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Fong is a character in Avatar: Energy Saga. He is also canon. Fong is a member of the Council of Five and thus one of the highest-ranking military men of the Earth Kingdom. During the war against the Fire Nation he attempted to put Avatar Aang into the Avatar State so that he could lead an invasion and kill the Fire Lord when his power was at its strongest. Following the war, Fong was promoted to the Council of Five for his distinctive service record. He was one of the more moderate members of the council, and butted heads with Tyro on many occasions.


Hundred Year War

General Fong eventually became the commanding officer of a small fortress located in the Southwestern Earth Kingdom. After Aang learned waterbending at the North Pole, he stopped at this fortress on his way to learn earthbending from King Bumi. At this point, Fong persuaded Aang to attempt to trigger the Avatar State to defeat the Fire Lord as an alternative to learning the elements one at a time. As time went by, Aang had second thoughts about the plan. But Fong would not back out of what he saw as the right opportunity so easily. He ordered his soldiers to attack Aang in order to force him into the Avatar State. After he pretended to kill Katara in front of him, Aang went into the Avatar State and laid waste to Fong's soldiers and his base. At this point, Aang and his friends left Fong's base in disgust.

Later in the war, Fong's base was the planned starting point of the Invasion of the Fire Nation on the Day of Black Sun. This plan did not come to pass.


Despite his incident with Aang, Fong remained a respected member of the Earth Kingdom Army and was promoted to the Council of Five shortly after one of the older generals retired and a vacancy was available. He was one of the more moderate members of the council. He supported assisting the Fire Nation and Fire Lord Zuko when the time came. However, some of his methods were controversial – as he was a firm believer that the ends justified the means.

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