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Bathe in Flames


One: Air



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August 29, 2013

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Fate is a middle-aged man

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United Republic kept the balance between the four nations for over a hundred years. This fifth nation provided a place for those of all four nations to live together in harmony.

Eleven years ago, Republic City burned.

More than two-thirds of the city's population perished in the inferno that was said to be caused by the young Avatar. With the Council dead in the blaze, the Order of the White Lotus took command of the city, and sentenced the Avatar to life in prison. They told everyone that peace was restored.

But we know better.

My father has a plan for the world, and it seems he will stop at nothing to get to the Avatar...

Darkness filled the room. Over the past decade, the darkness seemed to seep into every crack and crevasse of the room, even into its occupant. He could not hear anything, nor see anything, and had grown to not be surprised by either of these things. Every few heartbeats thumping against his ears, he took a deep breath. The inhalation and exhalation reminded him that he was still alive, though the circumstance strongly suggested otherwise. In some many ways, his punishment was even worse than death: he lived in a constant state of life without life. Meditation became the only way he could really stay sane while in this inescapable prison, and this was how he currently occupied himself. Until a sudden noise from outside brought him back to the real world.

The guards all learned to walk without making any noise so that the Avatar would not have any reminders of the outside world, and yet the sound was distinctly that of footsteps. Had the prisoner not been imprisoned nearly half his life, he would have distinguished that these footsteps were of dress shoes clicking against a hard flooring. These footsteps were followed by the shuffling of clothes: people standing. Then, two sudden gasps followed by the dull sound of bodies hitting the floor.

Light poured into the room, accompanied by a screeching noise of the heavy prison door. Having lived in darkness so many years, the prisoner bowed his head so as to avoid the sudden light. "Ah... it is good to see you alive," a figure in the doorframe began to speak. His voice had a certain lull to it that seemed strangely comforting, yet with a certain hidden mystery. After the figure spoke, he paused before continuing, "You are alive, correct?" The prisoner's shoulders rose and fell with a heavy deep breath as though in confirmation.

"My organization is quite excited to be here... you see, unlike the Council, we believe in second chances. And you have waited more than long enough, young Avatar."

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  • Though it's a bit late, I thought here might be a fitting place to post the trailer! Voice is courtesy of TheLoKnessmonster, and the sub-par drawing is mine, haha.

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