By Neo Bahamut Part of the Republic City Renaissance continuity.
Biographical information

United Republic, Northern Water Tribe


Northern Water Tribe

Birth place

Republic City (Yue Bay Area)


45 (Book -1) 48 (Book 0)


114 AG, early winter

Physical description






Hair color

Black, graying slightly, including handlebar mustache.

Skin color


Skin type


Eye color


Personal information
Weapon of choice

Saber with attached water skin

Fighting style(s)

Bending, swordsmanship

Bending style(s)





RCPD, Unalaq, Varrick


Purists, Keter (political rival)

Chronological and political information

United Republic Council


Council Chairman, Northern Water Tribe Councilman


Northern Water Tribe, United Republic

First appearance

"Template:Purists & Politics" (mentioned), "Labors of Love" (appeared)


Tarrlok is relatively young in Book 1, therefore someone had to be in power recently before him, and there had to be a reason why the obviously greasy (if superficially polite) Tarrlok obtained the job. Obviously, this is because the candidate before him must have been even greasier and more superficial!


Born in the Yue Bay area to a pair of diplomats on assignment, Franz joined the United Forces when he was 21. He was promoted to Admiral by 35, and retired by 40 to go into the Council, having secured Unalaq's blessing by promising to devote United Forces resources to help quell threats to his rule. By age 48, he has already served 2 terms, largely by currying favor with projects that benefit his constituents, the Water Tribes. Has also been infamous for pushing expansion of the industrial sector, often at the expense of nearby residences or stores. He spent much of his inheritance on campaigning, but quickly gained a much bigger fortune through deals with various Water Tribe businesses, including Varrick Industries.

Book 0

Franz and the rest of the Council are unanimous in denying Dr. Avici government funds for his research, and granting the RCPD a warrant to search his property. Later, he appeared at the Council Meeting to discuss the Purist Problem. When the Earth Delegate's train was attacked en route to the city, he joined Chief Beifong's operation to rescue him, and likewise was with the group when they came to HQ and fought some of Amon's Purist division. He was accidentally struck by Keter's lightning (not that she cared), but she saved him by redirecting as much as she could back out (though she was more concerned with using it to attack Amon). After some healing by Thiera, he was ready to resume his post within days.


Franz, frankly, has a reputation for being chauvinistic towards the Water Tribes and racist towards the Fire Nation. Of course, Franz would never admit this, and few would confront him over these allegations, considering his cunning and ruthlessness towards competition. He and Tenzin have a longstanding rivalry, Tenzin disliking his aggression and the implications of his words. His comrades in the United Forces praise him for his loyalty, bravery, and leadership skills.


Created specifically for this setting, Franz is very loosely based on the Archduke Franz Ferdinand, which inspired his appearance, status as a military man, and subtle racism.

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