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Foggy Mystery
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2 October 2014

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Chapter 5: Kyoshi Island

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Chapter 6: Foggy Mystery

"Thank you a lot, leader."

"It's always a pleasure for us to serve our guests, unlike our enemies at Chin Village."

"What's that Chin Village? I never heard of..."

Pathik was interrupted by the voice of an excited Lunia running towards him. "Pathik! Look what I bought from the market here!"

He gazed upon her, she was a very beautiful lady, and that necklace she just bought made here even more gorgeous.

"What do you think?"

"You look amazing, Lunia."

"You surely do, it's crafted by the finest crafters in the Earth Kingdom, though not the most popular..." Their special moment was disturbed by the leader, who didn't quite understand these things. He sure was a very kind and welcoming man, but he was single and kind of naive towards romance. Pathik and Lunia have both learnt that during their 3-day stay at Kyoshi Island, so they both blushed a little and laughed.

"So you said your next destination was Omashu?" said the leader, breaking the awkward silence.

"Yes indeed it is."

The leader pulled a map out of his pocket, and scrolled it open to the eyes of Pathik and Lunia. "This is a map of the southern Earth Kingdom, as you can see, the most important city here is Omashu, you should find a way there using this map. Good luck."

"Thank you a lot mister, you've been truly kind to us," said Lunia.

"Our sailors will ship you to a small bay skipping Chin Village. You can start your trip there. Trust me, you should never visit Chin Village and tell them you came from Kyoshi. See you!"

Before Pathik could ask, Lunia grabbed him and ran towards the boat. She was so excited she's finally exploring somewhere else than her boring homeland. As an added bonus, she finally found someone who truly loves her, and she loved him back. It was Pathik.

It has been three days. Pathik must have somehow defeated him and took my sister, and my book. There is one thing left to do, I have to use my power. He stopped thinking. He took a deep breath, and said out loud: "It is time. Lu of the Southern Water Tribe, son of the mighty Chief Luni, should use his powers. It is time for me to take over that Fire Nation man." He opened his eyes, stood up from his meditation stance in the dark room lit solely by the two candles, and opened the door. He walked outside, and slammed the door shut, causing the two candle lights to fade away.

Lu went outside of his home, walked steadily in town, with great fury buried inside his calm looks. It was very late in the night, everyone was asleep. He reached the big house of the chief, and knocked on the door. The chief immediately allowed him to enter and told all of the servants to go away. The chief, who looked similar to Lu, perhaps a bit younger version of him, was afraid. You could feel it in his eyes.

"What brought you here in a time like this?"

"Chief. I want a whole force and a fleet, under my command."

"Lu! Do you realize how much doubts would this make around us?"

"Us!? Don't you forget how you become chief here, don't you forget to whom do you owe this. If someone dug into this story... You're the only loser," Lu paused, then continued, "Chief, I want a whole force and a fleet, under my command, to track down a traitor of the Water Tribe, Pathik, who stole a book from our library, kidnapped my sister, and headed to Kyoshi Island."

The chief held his breath for a moment, then finally said, "Your fleet headed to Kyoshi Island will be ready tomorrow morning, Lu." He smiled. The chief was very saddened. Lu exited the place in confidence, regaining a bit of happiness, back towards his house. "I will find you, Pathik, and I will kill you," he muttered. The chief looked with his eyes and mouth wide open, as Lu walked away. A teardrop fell down his eye, he closed the door slowly, and went back to sleep.

Night has also fell upon Lunia and Pathik, who have pulled out their sleeping bags and set camp on an uninhabited rocky plain somewhere south of Omashu. They both wished each other a good night, and fell asleep before a long travelling day.

The sun rose as a new day began in the Southern Water Tribe, where a fleet was already waiting for their commander at the harbor. Here he comes, Lu the librarian, now better known as the commander among the force, has arrived. "Set sail! We should arrive as soon as possible to Kyoshi Island to find that traitor. Maximum speed on all five ships!"

Meanwhile in Zhu Fao, the Fire Nation colony, Ton Rha who was accompanied by Bu Jing and Lee, was in the market, looking for a picture of the Fire Lord to put in his ship. He finally found one in a small stall. "How much for this one?"

"Three silver pieces, sir."

"What!? Three silver pieces!? Back in the mainland I could get this for five bronze pieces!"

"I am sorry sir, but this is the price here."

"Who do you think you are?" Ton Rha pulled his sword out of his belt, and broke a jar that was up for sale at the stall. The man at the stall tried to fight back, but Bu Jing whipped him to the ground. Lee took the picture of the Fire Lord and handed it to captain Ton Rha, who nodded his head as a thank you. A tall man who wore Fire Nation armor walked by, and the stall owner immediately cried and begged him for help.

