For Those About To Rock
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June 6th, 2016

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This is the first of the prompted stories I gave out, with the idea for this one coming from Tono555: "Korra is an extreme introvert, and Asami is the opposite. They meet at a concert (or event) and hijinks ensue." I took it liberally, but it sticks to the prompt close enough.

-"Mom, this is totally unfair! I already paid for the tickets!" Jinora yelled in anger.

-"Exactly, 'tickets' being the operative form there. It's one thing to let you go to that ridiculous concert, it's another thing entirely to let you go unsupervised. You already have the second ticket, so you can take someone else with you."

Please don't say 'take Korra with you'. Korra thought. She could easily hear the argument going on in the other room, in spite of the closed door. Apparently, Jinora had bought tickets to a Fire Ferrets concert without asking for her parents' approval.

-"You can ask Korra to go with you, or I go with you."


-"That second ticket is meant for Shae, not for a babysitter! Come on, we've been looking forward to this for months!"

Please say that Shae can go instead... Korra sighed, she wasn't kidding anyone. No way in hell would Pema let Shae go by way of supervisor for her oldest daughter.

-"Korra or me. Make your choice."

Jinora sighed so loud that Korra could hear it from the other room. "Fine. I'll ask her." After this, she stepped out into the living room again, where she met her adopted sister with an annoyed expression on her face.


-"I haven't even asked you anything!" Jinora protested.

"You were going to ask me to go with you to the concert, don't bother denying it, I think the neighbors can give you a fairly accurate transcript of what you two were arguing about."

Jinora sighed again. "Please? I really want to go, and I really don't want to go with Mom. Come on, it'll be fun! A girls' night out!"

Korra had to resist the urge to sigh herself. While she thought the music the Fire Ferrets made was okay (a few original songs, but a lot of them were covers,) the idea of going to a concert was, well, not. She liked the comfort of her room, her house, and basically anything that meant the only company she had consisted of her thoughts, maybe Naga at a pinch. Cramming herself into an overcrowded baseball stadium with 50.000 sweaty people and a 14-year old in tow met none of those requirements. "I don't know, Jinora, you know how I feel about going out."

After this, Jinora put up her biggest brown puppy dog eyes, eyes that virtually no one was able to resist. "Pleeeeaaaasssseee?"

This time, Korra actually sighed. "Fine, I'll think about it. When is it?"

-"Saturday night, first show here in Frisco." Suddenly, Jinora's expression took a turn for the sour. "Right, time for me to break my friend's heart. Wish me luck, and think about it good." With this, she ran off to her own room, and Pema joined Korra on the couch in front of the television.

-"You know, it might not be the worst idea for you either to go out there some time. You spend an awful lot of time here at home, you only leave for classes, and that's about it. I'm worried about you, Korra. The whole reason your parents sent you down here from Alaska was to fix your depression."

Korra pinched her nose. "Look, I just like being on my own, okay?"

-"I know, but you are taking it to the extreme." Pema paused for a moment. "Do this, for Jinora. It might sound mean for me to do this, but I really meant it when I said that I don't want her to go unsupervised. That being said, I also know this isn't the kind of thing you take your mother to as a teenager. Older sister, maybe, but mother, no way."

Hearing Pema say this made Korra bubble up inside. She had been sent down here by her parents when she was 15, because she was severely depressed. Now though, she was feeling much better, but whether or not she truly belonged was something she was still on the fence about.

Until now. Hearing Pema say 'older sister' meant that she kind of considered her to be a real daughter, not just an adopted little pet.

-"I'll pay for your ticket, and you can use my car," the mother ultimately offered when Korra stayed silent for a while.

"Alright, fine, I'll go."

Pema smiled. "Good. Go tell Jinora, you'll make her day."

Korra climbed the stairs to her sister's room, where she could hear the tail end of a phone conversation through the door.

-"No sweetie, it wasn't my call. I don't like it, but I don't see how we can fix this another way."

