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Footprints in the Sand
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This story takes place in the mountains near Republic City, during the time of Avatar Korra. It is a suspenseful tale full of adventure, romance, and a lot of bending. Thank you for taking the time to read. Please comment and tell me if I can do anything to make the story more enjoyable for the reader. Thank you again. Enjoy.


Azani, Lovina, Anesis, April, Moby, Caroline, and Milo

Chapter One: Painful Memories

The sunset is so outrageously beautiful on the mountains. Far, far in the distance, the orange sun sinks down to meet the horizon. The yellow glow around it fades and mixes with the clouds, turning them pink. The sky is a light blue, but fades ever so slowly into a darker night color. Being here is one of the only things I can think of that I still really enjoy. Nothing intrudes on me as I sit and watch the sun fade into darkness. This is such a special time to me, because every day this reminds me of the last few minutes with my parents.

Those minutes were so light, so sweet. I can remember sharing delicious cake with my mother as we watched the sun setting. I remember how hard she worked so she could buy the cake just for us to share. I remember how my father sat with us, talking about the good old days, and telling long, detailed stories about his childhood. I remember everything like it was yesterday...although it wasn't. It was years ago, yet the memories are still so crisp.

I can also remember the man that took all of that away from us. I can remember him so clearly. He had a disguise...he had a mask.


Azani stands beside the water. She feels so awkward immersing herself in her own element's opposite. She takes a step forward, dips her toe in the water, and feels a chill race up her spine. She scoots back, and stands there.

"Cannonball!" Anesis screams. She races off the ledge over the water and makes a giant cannonball. The water splashes all over Azani, who shrieks.

"Ugh!" Azani grunts, shaking herself off. "Can't you be the least bit considerate? You know I hate swimming." Anesis giggles and laughs.

Lovina stands at the top of the ledge now. Azani carefully steps far from the lake in caution. But Lovina is the more graceful type, and takes an elegant swan-dive into the lake. She comes up a minute later and grins. "How was that?" she asks.

"Wonderful, just wonderful," Azani rolls her eyes. "I still haven't gotten in the water yet."

"Come on, Azani. You're the big, strong, manly one. Can't you just take a tiny dip in the lake? How bad can that be?" Anesis jokes, holding back a grin. She bites her tongue.

"Ha-ha," Azani glares at Anesis. Lovina scowls.

"Don't be so mean," Lovina says. She swims to the bank and climbs out beside Azani. "It's alright to be worried. This is a giant pool of your opposite, so I can understand why you'd be—"

"I'm not afraid! I'm just...uncomfortable," Azani admits, scratching her head.

"Then just try it," Lovina coaxes. Azani looks at her. Lovina smiles encouragingly.

"Fine, whatever. I'll do it." Azani climbs up the hill to the ledge over the lake. Lovina follows.

"You can just walk in. You don't have to jump right into—"

"I'm jumping into it!" Azani snaps.

"Okay, okay..." Lovina says, backing up.

Azani peers over the ledge, quavering a bit. She fights back the fear, and swallows hard. She's a fighter, not a crybaby! She's going to fight this dang lake if it means she has to jump in a hundred times, she's not going to let fear conquer, not ever again. She backs up, takes a deep breath, and the runs full speed. Before she knows it, she's midair. She feels the wind pierce her skin. The cool air is refreshing. She descends, falling, falling, falling...

Splash! She crashes into the water like a bullet. She sinks lower and lower, and feels the icy cold water jab at her like needles. She wants to scream and run and escape, but no. She vowed the day that man took her parents away from her that she would never be afraid again. She swims up to the surface, and gasps in the air. The water's temperature begins to adjust on her skin. The shock fades away.

"So, ready to get out, scaredy-pants?" Anesis jokes, splashing Azani with water.

"Did you forget that I am a firebender? I could burn you to death in your sleep," Azani says, grinning evilly. Anesis gulps. "You wouldn't even have time to scream."

", well, I—look, Azani, what I meant was that today is opposite day and that you are so amazing and totally not a scaredy-pants. He-he..." Anesis stutters.

"I'm kidding, Anesis. I'd never do that, even though you're a pretty big jerk," Azani says.

"Whew—I was a little worried," Anesis says.

The three swim around for a while, and Azani finds she is actually okay with being in water. After about half an hour, Azani climbs out and begins to towel off. She squeezes her sopping ponytail and looks around. The forest setting encloses her, and she feels so at-home. Lovina walks and sits down beside her.

"I'm really proud of you, ya know," Lovina says. "You conquered a fear today."

"It was not a fear. I was just antsy," Azani argues, looking away indignantly.

"It's okay to be afraid sometimes," Lovina says. "Fear is a natural thing. Don't push it all away, let people help you with it." She pats Azani on the back. "You are a very strong person, Azani. Never forget that. Fear can be healthy sometimes. Bravery is great, but pretending fear doesn't exist is silly. I'm here for you, always."

Azani looks at Lovina. Usually, she is the quiet, strong, willful type. She is also very fiery, persistent, and stubborn. All of these traits make Azani who she is. She's never really had time for fear. She always takes care of others, and spends most of her time alone, hunting. She keeps her family's bellies full, and protects them at all costs. Whenever she feels fear, she pushes it away, because when you live in a world like Azani's, there is no room for fear.

"Thank you," Azani whispers. She hugs Lovina. Anesis climbs out of the lake and shakes herself off. She grins, looking like she is about to say a smart remark, but bites her tongue again. She can see Lovina is trying to make a breakthrough with Azani. Even Anesis knows when it is time for the jokes and when it isn't.

"Well, we better get moving if we want to get home before dark. It's pretty far uphill," Anesis says, trying to sound nonchalant. Lovina nods, and stands. She presses her fists together quickly and air blows her dry. Being an airbender, you dry off quick. The three begin trekking up the hill, through the forest towards their mountainous home.

Later that night, after everyone has eaten, Azani climbs into her bed, and opens a book. This book has been secret to only her for as long as she can remember. No one knows about one at all. She usually draws illustrations of poisonous plants, or dangerous animals, or diagrams of parts of a prey's body in it. She consults it whenever she needs wisdom in the forest. This book was originally created by her father, because he was an adventurous man. But after he died, Azani took it for herself and added many more illustrations. But, today, Azani isn't drawing a diagram or a plant or an animal.

She is drawing a picture she's been pushing out of her memory for a long time. She lets her pencil glide across the page. She remembers every detail, every edge, line, and speck. The image is ingrained in her soul. She's been holding on to it for far too long. She looks down at the page once she's done.

There...on the paper... is a picture of her parents' killer.

Afterward for Chapter One

Thank you very much for reading. If you enoyed the first chapter, please comment and give suggestions. Also, I take character ideas. If you think of a good character for this fanon, you are free to message me or The Liquidbender about it. I've had a lot of fun writing this fanon and I have a good feeling about it. Please, tell your friends and allies. And thank you for time. xoxo, Ty Lee's Sis Ty Lee sprite

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