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March 4, 2014

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Revenge of the Blue Spirit, Part 2

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The Dark Lord Returns

It was a dark night. A large thunderstorm had reached Ba Sing Se. Aang, Katara, Sokka, Toph, and Suki all sat bored in their house. Someone kept banging at the door.

"I'll get it," Aang said.

Aang opened the door.

"Can I-OH, GOD!" Aang suddenly yelled.

Zuko was on the front steps and blood was pouring out of his head.

"So...I'm guessing your idea wasn't a good one?" Aang said.

"You have no idea," Zuko said gasping for breath.

Aang took Zuko inside.

"What happened to you?" Sokka said.

"You don't want to know," Zuko said wrapping a bandage around his forehead.

"Dang it, there's nothing to do around here," Aang said. "I'm gonna go outside and train."

"What element is it gonna be today, Twinkle Toes?" Toph asked.

Aang stepped out and saw rain pouring outside.

"Water," he said. "Lots and lots of water."

"We are not very fortunate," Sokka said.

Aang stepped outside onto the field in front of his house and began to train.

Behind two houses right in front of Team Avatar's own house, Darth Vader, Commander Cable, and Cable's squad were waiting. Rain poured down Vader's helmet. Vader ignored the rain and faced Cable.

"You may fire when ready, Commander," Vader said.

Cable pulled out his two blaster pistols, took aim, and placed his fingers on both of his blasters triggers.

"The demise of the Avatar will be a true fortune," Cable said to himself.

Katara smiled as she watched Aang encircle a water ring, stretched it out, and slammed it onto the ground.

I know Aang's a Fully Realized Avatar and all, but this...this is true power, Katara thought.

Aang raised two water whips into the air, froze them into ice shrapnels, and smashed them into the grass.

All that power, all that courage, and all that kindness...that...that is why I love him, Katara thought to herself.

The night was perfect.

Then all went wrong.

Aang was in the middle of training when he suddenly stopped. Aang got into a fighting stance.

Then, without warning, Commander Cable leaped out and fired two shots.

The first blast hit Aang's chest, the other hit his forehead. Aang howled in pain and felt as if he was on fire.

"AANG!" Katara screamed running outside.

Tears streaming out of his eyes, Aang fell to his knees.

He glanced at Cable.

"No..." Aang whispered.

Then, the Avatar collapsed to the ground.

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