When Korra knocked, it instantly went silent, meaning that Jinora probably switched to a whisper. The younger girl cautiously opened the door, seeing Korra there with a smirk on her face. "I'm in," she said, and before she knew it, Jinora had her enveloped in a tight hug. "Thanks, Kor, you rock. Not as much as the Fire Ferrets, but no one does."

Korra chuckled. "That's okay. Just one thing: next time you call your secret boyfriend, make sure to keep your voice down."

At this, Jinora went bright red and immediately pulled back, stammering all kinds of unintelligible sounds. "Wha.. How... You..."

"Your voice carries through the door, and you don't call Shae 'sweetie'."

Jinora quickly slammed the door shut behind them. "Alright, just... Just don't tell Mom and Dad, okay?"

"Of course not, I'm gonna use this to blackmail you," Korra smirked. "Anyway, Saturday night, girls' night out, as you put it." With that, she turned around and made for her own room, preparing to massacre some noobs on the fields of Verdun in Battlefield 1.

Fire Ferret shirt 2
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Jinora's Fire Ferrets T-shirt.

Even though Saturday was not something she was looking forward to in particular, she was kind of nervous when they were about to leave. Jinora had made herself entirely ready, and even though Tenzin and Pema wouldn't let her go out in make-up just as heavy as the lead singer, she did dye her hair the same shade of black, namely jet black. She was also wearing a Fire Ferrets T-shirt, fully demonstrating her level of fangirling. (It was a shirt of a Fire Ferret eating noodles with chopsticks, super cute.)

Meanwhile, Korra had barely bothered to dress herself, as all she had was a pair of baggy jeans and an old blue SFSU hoodie, and she had simply done her hair up in the simple three wolf-tails style that she normally wore it in.

-"Is that really all the effort that you're going to put in?" Jinora asked with an incredulous expression on her face.

"I'm the chaperone, not the fan. I'm doing this for you, Jinny."

Pema came walking out, shaking her head at her daughter's appearance. "Well, you girls have fun tonight, and if it's at all possible, don't come home too late."

Korra smiled while taking the car keys from Pema's outstretched hand. "We'll try, Pema, thanks."

They, along with seemingly most of the San Francisco Bay Area, made their way to the AT&T Park, where Korra managed to find a parking space, miraculously enough. Getting into the park itself was even more troublesome, as Jinora insisted that they had field tickets, which was true, but then again, everyone wanted to be on the field.

Somehow, they managed to get through the strict security and onto the pitch, elbowing their way forward. This was the part that Korra resented most. Jinora kept on yelling "Pregnant lady, coming through!" as if that would help them. Being 14, Jinora was quite short for her age, and she really should have a place somewhere in the front.

Ultimately, they managed to get some solid ground next to each other on what they could consider the third row, which, and let's be honest here, is fucking amazing with all these people here.

During the opening bands, Korra realized more and more just how much she hated being here. Even though Jinora had recommended they wear earplugs, the music was too loud for comfort, the people that were brushing up against here were warm and clammy, fairly certain that dude behind you is nursing a semi from it, and all in all, Korra just wanted it to be over so they could go home.

Then out of nowhere, the lights went out completely, bathing the entire park in darkness.

-"Good evening, San Francisco!" a woman's voice bellowed through the speakers, before a single spot came on under the sound of the guitar intro of Sweet Child O' Mine, illuminating the guitarist in deep concentration. Then when the drummer joined the fray, the entire stage was illuminated, revealing the band in full.

The guitarist was tall and rather slender, and Korra had to admit, very handsome. The bassist was a little shorter and stubbier, and also appeared to be more muscular than the guitarist. The drummer seemed to be a bit lankier again, but he had let his hair grow well over his ears, and a neatly trimmed goatee.

But the one who really stole Korra's attention was the singer, because holy mother of God, looking that good should be illegal. Somehow, she had managed to squeeze those seemingly mile-long legs into a pair of impossibly skinny jeans, while the rest was in a simple black and red tank top, though she had the modesty not to pick one from the Fire Ferrets itself.

