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The Council of Knowledge

"The eighty-first meeting of the Council of Knowledge is now commenced!" Ying Lan announced. "Presiding: Ying Lan. Speaking: Tai Lin and Lin Chi. Concerning matters of present: Ping Mo. And we now turn the time over to Lin Chi."

"Thank you, Ying Lan," Lin Chi said with a bow. "I speak to you all today about the rebels. As you know, there are people out there who bend unlawfully. I propose that we make our rule stricter so as to stop this frivolous nonsense."

"I agree with Lin," Gin Khan stated.

"Order!" Ying Lan shouted. "No speaking out of turn. Are you finished, Lin Chi?"

"Yes, sir," Lin Chi said. He bowed again and sat down in his chair.

"Tai Lin, you may now speak."

"Thank you," Tai Lin said. "I speak on matters that most of you will not believe. But I traveled to the Spirit World yesterday and I saw a boy there, speaking with Jin. I think­ – "

"Tai Lin! You are strictly forbidden to go into the Spirit World!" Ying Lan exclaimed. "You will be removed from this court if you do so again."

"No, you do not understand!" Tai Lin cried. "This boy was an Airbender."

Silence filled the room.

"An Airbender? I thought they were extinct!" someone muttered.

"Silence in the courtroom!" Ying Lan shouted again. This was rather pointless. "Tai Lin, tell me everything about this boy."

"He had a blue arrow on his forehead. He was covered in all white, so I guess he was trying to hide himself. He spoke with Jin and then ran off."

Ying Lan began to tremble. When he spoke, his voice rang out through the room with cold clarity: "We must find that boy and kill him."

Asa and Zen

Asa set off several rounds of fireballs with her tiny fists and finished with a fire whip that she fired towards the gateway. Her eyes widened in alarm as a boy walked in. He had spiky black hair and dark eyes. He looked to be about sixteen, a year older than her.

"Watch out!" she cried.

The boy realized fire was shooting at him. He reached his hand out and the fire whip sizzles and disappeared.

"I'm so sorry," Asa said.

"It's okay. I can handle anything you try."

Was that an insult? Asa thought.

"Um, I'm Asa," she said.

"Zen," the boy said. "How old are you?"


"Figures," Zen said, and walked away.

"Nice meeting you, too," Asa said, and went back to her routine.

Zen's Fury

Zen was surprised by the girl's strength, although he didn't let it show. She was almost as good as him. Maybe she would be a good sidekick, he thought.

Zen agreed that bending should be against the law – for average, everyday citizens. He believed that special people, like himself, should use bending since they were better than everyone else. Everyone at the Academy was better.

That was why Zen wanted to be a scout. Scouts traveled the world, making sure no one was bending. Scouts got paid a lot. He would show the world that an orphan is just as good as any other good. He had to. It was his destiny.

And Asa could help. Asa, the girl with the purple eyes.


Asa was relieved when Zen was gone. He was creepy. There was something dark and sinister about him.

But that wasn't the only reason she was glad. It was time to sneak down to her cave. She went the back way out; she couldn't let anyone see her. She crept down the cliff side and into a small crevice.

The crevice was an opening to a cave that Asa had discovered when she was first sent to the Academy.

Once inside the cave, Asa practiced. She shot fireballs, rings, and lashes. She created a wall of flame, surrounding herself. Then she practiced her jet propulsion, running through the cave with fire pushing her forward.

She had to keep her practice secret. If the Council saw how skilled she was, they would never let her rest. She would have to be a scout and imprison people. Asa didn't want to do that kind of thing. She never even wanted to go to the Academy, but she had no choice.

Finally, she was ready for one last thing. She separated the yin and yang energies and then directed. Lightning shot through her fingertips and blasted the dark, endless halls of the cave.

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