Friday, I'm in Love
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11th January, 2013

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A songfic to Friday, I'm in Love, by The Cure

I don't care if Monday's blue
He had given her everything, and what had she done to him? She threw it back in his face. It wasn't enough that she had broken his heart, but then she had to go and cut it into pieces and stomp on it. Deny it as much as she wanted, Katara knew he was there when she kissed Zuko. Kissed Zuko... Aang let the tears fall from his face, slowly sinking into the floor as the heartbroken sobs wracked his body.

Tuesday's grey and Wednesday too
It had been weeks, yet he still couldn't be in the same room as Them. The happy, happy couple. He knew he wouldn't be able to control himself if he saw them together, so he spent most of his time outdoors, practising his earthbending with his friend. Toph seemed to be the only person who didn't pity him. Sure she was empathetic, but not sympathetic (you'll get over her, Twinkletoes. There is always someone else). He desperately hoped she was right. He couldn't see the light at the end of the tunnel, but he knew his blind friend could.

Thursday I don't care about you
It had been months since he saw them, then suddenly, here he was. The wedding of the Fire Prince and the Waterbending Prodigy. He accepted the invitation, he couldn't let this bother him. After all, he was 17 now. He couldn't keep living in the past.

It bothered him.

It's Friday, I'm in love
Tears streaming, his were not ones of love, and hope and happiness for the new couple. His were ones of desolation and loneliness. He had to get away from here, he needed to forget. He couldn't forget. He loved Her.

Monday you can fall apart
Happy birthday to me... Happy birthday... To me... Happy birthday... Dear... Aang... Happy birthday... To... Me...
He looked at the empty room, and began the song anew.

Tuesday, Wednesday break my heart
She was but a faint memory, never clearly defined. He could still remember the pain as clear as day, though. Well, not as clear as day. He could remember the pain as clear as he knew he loved her. He could remember the pain as clear as her ocean blue eyes. He could remember the pain as clear as the knowledge he was the Avatar. The pain... Clear as the hole in his chest where his broken heart had fallen out.

Oh, Thursday doesn't even start
Shut up, Toph. You have no right

I have every right! You abandoned the world, then saved it. Then you abandoned it again! Abandoned me!

I distinctly remember you left me first! Left me to suffer their wedding, then the birth of Kai! You left me too!

My father died, Aang! He died, without me telling him that I loved him, no matter what. He died because I left, and I can't ever tell him I'm sorry. So, I'm sorry if you die because I leave. I'm sorry if part of you did because I left. But it's not all about you! You weren't there to help me, why should I help you?

Because I'm your friend. I needed help!

So did I, but I guess my friendship means squat to you. I'm leaving, don't you dare play the victim here. It's been ten years Aang, ten years since she said no, and instead of seeing the forest, you focused on the platypus bear droppings sitting in the middle of the path. Goodbye, don't try to find me.

It's Friday I'm in love
The pain never dulled, never dimmed. But sometimes, if he was really lucky, he got to remember the good times. When she found him, then saved him that same day. When they all found Appa, together, and the family was whole. At the dance party, how beautiful she looked. Then there were the days they practised bending, how she taught him, encouraged him. Then, the best memory of all. They were all sitting in Iroh's teashop, the sound of a Tsungi Horn playing a peaceful melody that seemed to have waited one hundred years to be heard. Aang opened his eyes slowly, realisation dawning on him.

He didn't know which teacher he was thinking of.

Saturday, wait
And Sunday always comes too late
Friday, never hesitate...
He had to find her, apologise. The first place would obviously be her home. Sending a letter, he was surprised when a reply was received, barely a week later.