Towering above all that, was her face, which completely entranced Korra, because she was simply beautiful. Suddenly, Jinora's desire to look like her with the make-up and jet black hair didn't seem so far-fetched anymore.

All of this was only compounded when she looked down to Korra, straight in the eyes, and winked, a sly smirk on her face. She couldn't do anything other than bashfully look away to her little sister, who was already singing along with her.

Even though Korra didn't really care for all the people there with her, the concert wasn't as bad as she thought it would be. The volume was set at a slightly less deafening level as the night went on, making it more bearable. Also, and not to sound paranoid here but Korra could swear that at multiple times during the show, she locked eyes with the singer, and beautiful eyes at that. A very deep, emerald green, the kind that you can just get lost in...

She practically had to slap herself out of it and convince herself that it was all in her head. However, something that definitely wasn't in her head was the way she moved those hips, accentuated by those damn skinny jeans...

Here we go again.

Korra sighed, as she finally realized that coming here tonight might not have been as bad an idea as she would have originally thought.

After the concert had ended, Korra and Jinora were making their way back to one of the cafés for a soda, mostly because Korra didn't want to get caught in the traffic the exodus would bring with it. She figured that if she stalled for about ten minutes, the traffic would be much, much quieter.

-"Oh my God, that was so awesome!" Jinora exclaimed. "And Mako and Bolin, they were even dreamier than I imagined them to be! And Wan, man, could that guy drum!"

Korra just let her rant on for, seeing how stopping her would be almost pointless. Instead, she just smiled and nodded, making sure to keep her little sister happy. It's amazing what a few well-placed 'uh-huh's and 'oh yes's can achieve.

Their target was in sight: a small place that looked relatively quiet, but they wouldn't make it.

-"Hey, you there! Blue hoodie!"

Korra looked around, ultimately locking eyes with the bassist of the Fire Ferrets. She pointed at her own chest, as if to ask 'me?', which worked, apparently.

-"Yeah, you!" He worked his way through the crowd, ignoring all requests for autographs. It wasn't until he was very close that Jinora could spot through the crowd who was calling for them.

-"Oh - my - God - ohmyGodohmyGodohmyGod!" she squealed, almost unable to believe that it was actually one of the band members talking to them.

He held out his hand when he was close enough, a huge goofy smile on his face. He didn't seem to come across as either distant or unapproachable though, more like he was perfectly comfortable with who he was. "Hi there, name's Bolin."

"I'm Korra," she replied, before pointing to Jinora, "and she's very excited." The younger girl was almost unable to keep her nerves at bay with Bolin so close.

-"Alright, Korra and Very Excited, have you got a minute? Band would like to talk to you."

-"Canwegocanwegocanwego?!" Jinora squealed even louder, unable to keep her excitement in.

Korra just laughed. "Sure, though try and keep it down, you're acting like Ikki." They followed Bolin back to the field, wondering what was going to happen. He led them through the catacombs of AT&T Park, ultimately stopping before an unassuming door. "Well, meet the band," he said, throwing the door open.

Inside were the other three band members, all relaxing in various positions in the lounge.

Jinora almost fainted at the sight of them, something which put a smile on the lead singer's face. She was sitting in a lazy chair, a towel in her neck, feet comfortably propped up on the coffee table, sipping a beer. "Hmm, I chose well tonight. What's your name?"

"I'm Korra, this is Jinora."

She nodded and smiled. "Well, you've met Bolin. I'm Asami, that's Wan," she said, gesturing to the drummer, "and that's Bolin's brother, Stick," Asami finished, gesturing to the guitarist.

-"Asami, can you please drop the nickname? I've been asking you to do that since high school."

-"The stick is still there, though let's not go into details in front of the kids." Asami clapped her hands, standing up out of her chair. "Boys, would you all be angels and show Jinora around?"

They mumbled a few affirmative things, and when they said something about autographs, well, Jinora went completely goo-goo.

-"Easy one to please, isn't she?"

"Depends. If you're you, yes, if you're me, no."

