By Dr.Doom23 Part of the The Secrets of the Beast continuity.

The Blighted Despot Giano, The Drowned King Ubu, The Empress of the Winds Ella, The Autarch of Flame Kuando otherwise known as the Four Lords of the Elements all serve Mòrì Shāshǒu in an attempt to unleash The Beast.

Synter round
Four Lords of the Elements
Biographical information

Earth Kingdom/Water Tribe/Air Nomads/Fire Nation

Physical description
Hair color

Red/Brown/Brown/Black with blue tint

Eye color

Gray/Blue/Brown/golden brown

Personal information
Weapon of choice


Bending style(s)

All four elements

Chronological and political information





The Blighted Despot is the most powerful Earthbender in the world able to make earth armor that maybe stronger then steel and able to make a large and powerful Claymore from any earthly surface. He can also create a large earth statue the size of a sky scraper with an even larger sword.


The Drowned King is a strong Waterbender that possesses the power to manipulate water, to create strong waves and violent storms to bring also reform himself into a massive, elemental form in his own image. He was entirely water-based, with rocks forming details on his chest and head, a large water creature depicted with a horse-like head, arthropod limbs, and a long serpent-like tail which connected them to his torso.


The Empress of the Winds is a powerful Airbender but has no will. Her agility and speed was unparalleled and she was faster than any being, immortal or otherwise. She could blow strong gusts of icy wind and use magic to create tornadoes, can levitate by manipulating the wind around her, allowing her to strike the opponent from a safe distance. She can also send miniature tornadoes at her opponents that spin them around several times and leave them vulnerable to follow-up attacks. Additionally, she can levitate the opponent and slam them down on the ground and transform herself into a tornado to heave them towards her. One of her more powerful abilities is to form a large wind dragon.


The Autarch of Flame has control over several forms of pyrokinesis, and the ability to materialize various weapons such as a gigantic war hammer, an axe, and a sword, all of which are enveloped in flames. Even creating fireballs the size of a house, he can spew forth lethal shots of fire from his mouth that can melt steel, he can fire flaming skull-shaped projectiles at his opponent. In addition to his projectiles, he has the ability to create a giant cobra of fire, could teleport using pools of fire. His strongest ability is to make himself into a large fire bird like colossus.

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