By Dennis Fielder Part of the Avatar: The Last Airbender: Book 4: Air continuity.
Foggy Swamp
Foggy Swamp
Physical information

Southwestern Earth Kingdom

The Foggy Swamp as it appears in Dennis Fielder's fanon.


Avatar: The Last Airbender: Book 4: Air

Return to the Swamp

Team Avatar ends up in the swamp again and sees various hallucinations again before regrouping. It's also revealed by Huu that Ursa was there six years ago on her way to Gaoling when she heard Zuko's voice until Huu explained the swamp to her, after which, he gave her a ride out of the swamp.

Hallucinations in the Swamp


Ursa's departure

Ursa as she appears to Zuko in the Swamp.

Ursa appears to Zuko a short time after Team Avatar crashes into the swamp, obviously due to the fact that Zuko's search for his mother would keep Ursa in the forefront of his mind.


Malu appears in the swamp to Aang, blaming him for the massacre of the Air Nomads, signifying how she'll appear soon afterwards in Aang's life.


Azula appears to Mai in the swamp, shouting at her for Mai's betrayal of her at the Boiling Rock, implying that Mai may feel guilty about betraying her friend.



Katara's second hallucination of Kya.

Kya appears to Katara in the swamp as Katara rushes to her, not caring if she was a hallucination or not, just wanting to speak to her again. This leads to the regrouping of Team Avatar.

Behind the Scenes

The swamp was used mainly as a way to have several foreshadowings for later chapters, such as Azula being free and Malu attacking Aang. It also served as a way to bring Kya in for a guest appearance.


  • Avatar: The Last Airbender: Book 4: Air
    • Return to the Swamp
  • The Life and Journeys of Ursa

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