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"Stop them! They are headed for the gondolas!" A guard shouted the order. Omar and a man with long, rough hair and a thin mustache were making a run through the Boiling Rock at a very late hour. There were prison guards chasing them from all over.

"If they escape, I will have you thrown into the Boiling Lake!" Warden Mung's voice bellowed.

"Come on, buddy! We have to make it!" Omar urged his friend to keep going.

Two days ago...

Omar was going about his business one day in the prison cafeteria. He was so upset about being in this horrible place that he unintentionally bumped into another prisoner and had caused him to spill everything on his lunch tray. The man was very muscular and had an earring and a shaved head. "Hey, what is your problem?!" The man called out. "I'm sorry, I did not mean to-" Omar started to explain.

The man quite forcefully pushed Omar down, causing all of his food to fall on his head. "Oops, sorry, I didn't mean to!" The prisoner mocked. He let out an arrogant laugh and all of his buddies who had been standing with him were enjoying themselves as well. "Looks like Beard Boy is a bit clumsy!" The man taunted.

Omar stood up and got in the man's face. "Listen, I happen to be the leader of the Earth Kingdom military. If you want a serious problem, touch me again." Omar threatened.

"Oh, sorry, I didn't realize I was talking to a big-shot Earth Kingdom soldier. Should I call you General Beard Boy?" The prisoner continued making fun of Omar.

The General was now very angry at this man. Who does he think he is? He acts like he runs this place! Omar thought to himself.

"Leave him alone, Yao!" A voice ordered. A man with rough, long hair and a thin mustache approached the prisoner known as Yao.

"Stay out of this, Ping! This is none of your business!" Yao commanded.

"Make me." Ping replied. His and Yao's eyes were locked on each other. Yao grinned and shot a fire blast at Omar. The man was helpless, the entire cafeteria was made of metal and he was no Metalbender. Omar was forced to sidestep the blast and barely did so.

There were guards rushing to the scene, having heard the noise. "What is going on?" One of them demanded.

"Ping was shooting fire blasts at me!" Yao accused.

"What? I was not!" Ping protested.

"He is a liar!" One of Yao's friends yelled.

"Yeah, don't listen to this punk!" Another one said.

"This guy attacked me! I can vouch for this man!" Omar said, trying to help Ping.

"Shut up!" A guard ordered. "You are going in the cooler," she said. The guards dragged Ping away to be put in one of the coolers.

"Have fun freezing!" Yao called out, sarcastically.

Omar lashed out at the man and shoved him across the room. Yao hit a wall but instead of fighting back, he tried something else. "Guards, guards, help! This guy is pushing me around!" He hollered.

Two of the guards came back to retrieve Omar and throw him in a cooler as well. "Let go of me!" Omar spat.

"See you later, General Beard Boy!" Yao remarked. He and the other prisoners went back to their previous activities.

This is inhumane! Omar thought. I feel like I am going to freeze to death! A prison guard came to his cell and unlocked the door. "Now, if you feel like you have learned your lesson I can let you out," he said. "Y-yes, I have." Omar said, shivering. He had lied very well or at least well enough for the guard to believe him. Omar was led back to his cell.

The following day, all of the prisoners were let out into the yard. Omar searched for Ping but could not find him. He was just hoping he would not run into Yao or his cronies. Omar saw a man sitting on the ground with his back turned to him. He recognized the man's hair and went over to speak with him. "Hey, Ping," Omar greeted him. "Thank you for trying to help me.

"No problem," Ping replied. "I'm used to it. I have been here for thirty years. I guess you could say I'm like a veteran around here."

"You don't seem like the others. Why are you here?" Omar inquired.

"I'm not a bad man. The only crime I committed was standing up for what I believe in," Ping elaborated. "I came from a small little Fire Nation village that was struggling to get by. My mother and I were very poor. The soldiers came to our house and they demanded that my mother pay them her taxes which were more than we could afford. The tax collector beat her and I just sat by and watched. Suddenly, something sparked inside of me and I just went berserk on those soldiers. I ended up taking them all down. I wounded three and I killed four. I was only fourteen. The other soldiers outside in the village came and had me apprehended and then they sent me here." Ping finished his story.