She isn't here. I don't know what you did to my daughter, but please stay away from her. If you do find her, ask her to come home. Then leave. I want nothing more to do with you, Avatar.
- Lady Bei Fong

He crumpled the letter, letting it burn in the fireplace. He had been alone in the Southern Temple too long. It had been two years since their argument, and there wasn't a day he didn't wish he could take back what he said, what he did. He knew nothing of how the world had changed, knew nothing of what happened to everyone else he had fought with. Fought for. Spirits, he couldn't even remember their names properly. Katana was a distant memory, as was her brother, Soccer. The Fire Lord, Zumba, must be doing a better job than his grandfather—soldiers hadn't stormed the Air Temple yet. The only person he remembered with any clarity was Tough. No, Toph. He couldn't forget her, wouldn't forget her. He had to find her.

I don't care if Mondays black
He couldn't see, couldn't breathe. He had arrived at the Western Air Temple, to be greeted by a quick jab to the back of his head, knocking him out. He was alone, again.

Perhaps if I die, everything will be the way it should be?


Perhaps if I die, the next avatar will find peace?


Perhaps if I die, everyone will be happy?


A person walks into his line of vision, and at once he is looking into familiar eyes, familiar eyes looking at him. Or, looking where he sat. He could see the pain, the torture that he knew he had caused in those milky green eyes, unique to one small, blind earthbender.


Tuesday, Wednesday—heart attack
The familiar ache in his chest was back, but it was a good feeling. He had found her! The fight, now seemed so long ago, when really it had only been 5 years. Only, hah. He had been on his own for much longer than that, but now he was looking into the eyes of his best friend, and only now did he realise how lonely that time had been. His chest constricted painfully.

Thursday, never looking back

I told you to leave me alone, Aang

No Twinkletoes?

I only nickname my friends


No, Aang. Listen. I'm sorry I left you, and I'm sorry for everything that happened to you, but it means nothing. Only you can get over it, and obviously you have never wanted to-

Stop, Toph. I came here to find you, to tell you. I can't keep living in the past. She made her decision. I need to make my own.

It's Friday, I'm in love
He loved her smile, her laugh, her voice.
He loved the way she shook her head, a slight movement as if to clear the dust
He loved the way she held herself, almost regally
He loved that she forgave him

He hated himself for leaving her, for driving her away, for letting her leave, all those years ago

Monday, you can hold your head
There's a festival in town. You want to go?


Oh, please, Toph? Just for an afternoon?


Why not?

Because I don't want to. You go

I don't want to go on my own!

And I don't want to go at all. I guess it's settled then.


We aren't going

Grrr, I wanna go!

And now you sound like a child

Yea, well, I'm hungry, deal with it

... Well, eat something then. Duh?

What? You ate the rest of the rice, and you won't go out to buy more. Where are yew going to get more food?

We can go out for lunch, you know. It doesn't always have to be home made


The festival, idiot

Hey, ow! Don't slap me, it hurts

Pfft, whatever, Twinks.
... Are you coming or not?

Yea, yea, I'm coming...

Stop rubbing your head, its unattractive

It hurts!


Tuesday, Wednesday stay in bed
He was sick. This was a good sick, though. It was a sickness of the body, not the mind. It was impossible to be mind-sick around Toph. It was highly probable to be body-sick around her though. She never stopped training, even after he did, and tok it upon herself to see him get back into shape. He was still young, and some parts of the world needed an Avatar. It was her job to give them that, her job to get the Avatar back. She loved her Twinkletoes, but she needed her Aang.

Not enough to pull the punch that broke three ribs, though.

Or Thursday—watch the walls instead
He felt it returning, the familiar, terrible brilliant feeling in his chest. It was the same feeling that had brought him so much pain, but that also had the power to cause him so much happiness. He vaguely wondered why, after fifteen years of peace, of living his life, it decided to resurface.

Well, he knew. He just didn't want to admit it.

It's Friday, I'm in love
He was in love

Saturday, wait
And Sunday always comes too late
But Friday, never hesitate...
How would she react, he asked
Did she feel the same way?
He needed to know, yet didn't believe he could handle rejection again
He knew he couldn't
She knew he couldn't
She knew how he felt

That was why she asked him to the great Dance, held in the Earth Palace. It had been close to two decades since they had seen, or heard from their friends.

