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Forcebending is the ability to manipulate the energy field that surrounds us all. Forcebenders rely on the power of their minds to forcebend. Forcebending has many uses; it can be used offensively by using the force of the energy field and releasing blasts of energy from their hands, feet or body, or they can shape the organic force that surrounds them into a variety of forms such as blasts, bursts, waves or balls. There are also many defensive ways to use forcebending, such as pushing a mass of force energy in front of themselves to defend from say a pursuing fiery explosion and they can keep the blast at bay for a time, or a forcebender can shape force energy around themselves in the form of a protective shield, capable of withstanding just about anything. The more experienced Forcebender can defend against more, such as opposing bending arts, specialized skills within the Four Elements and even attacks from other forcebenders.


Forcebending was discovered by Avatar Korra's successor, an Earthbender named Throyn, who learned the art from a lion turtle spirit who dwelled in the Spirit World. the lion turtle spirit granted Thoryn the ability to forcebend through the use of energybending. Over time, after Thoryn had learned to energybend, he passed on the ability to others. Some from every nation were taught to forcebend, and over time, succeeding Avatars learned to harness the power. The forcebenders from the nations grew in great numbers as well, and over time, certain forcebenders grew dark and learned to use their abilities for darker purposes.


Forcebending can be used in a variety of different ways: offensively, defensively, or as a utility.

Force Manipulation — Any forcebender, no matter how little of their power they can harness, can manipulate the force energy around them. They can release force energy from their hands, feet, or bodies, or they can manipulate the energy by shaping it into a variety of forms.

Psychokinesis — One of the utility uses of forcebending is the ability to manipulate the environment. A forcebender can manipulate almost anything by sheer force of their mind; they can lift and move all types of things, such as boulders, vehicles, the elements, or even people. A forcebender can manipulate objects such as opening a door, activating a switch, or turning something off. A more powerful forcebender can manipulate several objects at once.

Force Push/Pull — Just about any forcebender can forcefully push a target back through the use of Psychokinesis or they can use it to pull a target towards them. This ability is commonly used to send foes backwards with force, and a Force Pull is commonly used to retrieve a fallen object one may have dropped on the battlefield or anywhere, be it a weapon or something else.

Force Blast — A forcebender can release bursts of force energy from their hands, feet, or body. Force Blast is one of the most commonly used skills on the battlefield. A force blast is powerful enough to knock down a wall if the blast is powerful enough.

Force Bullet — A forcebender can use the energy around them to shape a blast of force energy into a fast moving burst of energy by shaping a ring of force energy around themselves and thrusting it forward. It can prove to be most useful against any opponent.

Force Ball — A forcebender can shape force energy into a circular orb or a ball. They can even create multiple orbs and use them as a multiple shot attack.

Force Punch/Kick — A forcebender can release quick blasts of force energy by using a quick jab with their fist or a swift kick, or they can augment their hands with force energy for enhanced hand-to-hand combat.

Force Cannon — A more skilled forcebender can release a very powerful, swirling blast of force energy powerful enough to take out a small army.

Force Leap/Jump — A forcebender can surround their body in force energy and use it to leap or jump high into the air to reach tall heights or tall buildings.

Force Freeze — A skilled forcebender can entrap a target in force energy and temporarily freeze them in place.

Force Disc — A forcebender can shape force energy into a flat circular disc and throw it at a target. This can also be used as a barrage attack.

Force Arrow — A forcebender can shape force energy into an arrow and release it in a swarm or as one at a target.

Force Bomb — A more skilled forcebender can focus their force energy in both hands and charge it into a giant ball of force, big enough to leave a decent sized crater on the battlefield.

Force Whip — Any level forcebender can shape force energy into a whip and use it for long-range combat.

Force Jet — A skilled forcebender can release fast moving blasts of force from their hands or feet. They can even use it continuously.

Force Wave — A skilled forcebender can use force energy around them and release it outwards in an expanding wave of energy, able to blast back surrounding opponents of the field of battle.