"But why would they send you here?" Omar was puzzled. "This place is only supposed to hold the Fire Nation's most dangerous criminals."

"Because those guards who arrested me were monsters, they knew they could send me here and get away with it. I am sure Fire Lord Azulon would not have minded anyway."

"Look, Ping, I need to get out of here and I want you to come with me. You don't deserve to suffer in here anymore."

"Only one escape attempt has been successful in the entire history of this prison. What makes you think we have a chance?" Ping questioned his friend.

"We are both smart, powerful guys who can get through this with teamwork." Omar answered.

"Alright, let's do it tonight." Ping agreed. Omar nodded.

"Prisoners, back in your cells!" A guard yelled.

"Meet me outside my cell around midnight and make sure no guards catch you." Omar instructed.

It was midnight and Ping had been waiting anxiously at his door. He saw a woman in a prison guard uniform come by and unlock his cell. "You are Ping, correct?" She asked.

"Yeah, that is me." Ping answered.

"Come with me, please." The guard said. The guard led Ping to the door that led to the platforms outside.

"Thank you, Ming." Omar thanked the guard.

"No problem, Omar." Ming responded.

"Alright, let's go." Ping was trying to pick up the pace.

"Right, Ming, lead the way." Omar instructed.

"Okay, follow me." Ming motioned for them to stay behind her.

"So how is it that you two know each other?" Ping asked.

"Let's just say we are connected in a way I cannot reveal." Omar answered his friend's question.

"I was actually a prison guard at the Fire Nation Capital Prison before I got promoted to work here." Ming stated.

The trio had made it about half way from the exit to the gondola when they were spotted. "There they are!" A guard shouted.

"Run!" Omar barked the order. The guards chased the three of them until they lost them.

"Where did they go?" A voice called out.

Warden Mung saw somebody in the darkness and ran at him, tackling him with much force. "Ugh, what are you doing?" A voice cried out. Mung had dealt several blows to Yao's face before he had realized who he was. He then spotted the three friends near the gondola.

"Over there!" He blurted out.

"Stop them! They are headed for the gondolas!" the guard shouted the order. Omar, Ping and Ming ran faster than they knew they could. There were prison guards chasing them from all over.

"If they escape, I will have you thrown into the Boiling Lake!" Warden Mung's voice bellowed.

"Come on, buddy! We have to make it!" Omar urged his friend to keep going.

"Don't worry, Omar! I will not spend one more day in this despicable, abomination of a prison!" Ping reassured Omar.

"Get on the gondolas, now!" Ming shouted. She was doing the best she could to hold the guards off but she could not do it alone. Once Omar and Ping had made it, she retreated and joined them.

The three comrades could see the guards were going to pull the lever and knew they were in trouble. "What are we going to do?!" Ping asked, panicked.

Omar concentrated hard. He took several deep breaths and with a mighty yell, Metalbent the lever and slammed it into Mung's center.

"Whoa!" Ming uttered, surprised by what Omar had just done.

The gondola had reached its destination and the trio ran off of it, quickly. "How are we going to get out of here?" Ping worried.

"You can come with us." Iroh spoke. Omar, Ping and Ming all saw Iroh and Master Piandao before them.

"Send word to the Phoenix King immediately. Tell him Omar has escaped." Mung ordered, embarrassed at having failed so miserably.

"So, since you want to do this the easy way, tell us where my mother is." Zuko demanded.

"Alright, I will make this easy," Hong Wu replied. "I don't know where she is." The knife-thrower took another drink.

Zuko and Mai were getting impatient. "You are lying." Mai said.

Hong Wu grinned. "Alright, I guess I can't keep it from you anymore," He conceded. "After she was banished into the Earth Kingdom by your father, Ursa sought out somewhere she could live in peace and not have to live in disguise in some Earth Kingdom village where they would hate her. So, she journeyed to the Fire Nation colony of Yu Dao and has been living there ever since." Hong Wu revealed.

"Thanks for the info." Zuko said before walking out. Mai glared at the man as he took another drink.

"Another!" He called out.

Mai showed herself the exit. "So, I guess we are going to Yu Dao." She assumed.

"Yes, we are." Zuko confirmed.

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