Forgotten Victory
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Reuniting After



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"Sozin's Comet, Part 3: Into the Inferno"

"What did you do to me?" Ozai said weakly while struggling to keep himself up.

"I took away your firebending. You can't use it to hurt or threaten anyone else ever again," said Aang sternly as he turned away. He walked to the edge of the cliff, eyeing the destruction the fallen King had caused.

He takes a deep breath, feeling the returned power that he has received from his past lives. His eyes and tattoos glow a soft white as he connects with his past lives. He has never felt this before. The Avatar State. It has always been forced in him, when he was in danger or emotionally in pain. It would burst uncontrollably, like an erupting volcano inside him as he is unable to control it. Now it is retained but still powerful. He can control it. In a way, it's relaxing, yet exhilarating.

He uses this new power to raise the water below the cliff he is on, raising it high to cover the land like a comforting blanket, extinguishing the fires that devastated the valley. He takes another deep breath, and just as he exhaled, it seemed as if the water gently flowed down into the earth, revealing the hard soil once more. Just as the water is released back into the stream, Aang releases the power.

I finally did it. I saved the world. It's all going to be different now.

Aang looks out at the blazing sky, still glowing orange from the comet, and smiles slightly. Finally he is able to see and fully appreciate the true beauty that the comet brought. Not only did it bring power to all firebenders, but it also lit the skies with vibrant colors. He stands at the edge of the cliff, taking in the beautiful colors of the sky: the bright oranges, the red streaks, and the little hint of the dark blue sky that the comet covered.

Dark blue....Sort of like the eyes of...


Oh no! I completely forgot. I abandoned her. I abandoned everyone... He forgot about his huge victory with Ozai, for he abandoned his friends. And it's not the first time either. He falls to his knees in despair, with his head in his hands.

I ran away. AGAIN... Just like when I ran away from the Southern Air Temple... The guilt of the loss of hi people returned in his head. Desperate for solace, he dug his knees into the earth and placed his forehead on the ground.

No. Remember your Water Chakra. If you are to be a positive influence on the world, you need to forgive yourself. Remember Guru Pathik's words. You don't want to block your Chakra. You need to forgive yourself. He raises his head and gazes out into the vibrant colors that are slowly fading into the deep night sky. He stands as he quickly forgives himself for his past and present mistakes and closes his eyes; imagining his friends and Katara, safe.

They must still be at Ember Island. They must still be there, worrying about him killing the Phoenix King. Where else would they be? I have to get back there. How could I have been so stupid? I just left, without a word. Who knows what they think could have happened to me. I have to get back as fast as possible. I've got to make this right.

He reaches out and makes the gesture of his grabbing and opening up his glider staff, but feels nothing but the cool night air. He stares at his empty hands with a dumbfounded expression on his face. No! I left my glider back in my room. At Ember Island. Aaaah! Stupid, Stupid, Stupid! How am I supposed to get back there now?

Then he remembers....

The Phoenix King's airship fleet!

That's it! I can use a hot air balloon from the air fleet and fly over there. It may not be as fast, but it will still get me their swiftly. He then looks over to the collapsed Ozai, who is drooling on the ground pathetically. Should I take him with me? Naaaa. He'll be fine. I've got to get to Ember Island as fast as possible. He'll just slow me down and probably try to kill me. I'm sure plenty of people will be looking for him. They'll find him easily.

As Aang gives a salute to the drooling Ozai, he hops off the cliff and waterbends the water below him to rise and catch him. Then he waterbends a giant wave where the airships are, as the comet exits the atmosphere, taking the vibrant colors and leaving the sky the deep dark blue, stars now visible and the moon glistening in the water's reflection.

As he approaches the air ship fleet, he sees a rouge air ship flying towards the cliff he used to be on. I wonder why that airship isn't with the others... He continues riding his wave forward to the airship fleet. Then he spies just what he was looking for.

A hot air balloon! Perfect! AS he jumps off his wave, the wave dies down soaking back into the stream he was riding it on. Aang jumps into the hot air balloon, but, to his surprise, is abandoned. What? No one's here? No fight, nothing? Something must be wrong with it then... Maybe there's something wrong with the engine? He blows a gust of fire into the little hole containing coal, which heat up and light on fire almost instantly. The balloon starts rising. Huh.... Weird. In Just a few minutes, Aang is up in the air, flying close to the night sky, feeling so close to the stars that he could reach out and grab them.

I'm coming Katara... Everyone, I'm on my way...

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