"What do you think you're doing, captain?"

"Who are you?"

"I am Shiro, governor of Zhu Fao. This man is a citizen of mine and you have just hurt him. You should be punished, the law is applied on everyone, even a Fire Nation captain."

"And what is my punishment, mister governor?" Ton Rha said sarcastically.

"THIS!" Shiro pulled Dual Dao swords out of his belt and started fighting Ton Rha. Ton Rha fought back using his sword angrily, until he finally made a scratch on his opponent's shoulder, but soon Shiro hit back and made parallel scratches on Ton Rha's chest using both of his swords. Lee attacked Shiro using his spear, but a muscular man with no weapon pushed him away, Bu Jing helped his friend and whipped that guy, then wrapped the whip around his leg and pulled him back, making him fall to his face. Shiro caught Ton Rha's sword and knocked the sword away, but Ton Rha didn't freak out, he instead ran towards Shiro, escaping the swords, he grabbed both of Shiro's arms and pushed them down, and gave him a headbutt in the face, making him fall down. Ton Rha grabbed one of the Dual Dao swords and stabbed Shiro. About ten men were running towards the fight to help their governor, but when they found him wounded, they all dropped their weapons and raised their hands, retreating to Ton Rha.

"Listen carefully people of Zhu Fao! This governor's reign is over! I will make sure he stays alive as a prisoner, but from now on, I am your new governor, Ton Rha!"

People in the market looked at Ton Rha weirdly, but after they noticed he defeated their old governor, they all hailed him and accepted him as the new governor. "Zhu Fao will become a Fire Nation fortress in the Earth Kingdom! We should serve the Fire Lord as much as we can, and that starts by making our colony an economical center. I will help you all make more money by trading with the Earth Kingdom. That way we also support Fire Nation products."

Everyone picked up their belongings and continued their regular day, people needed money, and they had to work. This new governor, Ton Rha, has given them hope: improving the economy. "Nice work, captain," exclaimed Bu Jing.

"Call me governor here. But you can still call me captain at the ship." He winked at him, "You've done a good job."

Bu Jing and Lee took Shiro to someone in town who could heal him, while Ton Rha pulled a small sack filled with money from Shiro's pocket, and threw it to the stall owner. "Sorry for the trouble." The man opened the sack and found twenty gold pieces. He screamed: "Thank you Governor Ton Rha!!!!"

On the way to Omashu, Lunia and Pathik were chatting, when the former suddenly stopped walking and talking. She felt something grab her leg, then it suddenly started pulling her. "Pathik!" she screamed. He ran towards her, it was some kind of a tree root or a wild plant that was grabbing her, and soon, he started seeing that the whole ground is made of those roots. He kept chasing, until he himself was also caught by a similar root and they were separated.

"Oh Yashi! You've done it again."

"He really looked like something edible."

"We can't keep frightening travelers like this man."

Pathik was hearing those voices, when he opened his eyes, still seeing blurry, but then he rubbed his eyes and that's what was in front of him: Two men covered in big leaves, blaming each other. "Excuse me, where am I?" asked Pathik.

"You're in the best swamp in the world, and you're also lying next to the original tree! The living creature that connects the whole world."

"The whole world?"

Pathik was in the Foggy Swamp, a place he has never heard of before. He sat with the two men and they taught him about their beliefs. He learned how the tree connects everything together, and as well the reason they caught him: They thought he was food. They also had a nice little chat, where Pathik told them about Lunia.

"So since we have a connection, I could find her through this big root?"

Yashi gave him a nod and a smile. Pathik stood up, put his hand on the tree root and closed his eyes. He felt warmth crawling up his body, then opened his eyes and said: "I know where she is."

He started racing through the swamp, making sure he doesn't harm any plants on the way, and the foggy swamp tribe waterbenders followed suit. He then reached a dimly lit area where the only sky he could see was of branches, and the only land he could feel was of shallow water. But on a certain branch, there was Lunia, stuck to the branch with a strange kind of honey. Pathik climbed the tree to free her, but as soon as he reached the branch, a swarm of giant bees attacked. Lunia was of course happy to see him, but she was very worried about his fight with the bees, and her worries were not untrue. Pathik couldn't stand up for the bees, but his waterbending friends helped.

The two foggy swamp tribe men started whipping the bees with the swamp water. They also bent plants to capture one bee, where Yashi said: "Alright! Dinner!" Pathik could free Lunia out of the sticky honey, and he descended the tree using a wave the other man has made. Yashi killed the bee and took it, and the four of them ran back towards the original tree. All of them were delighted with their findings. They all gathered around a nice campfire and had another nice chat, but Pathik and Lunia had to apologize and leave, their way to Omashu was quite a bit long and tiring, so they felt they should get moving.

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