It fell silent, which was kind of awkward. Not that Asami seemed to be bothered about it, she was still eyeing Korra up.

-"Alright, you have questions." No shit. "Shoot."

Korra shook her head. "Just one, really. Why am I here? 50.000 people in the stadium and you managed to pick the only one who is at best moderately enthusiastic about this whole thing."

At this, Asami raised an eyebrow. "You spent 50 dollars on a concert you don't care about?"

"I was bribed into chaperoning, and you're avoiding my question."

Asami just smiled. "You're my good luck-charm. Always try to find one in the audience, and you stood out tonight." She chuckled. "Normally, I give them a poster with an autograph, but you're not like the typical star-struck idiots I normally pick."

Korra chuckled too. "Yeah, that would be Jinora. I'll take a poster for her, though."

She looked impressed while she walked over to the table with a marker and poster in her hand. "That's very altruistic of you. What are you to her?"

"Older sister. And no, I'm not from Pedro the Mexican gardener, I'm adopted."

-"I wasn't making any assumptions."

"Yes, you were."

-"Alright, maybe a few."

Asami was done with the poster, rolled it up, and wrapped an elastic band around it. "You know, you could have just asked me for a T-shirt with an autograph and put it on eBay."

"Don't care about 50 bucks that would make me, too much trouble. If you die from a heroin overdose, I'll try again, the value might be enough to pay off some student loans." Gee. Subtle. Since Asami didn't say anything, Korra kind of assumed they were done and made for the door.

-"You have some serious misgivings about me, don't you?"

Korra stopped in her tracks. "You have a cog tattooed on the base of your thumb and flames on your lower arm, neither of which indicate much good. I'll admit, you have a pretty good singing voice, but if we're really honest here, the only difference between you and me is that you had a lucky break."

Asami only smiled at her bluntness, even though Korra was kind of expecting her to call security and throw her out. "How old are you, Korra?"

"I'm 21."

-"Do you have a job?" the singer asked.

"Excuse me?"

-"A job, do you have one?"

"No, why?"

-"Would you like one?"

This had Korra struck dumb. "Work? For you?"

-"I need a roadie," Asami shrugged. "Someone to help set up gigs, yell at techies who fuck up, that kind of thing. And you just demonstrated that you're not likely to take shit from anyone, so you might just be a very good candidate."

Korra honestly didn't know what to say. Most people would practically pounce at an opportunity like that. "Are you being serious here? I just called you a junkie and instead of throwing me out, you offer me a job?"

-"Sure, why not? I want someone who's not afraid to say it like they see it." Asami stood up from the chair she was leaning against. "Ooh, that reminds me... Kuvira! Get in here!"

After a few moments, a woman stuck her head around the door. "Yes?"

-"You're fired."

Unsurprisingly, she was totally flabbergasted. "What?"

-"I said 'you're fired'," Asami repeated. "There's the door," she gestured, and with a dazed expression on her face, Kuvira left. "Looks like there's an opening," Asami smirked to Korra.

"You fired her just like that?"

-"She wasn't doing her job. We had her with us in Seattle, Portland, and Sacramento, and every time I had to do most of the work myself. So what do you say? Job's yours if you want it."

"I... I can't just quit college for this. I want to finish my study."

-"And you can. You take a sabbatical for a few months, and when you're done, you'll have more than enough money to pay off your student loans. I'll even write you a letter of recommendation if you want one."

"Not sure how much the word of a musician is gonna be worth for someone looking for work in Political Science."

At this, Asami burst out laughing. "You're a PoliSci major?" Korra nodded, suddenly having the sinking feeling that she was going to be the target of a lot of bad puns. "Yeah, you can take a few months off, they won't miss you." To say that her tone was condescending would be an understatement.

"I'll think about it," Korra said, trying to get out of this conversation.

Asami nodded. "Fair enough, but you better think quickly. We leave Tuesday morning, but I want my answer on Monday."

"Okay. Can I go now?"

