Origin of firebending mural Zuko, something happened to Forsaken Avatar in the last hundred years.

This fanon has been discontinued, but is still available to read for your enjoyment.

Forsaken Avatar
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Koi Lake, The Council of Knowledge





There is a new Avatar, but the world is not the way it once was...


The Avatar world is not the same. Any form of bending is against world law. The current Avatar is Keito, who is running away from his destiny. He meets Hira, a girl who practices Waterbending in secret and is running away from her family. Together, they go on a journey to find the Council of Knowledge. Unbeknownst to them, the Council has hired assassins to kill the Avatar and anyone who is with him.


Main Characters

Keito: A 14-year-old Airbender who is also the Avatar. He has only mastered airbending and is running away from his destiny. He has sky blue eyes, is bald, and has arrows on his forehead and arms. He is a vegetarian and is trying to walk in Avatar Aang's footsteps.

Hira: The only Waterbender (14) in the East-South Water Tribe that lives on the island of Gin. She feels that her tribe doesn't understand her and so she runs away. She is serious, strong, and determined to figure out what Keito is hiding. She has sea green eyes and dark brown hair.

Zen: A sixteen-year-old Firebender who has been hired to kill the Avatar. He is fierce, angry, and ready to kill. He has spiky black hair, dark eyes, and a permanent scowl on his face.

Asa: A more calm 15-year-old Firebender who has also been hired. She agrees against her better judgement, and once she realizes the mistake she's made, she is determined to stop Zen and help the Avatar. She has purple eyes, blonde hair, and a crooked smile.

Council of Knowledge: The Council consists of ten people: Ying Lan, Tai Lin, Lin Chi, Ping Mo, Chin Mai, Sho-sho Bii, Bi-bi, Sin Lan, Gin Khan, and Shi Bai. Ying Lan is the main leader of the group and although most are thoroughly evil and dastardly, others are striving for peace, harmony, and change.

Other Characters

King Llama: The king of the East-South Water Tribe which inhabits the island of Gin. Kind and supporting of his daughter. He is an aged man with mostly gray hairs, wrinkles from smiling, and jolly indigo eyes.

Queen Lla: The wife of King Llama. Is somewhat crazy and hallucinating.

Master: The top commander of the Academy, second only to Ying Lan.


Book One: Murky Waters

1: Koi Lake: While running away, Hira meets Keito, a boy with some secrets. They go hunting together and Hira learns that Keito is a vegetarian. Later, as the duo sits by the fire, Keito goes into the Spirit World and Hira discovers a secret Keito worked hard to keep.

2: The Council of Knowledge: The Council of Knowledge, consisting of ten knowledgeable people, discusses things. Eventually the topic comes to a boy believed to be an Airbender - and the Avatar. Not too far away at the Academy, Zen and Asa meet and we discover that Asa is a more powerful Firebender than she portrays to be.

3: The East-South Tribe: Hira and Keito visit Hira's tribe. Keito discovers that Hira is the princess of the tribe. After a great feast, Queen Lla tries to kill Keito as well as Hira, her own daughter.

4: Journey: Hira and Keito set out in a small boat. Unfortunately, a serpent comes to visit, and they must fight for their lives. Meanwhile, Asa is plowing through the awful challenges of the Academy.

5:Mentor: This episode is mainly about Asa as she gets a mentor. However, these mentors are not in the flesh. They are spirits. A certain spirit in particular wants to be Asa's mentor, but from past experience Asa knows that she will be corrupted if she is her mentor. Readers will be surprised to discover who the spirits are as they are from the Fire Nation long ago...

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