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Free Benders
General information
  • Various Colony Leaders

Colonies around the World

  • Protect Benders
  • Ensure Safety of Bender Colonies
  • Fight against the BDA

The Free Benders are a coalition of hidden bender colonies in the fanon story Alone



Since benders first emerged on Earth, they have organized themselves into colonies where they hide from the public eye. For centuries this worked until the BDA emerged in the early 1900s and started exterminating benders. They, as a result, went into further seclusion, and eventually non-benders completely lost knowledge of existence.

After capturing a young Earthbender named Bracken, he later emerged with the power to bend all four elements; the first Avatar. He spent years perfecting his abilities, and eventually attempted an escape. He was successful in breaking out of the prison, but was struck down by the Leader after a lengthy fight.

In the 1940s, the Leader of the BDA used Adolf Hitler's thirst for power to his advantage. In the course of the event that would come to be known as World War II, almost every colony in Europe and Asia was eradicated. Out of the ashes of bombard Europe rose Avatar Joel.

During the next thirty years, he journeyed around Europe, Asia, and Africa, gathering an army to oppose the Leader. In 1984, he was satisfied with the strength he had and launched an assault on Uluru, the BDA's bender prison. The battle, though successful in killing two of the Elite and half the Enforcers, resulted in defeat for the rebels.

After the failed assault, with his decimated army behind him, Joel traveled to the Firebending colony of San Juan, only to find it under siege by the BDA. He snuck into the city and hid in a petroleum farm in the center of the city. Unbeknownst to him, the Leader had followed him. Using one lightning bolt at the farm, he single-handedly destroyed Joel and most of the colony.


After Joel was killed, his next reincarnation, Leah Sanchez, was born. Twelve years later, only a few months after finding she was a bender, the BDA discovered she was the Avatar. To confirm their suspicions, they hit their boat with a rogue wave while they were boating for Leah's birthday. In the power of the Avatar State, she rescued her and her mother from drowning.

Leah, feeling distraught at her mother's reaction to her power, ran away from her home in Chicago. The BDA sent a legion of 40 Enforcers to capture her as she left. They conjured a powerful snowstorm and overwhelmed her, though she injured a quarter of the legion sent.

Leah spent the next four years in the prison, mastering the elements and learning from the masters imprisoned there. After discovering the unique ability to bend glass during "parole", she attempted an escape on December 20, 2000. She easily defeated the guards of the prison and escaped the compound, but was confronted by the Leader.

After a short bout of debate on their morals of containing benders, they fought briefly. Leah was almost put to death before Adrian, a fellow prisoner, intervened. He sent her away and she became the first to successfully escape from Uluru. As a result, the Leader sent the Elite after her.

The Elite pursued her through the desert and to the city, but she prevailed every time, though with many injuries. Leah then took refuge at the mansion of Sierra Levin, a friend she had met in Alice Springs. After spending a month recovering, they left the city for New York, escaping another encounter from the Elite.

Before going to New York, they stopped at the Rogues in New Orleans for Waterbending training. In the course of a few months, a series of disturbing events at the colony forced them to leave. They journeyed to Xylia, a Waterbending colony in the Great Smokey Mountains of North Carolina.

There they found the colony decimated by the Elite, and eventually escaped with only four survivors. They then journeyed to Mesaba, in Lake Superior National Forest. After a few weeks and a revelation given to Leah, they left for New York Colony.


Strike-through=Colony Destroyed

These are only the colonies that have been revealed in the series or by the Author. This may or may not be a complete list as there may be other colonies revealed further in the story.

North America

  • World Trade Center, New York City, New York
  • Mesaba Lake, Lake Superior National Forest, Minnesota
  • Xylia, Great Smokey Mountains, North Carolina
  • The Rogues, Lake Pontchartrain, New Orleans, Louisiana
  • Galveston, Texas
  • San Juan, Mexico City, Mexico
  • San Francisco, California


  • Warsaw, Poland


  • Nanking, China

  • Leupung, Indonesia


  • Tripoli, Libya

Notable Colonies

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