Forces of Nature
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Forces of Nature is a collection of stories by Philanahembree, detailing the lives of several characters from all four nations.


Paladin series

Laobao series

  • Chapter 1: Out of the fire, and Into the desert

Haiqo series

  • Chapter 1: The Dark Airbender

Book One: Yellow

Chapter One:Tirriu

Tirriu, the leader of the town of Haiqo, defends his town at all costs from the Bouchang pirates, led by a waterbender named Braqan. His actions cause a rift between him and the other Airbending masters, who soon demand him to send his children to be raised at the Southern Air Temple.

Chapter Two: Linjon

After mastering Airbending, Linjon still harbors resentful feelings towards the Air Nomad's way of life which he calls cowardly. He leaves the Southern Air Temple, travelling with his allies to the Earth Kingdom, where the Order of Wan is founded. Linjon continues his work in this order, eventually founding the Air Republic, and a new Airbender society will be born.

Chapter Three: Ujuan

Air Nomad Avatar Ujuan has come into conflict with Raava, shaking his responsibilities as the Avatar.

Book Two:Blue

Chapter One: Braqan

Braqan grew up in the Southern Water Tribe, and nobody expected he would become leader to the people who took his father from him. Braqan will begin his story from a hardworking optimistic young waterbender, to a tyrannical pirate lord set on plundering every town he sees in the southern regions, and is not afraid to go after his own people.

Chapter two: Ogguk

Avatar Ogguk has trained his whole life to restore the Avatar Cycle that Ujuan damaged, but with new threats happening all around him, will he be able to reach Ujuan in the Spirit World before the Avatar Cycle is stretched too thin.

Book Three: Green

Chapter One: Tum Guon

Tum Guon leaves Republic City and the Metalbending Police Force to train himself as the first Glassbender. His early days founding the town of Laobao in the Si Wong Desert left him facing multiple raids from Sandbender Tribes, and having to deal for years with Anjanun, a dangerous foe.

Book Four: Red

Chapter One: Unnuk

Following Harmonic Convergence, Unnuk discovers that he can Firebend, becoming the first person of Water Tribe origin to become a firebender. The story follows Unnuk's mastery of firebending, to his enlistment in the United Forces, and his later life and family with a new airbender named Saana.


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