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Freedom is the first chapter of the fanon series Rebel.


He looked back upon the massive wall, an orange sunset standing out in the background. The sun falls further beneath the wall, until some of the yellow sphere is no longer visible.

And there it lays. Beckoning him. The outside world. The world beyond these walls. The world he had always dreamed of. It was nothing like he had imagined. It's better, he thinks. His eyes cower in the face of the sand, blowing in the gentle breeze. It never blows like that in Ba Sing Se. How could it, behind stone walls... they trap us.

Entrapment. Sadness.

He has broken free, and he's on his way into the world. His heart drops, as he gazes upon a mechanical wonder. A massive drill, spinning slowly, inching its way through the wall. Suddenly, some sort of goo pops out, and steam pours from the contraption of death. It just...stopped.

He walks out into the vast sea of brown that awaits him. The dust blows gently in the hot desert sun. And it brushes his face, softly. But it burns his eyes so. The dust is happy to him.




Never before had he experienced the breeze massaging his face. The gentle, soft wind, caressing him ever so happily. He rides down the stones of the wall, barely hearing the roar he creates. The breeze, the chirping birds. The freedom. Liberation. He smiles brightly, and imagines what it's like to live without walls.

Without boundaries.

Without rules.

And without entrapment.

He leaps off the wall, and uses his Earthbending prowess, catches himself. He made a mistake imprisoning me. He proclaims. I'm freeing this city, this prison...this dystopia.

He blows through the sand, using it as his power. And nobody can tell him not to.

Free. He repeats. After two years in that prison, that prison within a prison, I walk free. No one can execute me if I yell at someone. I can fight. I can... I can... live.

He runs away from the city, from his old life. He leads a new life.

A life of freedom.

His eyes glow with joy, and sadness of the few things he leaves behind. You'll see them again. And you'll get your revenge on him. He promises himself.

He won't be gone forever. He'll be back.

To free them all.

To let them feel what he feels now, to save them from their contentment. That city was no more than buildings with rules. Its citizens... soldiers, trained to follow the strict code. I'm not one of them. And I never will be.

He rides across the desert, and gazes upon the miles of sand. Of dust. Of dirt.

It was an abandoned wasteland. It was uncivilized. There was nothing. There were no rules. Only sand, a sky, and the sweet chill of the night in a desert.

He grins widely as the sun vanished under the horizon of the vast dunes of sand. And as he is distracted, he lands atop a man.

He asks the man. "Who are you?"

The mystery man answers, but deflects the question. "Who I am is not important. Who you are, and why you are here, on the other hand is," he demands, suspicious.

Typical citizen. Always suspicious. Always obedient.

He answered, though reluctant. "My name, if it matters... is Jong."


  • This chapter takes place during The Drill
  • Jong's name is inspired by Jeong Jeong's.
  • The man Jong meets is a character from the original series.

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