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"Freedom" is the first chapter of the fanon series Anti-Avatar.


4 years later since the Battle at Wulong Forest/ Liberation of Ba Sing Se/ Comet-Enhanced Agni Kai where during those events Aang defeated Ozai and the War. It's now 104 AG. Azula escapes from the facility and sets out to find out her father. Meanwhile, Sokka tells Toph and The Mechanist that they are gonna build a city. Zuko and Mai are enjoying vacation time not aware of what's really going on!


  • Azula escapes from the facility
  • Sokka tells Toph and The Mechanist they are gonna build a city.
  • Zuko and Mai are warning the capital the escape of Azula
  • Azula meets Ozai.

Debuts of Ozai (silhouetted), Azula, Toph, Sokka, and The Mechanist


It was 4 years since the war finally ended. This chapter begins at the facility where Azula was taken to live a healthy life. That is until...

"Well Azula, you're free to go. You seem healthy after you passed all of our exercises and therapy sessions." - a doctor.

"Thank you. You just made the biggest mistake of your life!!" - Azula

Azula generates lighting and kills the doctor and destroys the facility.

"Now, all I need to do is find him and I can finally get rid of 'Fire Lord' Zu-Zu once and all (laughs diabollically)."

The Project

"Sokka, I'm bored. What do you wanna do?" - Toph

"I don't know. We could..... throw a rock." - a bored Sokka

Sokka throws the rock at Toph, but, she used her Earthbending to deflect it and it hits Sokka in the head.


Toph laughs.

"That's it!" - Sokka with a lightbulb.

"What's it?" - Toph

"The solution to our boredom."

"What is it?"

"We and our allies are gonna build a brand new city!"

"That's crazy!"

"What is?"

"That idea and that we don't know how to build a city. Where did you get that idea from?"

"I just wanna fix the damage The War brought to our land. Do you remember when we went to Roku's Island? It was complete buried in ash."

"True. But who is gonna teach us?"

"I can teach you!" - The Mechanist

"Really? You can teach us?!" - Sokka

"Not really. But I know we can build the greatest city in history!"

"Okay, I'm in. But I have few questions. How much you're paying and when? Where are we gonna build it at? And who is gonna be head of it?" - Toph

"Probably 1 gold piece, in the middle of the Four Nations, and The Avatar or the leader of the nation that Avatar is from."

"So it's settled: we are gonna build a city!"

"If Aang dies, who will succeed him?" - Toph

"I will!" - The Mechanist

"Alright!" - All while high fiving

Azula's Freedom

Azula finally made it. She is outside within the Fire Nation. She is plotting how to get a disguise so she'll make it without being noticed.

"Okay, first, grab a disguise. Next, I'll surprise him and kill him! Nah. What I need to do now is free my father from his prison. But where in the Fire Nation could he be? Hmmm. I hope that one survivor will deliver that message."


"Please. Don't hurt me!" - A frightened survivor

"Quiet! Listen to me you'll live. I want you to deliver a message for me and give it to Fire Lord Zuko."

The Message

Fire Lord Zuko and Fire Lady Mai are on vacation at Ember Island. 

Mai and Zuko at the beach


"Hey Zuko. Wanna see something funny?" - Mai

"Sure." - Zuko

Mai picks up a bowl of rice put it on Zuko's face. They both giggle. Then, a messenger hawk appears in front of them!

(sighs) "What does it say?" - Mai

A face which seems something is wrong appears on Zuko's face as he's reading the "letter from one of the surviving doctors from the Mental Health Facility".

"Azula is captured from someone who destroyed the Mental Health Facility. What should we do?" - Zuko

"Nothing. You know how she tries to blackmail people."

"You may be right. Wanna start a prank war?"


But as they are looking at each other's faces, they realize not only they'll falling for a trap, but, something really happened to the facility! Now they're racing towards the Fire Nation Capital towards warn the people.

A Family Visit

Guards are outside on duty. A prisoner's cell is heavily guarded. All looks quiet and peaceful. A messenger hawk appears in front of them and it's really important!

"Princess Azula has escaped from the facility." - Guard #1

"Sir, the prisoner's cell is---- Aaagh!" - Guard #2

Blood was all over his back. He was dead.

The guards looks up just to see Azula. She has sets of kunais and shuriken in her pockets. She accurately kills them all. She made it inside the prison building but she is surrounded. She uses a circle of Firebending to clear them a path. She go's to the prisoner's cell and uses Lighting to help the prisoner escape.
Azula evades Team Avatar

Azula attacks the guards.

"Hello, father." - Azula

"Azula? What do you want?"

"I've come to free you."


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