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Freedom of Terror
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Polybender Saga



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Duke of Skibbington

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June 16, 2015

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"Freedom of Terror" is the second chapter of book two of the Polybender Saga.


Zaheer and Ghazan are on the loose, preparing to wreak havoc upon the world. In the meantime, two men are working hard to cover their tracks.


"If I'm going down today, you're coming with me!" a tattooed man in green robes screamed as he turned the very walls around him into streams of lava.  

"Mako, hang on!" a robust man said to his brother, escaping on a large block of earth. 

Lava and fallen rocks filled the room, blocking any vision of the tattooed man. The tattooed man looked at the wall. "This should do." He pulled aside a large block of rock and walked through the newly formed passage. He walked through the darkness, unsure where to go. Finally, he removed a rock and looked outside. A bald man sat, encased in rocks and with a sock in his mouth, while a robust man, the same who defeated the tattooed man mere moments ago stood taunting him. 

"Ghazan, what should we do?" men in black and red robes whispered. 

Ghazan inspected the scene. "The Avatar has recovered and everyone is there. We have lost the element of surprise, we cannot take them without Zaheer, P'Li and Ming-Hua." 

"What happened to Ming-Hua?" a man asked. 

"Dead," Ghazan replied. "That firebender killed her. Come on, let's get out of here!" 

The men shuffled along quietly, not daring to make a single sound. 

Philip Hellene sat at his rich wooden desk, his coat draped over his chair. After dipping the nib of his pen into a pot of ink, he wrote neatly on a sheet of paper. Despite hearing a knock on the door, he did not cease writing or looking at his work. "Come in," he said. 

Lin walked into his room, her iron shoes tapping the ground. "Mr President, sir," she saluted. 

Philip looked up and rested his pen in the ink well. "Take a seat, Lin," he said softly. 

Lin pulled out a chair and sat down uncomfortably. She clasped her hands and placed them on the desk. 

"Now, Lin, what seems to be the problem?" Philip asked. 


Philip leant back in his chair. "Well, surely the Chief of Police would not waste her time here, unless it was a great emergency." 

Lin placed a stack of pages on his desk, complete with a symbol of a white lotus. "Zaheer's prison was destroyed in the bombings. We have not been able to find him; we believe he has escaped." 

"Have there been any sightings?" Philip said in a serious voice. 

"No, sir, but there have been several reported sightings of what are believed to be Red Lotus members in some of the abandoned buildings in the Spirit Wilds." 

"I see," Philip said. "Well, you'd best investigate them." 

Lin stood up and saluted. She turned and walked to the door before being abruptly stopped. 

"Are you sure you couldn't stay for some tea, Lin?" Philip offered, hands behind his head. 

"Sorry, sir, I'm very busy." Lin turned her face once more to the door. 

"Rightio," Philip said. "I would hate to keep you. Oh, and if you may, call me Philip." 

"Yes, sir... yes, Philip." Lin saluted. 

"And stop with the saluting!" Philip said. "If you feel you must salute, however, remember, palm facing outward." 

Lin opened the door and stepped out of the room. 

Philip waved. "Auf Wiedersehen." 

When Lin left, Philip stood up, holding the document. He flicked through them and gave an amused chuckle. "Huh, very interesting. All according to plan. Every single detail according to plan. I wonder if this is the only copy... probably not... eh." Philip held out the document and exhaled. The document burst into flames. Philip released the document and cleaned his hands. 

The door creaked open and a scrawny man in blue robes and a T-shirt walked into the room. "Ah, ya idiot. How are ya, mate?" 

Philip stood up and looked him in the eye. "Ah, Nikkolas, good to see you again! What's the matter? Did someone burn your suit?" 

Nikkolas shook his head. "Is uncomfortable, mate. How can you wear that all the time? You practically sleep in it." 

Philip pulled his jacket over his red jumper and fastened the buttons. "Zaheer has escaped." 

Nikkolas stood straight and became very serious. "Good. Is everything going to plan?" 

Philip nodded. He turned to a glass cabinet and took two flat-bottomed glasses. He placed them on the table, leaving the door ajar. He removed a crystal bottle with a rich green liquid inside. Removing the crystal stopper, he poured a small amount in each glass. He placed the bottle back in the cabinet and offered Nikkolas a glass. 

The two held them up. "Not long now, the world will be a very different place. Free from fear and terror." They then drank the liquid in small sips, scrunching their noses and grimacing. Philip pulled his pocket watch from his breast pocket. "Well, we'd best be off to bed. You cannot be shifty without a good night's rest. Bonan nokton, mia amiko."

Zaheer, Ghazan and many others gathered around a fire. "So, Zaheer, what is our plan? Do we go after the Avatar again?"

"No," Zaheer said, folding his legs. "From my time in the Spirit World, I learnt Korra is now just a pawn in a greater power's game."

A member said, "Whose?"

Zaheer turned around. "Whose do you think, Ephialtes? Philip, King of Hellas, of course."

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