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By Gingalover Part of the Viper's Venom continuity.
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Juji's fine. He comes back to life in the end when the doomsday device shifts the polarity of the Earth. Oops. Spoiler. Sorry.

Warning! This page contains spoilers for Viper's Venom.

Biographical information

Yang Chong


Earth Kingdom

Birth place

Yue Bay


Republic City


185 (Biologically 51)


12 AG


62 AG (Resurrected in 171 AG)

Physical description


Hair color


Personal information
Weapon of choice


Chronological and political information
  • Pirate
  • Swordsman (formerly)




First appearance

Chapter Two (Viper's Venom)

Fracture is a strong, undeterred pirate whom Nahash had reincarnated. He is a very powerful swordsman, and good pirate as well. He is also one of the rare exceptions by Nahash for high-ranking for a human.


Fracture is a sly, smartalic man who loves to get the better of his enemies. He is usually relaxed, even in strong situations, but he can get tense once things don't go entirely in his favor, or if there's an explanation he's just not getting. Although flexible, there are things that can easily set him off, example attacking his ship. His relations with the others are pretty vague, although he does like to mess around with Lin Beifong's anger. He is naturally rebellious, likes taking matters in his own hands and handling things in his own way.


Before Resurrection

Fire Nation Army

The fleet that attacked

Fracture was born, under the name Yang Chong, in Yue Bay to a small village, the same year Avatar Aang was born. Sadly though, he was also born in the beginning of the Hundred Year War, so his taste of hard life was experienced at a young age. His life in the Earth Kingdom went on fairly well for the most part, him being taught in the ways of swordsmanship by his family. It wasn't until he had grown into 12-years old that his life took a tragic turn. One night while he was sleeping, his village was attacked during a Fire Nation raid, killing everyone in his village. Traumatized and scarred for life due to the carnage from the first attack on the Earth Kingdom, he swore revenge to wipe out the Fire Nation for good.

Ever since this event, he had grown more and more solitude and became a rouge for a while, until he stumbled across Earth Kingdom soldiers, who were on patrol. He was at first attacked, believed to be part of the Fire Nation, but proved he wasn't when he was forced to explain the Fire Nation attack on his village. That, and the swordsmanship he demonstrated to fight off the earthbenders, made him join the Earth Kingdom army as a soldier against the Fire Nation.

For years since this privilege, he had proved very worthy of his role as a soldier, helping win multiple attacks from weak Fire Nation raids during his youth. His love of fighting grew and grew until he was promoted to Earth Kingdom assassin, as which he had many Fire Nation soldier deaths to his name. His assassin role though began to get to him, turning him more rebellious as time went on. One night, he took it too far, when he mistook an Earth Kingdom general for a Fire Nation soldier, killing him on sight. After that, he was stripped of his title and banished.

He spent the rest of his life traveling, roaming the Earth Kingdom as a rouge killer. He still killed any enemy whom he crosses and remained like that until he turned 50. While traveling, a swordsman from the Earth Kingdom remembered his crime for killing the Earth Kingdom general and was summoned to kill him. Fracture and the swordsman battled for a long while until the swordsman cheated, knocking him to the ground. The soldier then sliced open his chest, slowly but surely killing Fracture.

After Resurrection

Time went by for many years as he remained dead. One day though, not so long after Korra had opened the portals between the spirit and mortal world, Nahash took the opportunity to locate and resurrect Fracture from his grave. Fracture hadn't lost his memory on what happened to him, including the fact he had died. The only thing he did forget was his name, which is when Nahash gave him the name Fracture. Since Nahash had saved him from his time of death, he joined his side and became apart of the demon clan. For the year he spent in the "future", Nahash gave him some insight on how the world works now and caught him up with the past events. Eventually, he had proven powerful enough to not only control the demons on Nahash's clan, but also become one of his top generals. As a gift, he was also given a large ship, to help him travel around in the living world.


He technically never had any unique abilities or tricks during his youth, but ever since his resurrection, he had grown impervious to physical pain, given the fact he is supposed to be dead. His swordsmanship hadn't diminished though and he taught himself how to use 3 swords at once, something unachievable to most swordsman. To do this, he hold a sword in each hand, and one in his mouth, aimed forward. His jaw muscles are oddly stronger than most people, probably from the strain of having to battle with a sword gritted between Fracture's teeth.

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