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The Four Unified Nations Cooperative Advancement Organisation, more commonly known by the acronym FUNCAO or simply as the Worldbenders, was a political entity created in 12PA. It consisted of political parties from all three main nations, as well as any number of smaller tribes and societies. These political representatives engaged in discussions and debates about the state of the world and how to handle various crises that arose. Additionally, the Worldbenders had a large branch involved in active handling of the issues that the political representatives in the global forum debated. This branch included hundreds of Benders of all three varieties, as well as skilled soldiers, intelligent scientists who were advancing the progress of the world and sharing their knowledge and creations amongst all and a variety of other occupations.

The Benders of the Worldbender organisation wore distinctive blue uniforms that blended aspects of all three national dresscodes, but were noticeably different, sporting a less traditional look.

Known Members

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