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This page comprises about the Pro-bending Tournament rules in Avatar Duncz series. The Four Nations Pro Bending Tournament is held every 2 years the 4 nations take turns holding the tournament. The latest tournament was in 289 AG and played in the Earth Kingdom. Fire Nation remained as the winner.


1 Bender Of Each Element.

Yellow Card For breaking Any Rules.

Red Card For Serious Rule Breaks And 2 Yellow Cards.

Water Rules

2 Second Time Limit.

No Ice.

No Bloodbending.

Face Shots Allowed.

Air Rules

4 Second Time Limit.

No Choking.

Earth Rules

Use Of Earth Discs Only.

3 Second Time Limit.

Fire Rules

2 Second Time Limit.

No Lightening.


Fire Nation

Winner: 271 AG, 273 AG, 275 AG, 277 AG, 281 AG, 289 AG

Water Tribe

Winner: 279 AG

Earth Kingdom

Winner: 283 AG, 285 AG

Air Nomads

Winner: 287 AG

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