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The Four Nations Pact or the Avatar Aang Pact is a treaty signed by the Four Main Nations after the war, in The Phoenix Chronicles.


To make sure that no nation had more power than an other, Avatar Aang and the leaders of the four nations agreed to disarming. They all signed this pact to prevent future wars. Ironically, Phoenix Islands did not sign it, though they are aggressive.


We the undersigned nations, all agree that war is a true tragedy. In an effort to reconcile the people, and to prevent such another conflict we all agree to disarming. The exact terms are that each nation shall have no more than 15,000 domestic soldiers and absolutely no soldiers in any foreign territory. That of which territory was taken shall be rightfully given back to the original owner. All Military Airships, tanks, and any other weapon of mass or average destruction shall all be immediately destroyed, and may not be rebuilt again for a period of 60 years. The Foreign Navies of all nations shall also be disarmed, to be replaced by a Free Nautical Trade Association under the direct authority of the current Avatar, from his 15th birthday. Certain exceptions are available. Until then the FNTA shall be governed by a council of representatives from each signatory. However, each nation may have a domestic navy, for transportation and non-foreign aggression purposes. The FNTA shall only control trade among nations, and may not in any way use this power aggressively nor inflict upon national sovereignty.


Avatar Aang
Firelord Zuko
Chief Hakoda
Chief Arnook
Earth King Kuei


Though this treaty started an era of peace and prosperity, especially for the Water Tribes and soon-to-be revived Air Nomads, it did huge economic damage to the Earth Kingdom and Fire Nation.

Earth Kingdom

A large portion of the EK economy was military-based, and thus the Kingdom fell into bad times. However, a more active Kuei and with the help of other Nations the Earth Kingdom was better in several decades.

Fire Nation

The Economy of the Fire Nation crashed straight through the ground. An almost-100% military-based nation the nation was in ruins. The Crime rate was at a steady rise. Zuko, the Firelord, decided that the govt. needed a change of plans. He started several programs, which are all grouped under the name Operation Extinguish. Most have to deal with finding soldiers new jobs and hobbies. Some of the most famous are Fire Nation Job Security Council,Veteran affairs, Capital University,End of War Psychology Department and Department of Disarming It took Firelord Zuko,his son, Aang, and many more to bring the nation back to a respectable standard. Traces of economic depressions still linger, though.

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