It would be nice seeing everyone again.

Even Katara

Dressed up to the eyes
She was beautiful in her simple Earth Kingdom dress. He couldn't but stop and stare as she made her way over to him, a faint rosy hue colouring her cheeks. Eyes averted, she gave him a small smile.

It's a wonderful surprise
He couldn't dance to save his life. She would have to do it for him, because as with everything about her, she was amazing at it, moving like a waterbender, with the passion of a firebender.

To see your shoes and your spirits rise
He looked down, to see her wearing the soulless shoes he had bought for her. His heart soared.

Throwing out your frown
He could see Katara, see Zuko and Kai, a gorgeous boy. He frowned, that should have been me. His thoughts were interrupted when a certain earthbender smiled at him, not smirking—she gave him one of her rare, genuine smiles. And he was smiling back, his lost love forgotten

And just smiling at the sound
He could listen to her laugh all day. When she let loose, he couldn't help but join in, the laughter infectious. Plus, it gave him a perfect excuse to watch her. He loved how her face lit up as she laughed at him, she smiled at him. He would do anything for that smile

And as sleek as a sheik
He had noticed her hair earlier, but now he really noticed it. He saw how it shimmered in the moonlight. He could see how straight it was, a trait rare even in the Earth Kingdom. He was surprised that it had taken him this long to notice. After all, he was nearly thirty, he had been with her for years now. It made him happy, though, that he was still discovering new things about her, even now.

Spinning round and round
Like that she loved dancing. And she was good at it. He had never danced, not since... But he would, now, if it was with her.

Why do you never dance when you love doing it?

I've never had a reason to, Twinkletoes

What's your reason now?


Always take a big bite
His lips were wrapped around hers as she melted in his arms. Spirits knows she waited long enough. She moved under him, for the first time in her life becoming submissive. His arms were wrapped around her body, seeming barely to touch her, holding her steady as he continued to kiss her on the balcony. Not wanting it to end, but knowing he had to stop, he slowed down, gently removing his lips from hers.

It's such a gorgeous sight
She was beautiful. He had said it before, but at this moment, he could see—truly see—the extent of that beauty, even when she didn't want to be. Her dress, one of the more simple ones to be worn, was a light green colour, the same shade as her eyes, with intricate grey patterns, the same colour as his. Her lips, still partially open, were a dark red colour, some form of dye applied earlier. Her cheeks were a soft pink, a rising colour as she realised what she had done. Biting her bottom lip, Aang resisted the urge to begin kissing her again. Holding her hand, he led her back inside, ignoring the stares as he pulled her close to him. He finally felt happy.

To see you eat in the middle of the night
He never left her side, wouldn't until she commanded it. She wouldn't command it. He was never left alone, she didn't want him to be alone. She was here for him, as Katara hadn't been. Making her way to one of the many tables positioned around the great hall, she sat him down, sitting as close as she could without sitting on him. Not that he would have complained. Feeling around the table, she grabbed the bowl of sweet fruit, picking up a small piece. She sniffed it, and realised it was a strawberry. She could feel Aang's gaze on her, and gave him a wry smile. Reaching out with her free hand, and brushed it along his face, learning where his eyes were, where his mouth was. Smiling, she lifted the piece of fruit up to his lips. Eyes wide in surprise, he opened his mouth gently, tasting the sweet fruit. Closing his eyes, he copied what Toph had done moments earlier. Picking up a piece of fruit, he smelled the unusual aroma of the moon peach. Slowly extending his free hand, he gently traced her delicate features, noticing how her skin became hotter as he did so. Trembling just the tiniest bit, he brought the fruit to her lips.

You can never get enough
He couldn't get enough of her. Her smile, her laugh, her kisses. He loved her hair, the way she moved, the way she spoke. He couldn't believe it had taken him almost twenty years to realise. He wasn't going to spend any more time waiting.

Enough of this stuff
She squirmed, not completely out of his grip, but enough for him to loosen it.

