By FenderBender Part of the The Resistance continuity.
Fong's fortress destroyed
Fort Bosta
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Ho Sho Ming mountain range


King of Tal Te


General Kee

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Map of Earth

The fort is the largest fort in the Earth Kingdom, its massive walls being compared to Omashu and its massive towers have nothing to be akin to. The fort has always been the one to send soldiers to liberate Tal Te and is always the one sending them to defend it in the first place.

The fort is famous for training veteran Earth Kingdom units. Due to the strict training regime and plethora of veteran commanders, recruits who go in come out hardened and ready for war. The most famous unit to come out is the Bosta Bashers who scored the more success in battle than any other Earth Kingdom unit.

Despite its amazing and impressing accomplishments, it fell in the attack. The Fire Nation had sent hundreds upon thousands of units there to no avail. Finally, they used experimental drill technology to dig straight through the mountain. It was not on the same level as the one used on Ba Sing Se, but there were many of them and they were able to overwhelm the fort.

When the fort was captured, Tal Te was practically defenseless. The Fire Nation used this chance to quickly take the town, leading to its capture. Once the battles in Tal Te and Bosta had died down, they converted the fort to their use. Storing hundreds of soldiers there to send out to the rest of the Earth Kingdom.

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