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On the third day of the siege of Fort Zuko, Philip Hellene and Nikkolas led their army from the front. Knowing of this, Ignus, along with two other Hellenic defectors, planned to confront and kill Philip and Nikkolas. Their aim was to spread chaos through the Hellenic Army, allowing his advancing army the best possible conditions to win. It was also motivated by a more personal desire to take revenge on them for his defeat and exile in 99 AG.


Upon reaching Philip's position, they emerged from the hole and launched their attacks. Ignus, desiring revenge, devoted his full force to defeating Philip. The Hellenic waterbender attacked Nikkolas, and the two became engaged in a struggle over an ever-increasing ball of water. Philip diffused Ignus' fire blasts with airbending and evaded the earthbender's assaults.

Eventually, Philip managed to survive the attacks long enough to gain a short window to attack. Witnessing the stalemate between Nikkolas and his opponent, Philip knocked over the waterbender, giving Nikkolas the edge. This came at a price, however, as Philip's momentary distraction gave Malus Ignus the opportunity to strike Philip off-guard. Philip collapsed to the ground. Nikkolas froze the waterbender's arms to the ground and decapitated him with an ice disk.

As Philip staggered to his feet, Ignus attempted to finish off Philip with Blue Fire. Nikkolas came to Philip's rescue and extinguished the flame. Malus Ignus blasted Nikkolas with flames. The sheer force knocked him off his feet and out of the battle.

Ignus moved in to finish Nikkolas, but was halted by a jet of water. He turned to face Philip and began to generate lightning. Despite having the perfect opportunity, Hellene did not stop him. Ignus finally generated a bolt of lightning, so powerful that it was of a violet colour. Philip extended his arms in a circular motion, and the lightning disappeared. Ignus became confused and enraged. He let off numerous blasts of fire, large and small, quick and slow. Each one disappeared a metre from Philip, with Philip only extending his arms and moving his fingers. Philip saw his opportunity and fired a huge stream of air. Philip gestured his arms apart and the air combusted into a stream of fire. Ignus parried the fire and retaliated. Philip spread his arms and the fire became air and travelled around Philip. Philip once again launched a blast of air, and once again spread his arms and it became fire. This time, Philip extended his arms in a pushing manner and the flames turned from a dull red to a brilliant green. Ignus parried the fire, but in doing so, was forced back. At this point, Philip became content with taunting Ignus.

Ignus launched more streams of fire. Philip converted the air around his palm into water and blocked the fire blasts. "You're nothing but hot air!" He taunted. Philip launched another blast of air, this time bringing his hands closer together. The air condensed into a stream of water that scored a direct hit to his opponent's face. In blind rage, Ignus launched his most powerful fire blast yet. When it came within a nose's distance from Philip's face, it turned to water. Philip once again taunted, "Ah yes, that was refreshing." Philip unleashed a volley of attacks; using air as is and converting it to water and fire, closing the distance with every blast. Eventually, he attempted to kick Ignus into the chest and launch him with airbending. Ignus grabbed Philip by the leg and slammed him on the ground. He attempted to finish off Philip. He secured Philip's body by stepping on his chest and punched a ball of fire. To the surprise of both Philip and Ignus, the fire extinguished itself and Ignus found himself unable to move and his arm was twisted behind hid back. Nikkolas, using bloodbending, plunged Ignus into a water-filled trench. Nikkolas then converted the water to earth and crushed Ignus to death.


The death of Malus Ignus and the concurrent military victory at Fort Zuko crippled the Blue Flame's military capability and thus ended their northern campaign. More significantly, the death of Ignus led to the surrender of the Hellenic defectors. Azula remained as the Blue Flame's last leader.

As a result of both the duel and the concurrent battle, Philip and Nikkolas became celebrated for their bending prowess and leadership. Despite Aang's disdain for their gruesome tactics, he and Ty Lee entered Philip's tutelage.

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