"Toph? What's wrong?" Aang was worried—was she regretting choosing him? She didn't want to be with him, that's the only reason... His mind was a runaway rabaroo as he waited for her answer.

"I'm sorry..." She sighed deeply. "I'm not a very good girlfriend. It's just, I'm not used to physical contact. It feels... I just, I like it but... Could we maybe..." She trailed off, hoping he would understand. He was the Avatar, of course he did.

"Sure, Sifu T," he leant over to plant a kiss on the top of her head, and was pleased that she didn't move away. "I know you aren't used to this. I just wanted to let you know."

"Know what?" She quivered a little as she felt his mouth pressed up against her ear.

"You're the perfect girlfriend to me."

She giggled, but quickly stopped.

"Ah, no more lovey-dovey couple stuff today, Twinkletoes. I wanna see some good ol' down to rocks earthbending, you hear?"

She felt him stand to attention, moving his arm up to his head in a salute of some kind.

"Aye-aye, ma'am!"

It's Friday, I'm in love

Yeah, Aang?

I love you

I love you too

I don't care if Monday's blue

Sokka, Suki? I apologise for missing the wedding. And every celebration of Kyoshi Day. And the birth of Arya. And Konni. My behaviour is inexcusable, and I hope you find it in your hearts to forgive me. I personally give you an Avatar promise that I will be at whatever celebration you next decide to throw. I will also be detouring through Kyoshi Island on my way to The Western Air Temple. I will talk to you, and see you, soon.
Your friend, Aang

Aang! You idiot, do you know how long its been. People thought you died, again. Third time lucky, man. You need to get out of the temples, show people you still care. But, I'm glad to hear from you. It's been too long. I seriously think you need to go to the Fire Nation and apologise to Katara. She took you leaving pretty badly too, you know. Also, you know Toph is going to kill you, right?
Suki says hi, and she'll give you details of the next party when you get here. And she'll personally go to the Temple if you don't show up.
The absolutely fantastic Water Tribe Warrior, Sokka

Aang smiled at the reply. He was forgiven, at least by those two. He looked over to where Toph was sleeping.

"You don't need to worry about that, Sokka. She forgave me a long time ago..."

Tuesday's gray and Wednesday too
Zuko was staying in a room just down the hall from him—it would seem stupid and pathetic if he were to send him a letter. Instead, he manned up, as Toph would say, and marched down to the Fire Lords room. The sun was up, so he would be too. Knocking on the door, he was surprised however, when the 13 year old Fire Prince answered the door.

"Who're you?" He asked groggily, rubbing sleep from his eyes.

"I'm Aang! Can I talk to your father, please?" Aang smiled down at the boy, who despite being a prince was taught that he probably would never meet the Avatar.

"Y-yes sir!" Came Kai's awe inspired reply. He turned to call to his father, only to find the Fire Lord standing behind him.

"You were wrong, Dad! I did meet the Avatar," the prince excitedly told his father.

"So you did. Why don't you run and tell your mother while I have a talk with him, is that okay?" Zuko turned to Aang as his young son raced back into the room. He bowed politely.

"Avatar Aang, anything I can do for you today?"

"Actually, yes. I need for you to stop bowing. I don't make old friends bow to me, no matter how our relationship has changed," he explained calmly to the older man. Zuko began to say something, but Aang silenced him by holding up his hand. "I'm so sorry for shunning you, Zuko. I was hurt and lost when Katara chose you. You are a fine man, a fine leader, and a fine husband and father. I honestly cannot see Katara in a better family than this." Grey eyes met gold before Aang bowed to Zuko, a deep low movement, displaying exactly how sorry Aang was. He straightened up before being pulled into a hug by the Fire Lord, tears running down his face at the easy forgiveness.

"It's good to have you back, Aang."