Force Shield — A skilled forcebender can shape force energy around them to form a shield of energy, capable of withstanding the four bending arts, most specialized bending arts, and even attacks from other forcebenders. A more powerful forcebender can create bigger shields, capable of withstanding almost any attack or entity.

Force Wall — A more powerful forcebender can use the force energy in front of them to create a large wall of force. The full capability of this skill is able to defend an entire army.

Force Cushion — A skilled forcebender can release a gust of force energy on the ground to soften a hard fall on the ground.

Force Gauntlet — A skilled forcebender can shape force energy around their hands and lower arms to form a force gauntlet, which can be used as a minor defensive skill or enhanced hand-to-hand combat.

Force Arc — A skilled forcebender can shape the energy around them in the form of powerful arcs that can block incoming attacks or can be used offensively.

Force Blade — A skilled forcebender can shape force energy in their hand in the form of a long, slender blade, useful for armed combat.

Force Dagger — A skilled forcebender can shape a smaller, slender blade of force energy into their hand for close combat.

Master Level

Force Heal — A master forcebender can use force energy to heal most injuries done upon their own body or an ally's body.

Force Propulsion — A master forcebender can release large amounts of force energy from their hands and feet behind them to provide quick movement through the field of battle, moving at top speed.

Force Prison — A master forcebender can entrap a foe by shaping force energy around the target's body in the form of a cocoon that acts as a means of immobilizing a foe as well.

Mind Trick — A master forcebender can manipulate a person's mind to confuse them, take control of them, or make them forget about something for a period of time, but this only works on the weak minded. If a mind trick is used by multiple forcebenders at the same time on a single foe, it can work on a more powerful mind.

Force Cloak — A master forcebender can project force energy around their body and shape it around their torso in the form of a cloak. A pair of tendrils made of force energy can be created for attack at long distance.

Force Tentacles — A master forcebender can surround their arms in force energy and shape it into long, moveable tendrils which can be used for attack, restraining or retrieving something.

Force Drill — A master forcebender can create a massive, swirling column of force energy and send it crashing down on a target or targets.

Multiple Force Whips — A master forcebender can create multiple strands of force energy and make them snap at a target simultaneously.

Force Spout — A master forcebender can create a swirling spiral of force energy around their body and use it to lift themselves off the ground in a giant, swirling spiral.

Force Dome — A master forcebender can create a big, circular dome of force energy by manipulating the force energy around them and forming it into a protective barrier to protect a small group of allies.

Force Gimble — A master forcebender can create two rotating rings of force energy around their bodies. This can be used either offensive or defensive, like releasing it in the form of a cannon.

Force Missile — A master forcebender can create an extremely powerful blast of force energy that pursues the target when the target tries to avoid the blast.

Levitation — A master forcebender can focus the force energy on themselves and can use it to levitate and hover above the ground. More powerful masters can levitate higher and move faster upon the ground.

Invisibility — A true master can become one with the energy field for a short period of time and use it to make themselves invisible for a short period of time.

Force Choke — One of the darker techniques used by dark forcebenders. By applying their psychokinetic energy to one's throat and squeezing, a forcebender can psychokinetically strangle a target as a means of incapacitating an enemy or simply killing them.

Force Lightning — The darkest of forcebenders are able to generate arcs of lightning from their fingers. This is known as the darkest technique within forcebending. Force Lightning is capable of burning, electrocution, mass destruction or even death.

Avatar Level

Spiritual Force Projection — An Avatar with forcebending abilities can project their spiritual force outside their body in a ghostly form of themselves, very similar to the airbending ability where an airbender can project their spirit outside of their body.

Astral Projection — An Avatar can project their astral form outside of their body and can use their astral form to move in between the Spirit World and the Plane of Existence where the physical form of force energy exists.

Avatar State Enhanced Forcebending — An Avatar who has full access to the Avatar State can greatly enhance their forcebending abilities to 10x the power of their normal forcebending ability.

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