-"Sure, I don't have a gun to your head. I'll help you find your sister."

It wasn't long before they spotted the group, with Stick playing some tunes for them on the guitar, and Jinora giddy as a schoolgirl. Makes sense really, since she IS a schoolgirl.

"Come on, Jinny, time to go."

-"Do we have to? These guys are really cool!"

"I'm sure they are, but we already stayed longer than we were supposed to and I want to go home."

-"Alright..." Jinora sulked, and she reluctantly said her goodbyes to the band. (After getting Asami to sign her Fire Ferrets shirt last of all, a complete-the-set kind of thing.)

During the car ride home, she still was able to barely get over how excited she was. "And he was so cool! Bolin, he told me about when they were just a garage band, and that Wan joined in... Don't really get why Asami insists on calling Mako 'Stick', though, he was pretty cool as well. Little stiff, but holy crap were we lucky! We just got to go backstage..."

Again, Korra decided it would be best to let her rant on, not in the least because Asami's offer was ringing in her head.

Even when she got home, she didn't really have a solid idea as to what she was going to do, and she wasn't any further when she woke up the next day.

She was woken up by Naga pressing her nose against her face. "GAH! Down girl! Christ, ever heard of a rude awakening? Why does your nose have to be so cold?" Naga backed off, sitting down and lowering her head.

Korra looked around the room, seeing the poster Asami gave her last night lying on her desk. Since she was already awake, she scratched Naga behind the ear a few times. "You wouldn't know what to do either, would you, girl?" She barked once, and Korra smiled. "Yeah, I know." Look at you. Asking for advice from a dog, how low can you go?

On Monday morning, Korra had her normal classes, but unlike a normal caffeine-fueled Monday morning, she could swear this one had her hallucinating. Sitting on a wall in front of her building was Asami, though now wearing a pair of loose jeans and very big sunglasses to hide her identity.

-"Got a minute?"

"You don't give up, do you?"

-"You haven't given me an answer yet, but I figured it might be a little difficult for you to do so when you can't get past security." She pulled a card from her back pocket and handed it to Korra. "All-access pass. It'll get you backstage tonight."

"What if I just sell this in the cafeteria?"

-"Then I know you weren't serious about the offer. Short term gain, long term loss." Asami rummaged around in her backpack and pulled out a folder. "This is the contract. You travel with us in the touring car from place to place for the next four months, you get paid a fixed percentage of what each band member makes. 50 percent of what we make per concert." She let it fall silent while Korra thumbed through the contract. "Clock's ticking, Korra. If you're not there after the show, we leave without you tomorrow."

After this, Asami walked off again, and it only had Korra doubting even more. The money was a big plus, that much was certain, but it would mean leaving her home behind, the home she had worked so carefully to construct.

Coming here from Alaska was a big step for her, and her parents had had the sense to include her in the decision-making process. Part of it did really help her, since she was no longer feeling suicidal. She never truly attempted it, but at various points, she had come close. One day when her father caught her with a kitchen knife in her room, doubting about slitting her wrists or not, he decided something needed to change.

Tenzin and Pema were old family friends, and now she would have to choose between leaving them behind and going with these people she knew nothing about, or staying here in the safety of the Bay Area.

Korra went home soon after Asami left, since she didn't have any other classes anyway.

-"You've been awfully quiet, even by your standards," Pema offered up when she came into Korra's room with a cup of tea after dinner. "Is there something wrong?"

Korra smiled, grateful for the tea. That's another thing to miss: Pema's cooking. "Well, not really. Kinda." She sighed, letting her head hang. "I've been offered to join the tour of the Fire Ferrets as a roadie. That singer, she seems very adamant to get me on board."

Pema stared at her incredulously. "You've been offered to join a touring band, and yet you're doubting?" She sat down next to her adopted daughter on the bed. "Korra, when I was your age, I would have killed for an offer like that. Why haven't you said yes yet?"

Korra sighed. "I don't know. I think... I don't want to leave everything behind that I built up here. I love all of you, and to lose it all just like that is something I definitely don't want."

