if I wanted to drink some Fanta with you."

This made Asami laugh like she hadn't done in a while, but she grew concerned.

"Listen, I hate to be one to ruin the moment, but we're still underage. What if we get caught and-?" Bolin once again interrupted her.

"Hey, hey, hey! We don't have to do it if you don't want to," he said. "I mean, I bought the beers just in case, but seriously, we have such a good time."

Asami quickly scanned the area and met with Mako and Korra's eyes. They were both asking the same question Bolin was asking, but in a more silent manner Well? Are you going to do it or are you going to be the one who ruins some tradition that they seem to enjoy? Asami looked again, but saw nobody else looking at her, so she decided to go with it. Why the hell not?

"You know what? Sure. We can use the backyard if you want," she told Bolin.

"Great! We'll have a perfect view!" he replied.

"What are we gonna look at," Asami asked.

"Sorry!" he apologized. "I forgot to tell you that we also look up at the stars when we're out there. So relaxing," he added.

"Oh! All right then," she said.

"Yep, go outside, I'll get the beers and Mako and Korra will be out in a few."

"Sounds good!" Asami answered. She had to admit that she felt very excited about doing this, although she wasn't quite sure what part of it made her feel excited. The risk, the fact that she's doing it with friends, or something else? She casually pulled away from the party and waited for her teammates to arrive. One by one, they went outside to where Asami was. First Korra, then Mako, and finally, Bolin.

"This is where the party get's better!" Mako said. "Not that the party wasn't cool, Asami, because I had a really good time."

Asami knew he meant it, so she simply nodded with a smile on her face. As Bolin passed the beers around, they each laid down on the soft, slightly wet grass. They each opened their cans and looked up at the stars. Bolin took a sip from his first. Asami was about to, but took it away from her lips to look at the glass bottle for a little.

"Asami," Korra said with a little laugh. "There is absolutely nothing to be afraid of!"

"But what if I get drunk?" she replied. Your mom would fucking kill you.

"You won't," Mako said. "Trust me."

"Okay," she said. "If you guys say so." She brought the bottle up to her lips and as she started drinking it, she spit it out almost immediately. The three other teenagers roared with laughter, and Asami couldn't help, but to join in. This had been her first beer ever and she couldn't be happier than to have it out with her friends.

"Some say you have to learn to love it," Korra informed her as she took a sip of hers.

After that, they looked up at the stars in the sky, pointing out constellations, talked about life, and stared at the big, beautiful September moon that had joined them for the night. All in all, it was easily the day, which Asami enjoyed the most, laughed the most, and it was definitely one she would always remember.


  • At one point, I had thought about not making Mako and Bolin brothers, but I went against it at the end. 'The Fabulous Swimming Brothers' is something that I can't let pass by. :p
  • Yin is also the name of Mako and Bolin's grandmother.
  • I know that I am way too lazy to look up for some Chinese names, but it is an Avatar fanon and they will barely appear in the story anyway, since they are not too important to the story.
  • I was finally able to pass 3,000 words! That is kind of big for me, since this is my first fanon. Hopefully future chapters are this long as well.

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