Thursday I don't care about you
Following the sound of a child's laugh, he soon stumbled upon the waterbender teaching with her golden eyed, raven haired son. He had difficulty with the element—he was partially of fire. Aang walked over to the boy, and whispered something into his ear. Katara looked up in surprise as her old friend approached her. She honestly believed he would never get over her rejection. It had killed her, but seeing him after so many years, she couldn't help but run to him, arms open for a hug. He received her gladly, and felt a small tug at his heart before brushing it aside. It no longer bothered him, he didn't care for her that way anymore.

It's Friday, I'm in love
He looked at Toph, even though she couldn't feel it. Kneeling down, he pulled out a small object, placing it in her hand. Toph gasped as she felt what it was. It was a headpiece, similar to the ones she normally wore, but with a few subtle differences. The top was adorned with engravings, symbols of the Air Nomads. On the sides were indentations marking her own nation. While she couldn't see the colour, she knew what it would be. It would be white.

"Aang, is this-?"

"Mhmm," He nodded his head fervently. "Toph, ever since I met you, you have been my rock, and you've been my friend. I don't know what I would do, who I would be, if you hadn't save me. I don't think I can live without you, and I don't want to try. I want you to be my wife. I want to spend the rest of my days growing old with you, making you laugh, and making you smile, and chasing away any evil in your life. Will you do me the honour of letting me become your husband?"

Her tear stained smile was all the answer he needed, but she leant forward to kiss him anyway. Some affection is good for the soul.

Monday you can fall apart
His face was streaked with tears, but this time, at this wedding, it was for the right reasons. No longer was he alone, because he was about to be joined to his best friend, physically as well as spiritually. He looked around and could see his friends, their smiles showing their happiness at his elation.

"Knew this was going to happen," Sokka whispered to Suki. She pinched him.

Tuesday, Wednesday break my heart
She was sick. They hadn't even been married for two months, and he was already afraid he was going to lose her. She was sick, constantly, and although some days were fine, she had found herself unable to bend. At first it had scared the blind girl, however she could still feel the earth, she could still see. Soon, she wasn't worried at all, while Aang was ripping his hair out. His moustache hair. He couldn't lose her, not now. It just made him so angry that she had accepted it so easily. Even Katara couldn't stop the sickness, but she refused to tell him what was wrong.

"That's for Toph to tell, not me," she told him simply. "But the likelihood of her dying from this is very slim. She'll tell you when she's ready." Katara placed a hand on his shoulder comfortingly.

Thursday doesn't even start

Yeah, Aang?

Why won't you tell me what's wrong?

I can't tell you


It's a surprise

Toph! You've been sick for almost 2 months! I need to know if you're going to die!

Relax, I'm not going to die

How do you know? You could be on the way to the Spirit World already

Geez Aang, and I thought Sokka was thick. Even he knows. And Katara didn't tell him

Tell him what?

Listen, why don't you put that earthbending to good use and feel what's wrong with me?
... Don't hit yourself, it's unseemly

Fine. This distraction won't work- Toph?

Yes, Aang?

Why can I feel two heartbeats?

Well, there are two of us, mister mathematician

I know, I mean, why can I feel two coming from you

Well, seeing as how I'm not a master of time, what do you think?

...Toph, are you-?

I surely am, finally. I wasted my good years waiting for- oof. You can get off me now Aang.

No, I can't, this is too special.
... Wait, what do you mean, Sokka figured it out. How did everyone know about this but me?!

It's Friday I'm in love
Barely seven months later, the Western Air Temple was filled with the sounds of a crying baby.

"What's it like, Aang?" Toph asked wearily.

"She... She's beautiful. She looks like you," he smiled at his wife, holding the newborn in his arms.

"All babies look the same."

"Yea well, you look so beautiful that ours inherited obvious good looks. No need to wait until she grows up, the boys are going to be pounding on the door tomorrow to court her! Do you want to hold her?" Toph nodded, too tired to speak. She felt Aang shuffle around slightly as he placed the sleeping baby in her lap.

"Do you know what you're going to name her?" He gently asked his wife.

Toph closed her eyes, allowing a smile to appear on her face. She looked to her lap where the baby was lying. "Lin. Her name is Lin."

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