-"You're in your comfort zone here, but that isn't a place you can grow. And you don't have worry about losing us, because we love you too. I know some of us had our doubts before you came to live with us, but you've become family since, and you always will be. Taking that offer does not mean you're going to forfeit us as your family. We will always be here for you."

Korra felt the tears in her eyes well up. "Do you really mean that?"

Pema smiled. "Of course I do, sweetheart." She pulled her adopted daughter into a tight hug. "Take the offer. Go beyond the city limits and see what life has to offer. If you don't like it, you can always come back."

"Thank you." Korra walked over to the desk, where she had put the contract. It was all there, everything Asami had promised, the payment, the requirements (even though those were few), and the rights she had (those were even fewer). With a sigh, she picked up a pen and signed it.

Getting into the backstage area was difficult, since the concert was still ongoing, but the combination of the contract and Asami's all-access pass was enough to get a guard to escort her to the side of the stage.

Here, Korra could see the band playing closer than anyone in the audience could, and they were pretty good. She enjoyed the view of Asami moving her hips, more than enough to satisfy her for what little remained of the show.

-"So you decided to come," the singer said with a smirk on face. "Looks like you each owe me 20 bucks, boys."

"I'm in," Korra said.

-"Great. Want a kiss to seal the deal?"

Korra playfully nudged her. "Screw you."

Asami chuckled. "That's the spirit. We leave tomorrow morning, 8 am sharp. IROH!" she called out, and a handsome man in his late thirties came walking out. "Yes?"

-"This is Korra, our new roadie. Remember her face, it would be a shame for security not to let her in tomorrow."

He smiled, shaking Korra's hand. "Will do."

With this, she turned back to Asami. "So that's it, huh?" Korra asked, handing over the contract.

-"That's it," she said with a genuine smile. She took the contract, brushing past Korra's hand as she did so. For a moment there, they stared right into each other's eyes, and the rest of the world just melted away.

In the end, Asami was the one to regain her composure first, putting her typical smirk back on her face. "See you tomorrow, Korra." She walked off, and Korra could swear she was putting a little bit more sway in her step than usual.

Because of all this, she missed that Bolin pulled his brother in close. "Bet you 100 bucks those two will have had sex together before we hit Austin."

-"You're on, Bro."

Korra was frantically packing that night, worried that she'd forget something. Pema was both very happy for Korra and very sad that her surrogate daughter would be going away from them for four months. Tenzin was too, but he would never show it. Jinora had gone green with envy, and while she had said Korra goodbye, she did say that it wasn't fair and that she wanted to be the one to go on tour.

Because all the kids had to go to school, Tenzin and Pema decided to drop Korra off together. Despite his calm demeanor, Korra was surprised by the fact that it was Tenzin who gave her the tightest hug, outside of AT&T Park.

-"Be careful out there, Korra," he said.

"Of course," she mumbled into his shoulder. "I'm gonna miss you, Tenzin."

Pema was next, already planning on making a big goodbye. "What he said. Have fun, but don't make it too crazy, okay?" she smiled through her tears.

"Thanks, Pema." With that, Korra was on her way to the touring car, where the band was loading up as well. She turned around one more time to wave and then focused on the job at hand.

Iroh took her bag, carrying it inside, before Asami came walking up to her. "I know it's not exactly Ed Force One, but it does the trick. Ready for this, kid?"

Korra nodded. "Never been below the Bay, so I'm scared beyond belief, but I think so. And don't call me 'kid'. Makes you sound old."

Asami smiled and took her hand, nudging her towards the bus. "Well," Asami said, ushering Korra inside, "on to new adventures."

If you want to read a story like this, I recommend Scars of a Façade, a Frozen story that actually moves beyond the point I left it here. As for this one, I'm gonna leave it here. If anyone is interested in making a full story out of this, contact me.

On a side note, Asami's 'arm flames' tattoo was inspired by Woods from CoD Black Ops. That's all for now folks, take care.

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