By Bersarker Part of the Avengers: The Earth's Mightiest Heroes continuity.

Forest Giganto are one type of species of Giganto that lived during the era of Kaiju.


In the era of Kaiju, the Forest Giganto were the biggest animals on land. They were the ruler of the Southwestern Forest. The adult Forest Giganto have no predators. When the mass extinction happened, most of them died. Some survivors now live in Subterranea.


Forest Giganto are the biggest animals on land in their time. Their shells are crystal-like and can protect them from any creature that tries to harm them. Their shell and size are the main reason they have no predators. As they're omnivore, they have no problems for eating foods. They can eat everything like leaf, wood or even the Flying BisonTiktaalik and the Moloids.


Forest Giganto ruled the Southwestern Forest of Pangaea with their size and power. They can threaten everything in the forest without any cause. They're omnivore, which means they can eat both meats and plants. The only meat that they eating are Tiktaalik and the Flying Bison. They won't eating their own young.


  • They're the biggest creatures on land.
  • They're the top predators of the Southwestern Forest.
  • They won't eat the next generation of their race.

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