By AcerEvan Part of the Avatar: Parody continuity.
Foaming mouth guy
Foaming Mouth Guy (A:P)
Biographical information



Earth Kingdom

Birth place

Kyoshi Island


Kyoshi Island, West Coast




77 AG


157 AG

Physical description


Hair color


Eye color


Personal information
Weapon of choice


Bending style(s)





Suki (ex-girlfriend)


Team Avatar, Oyaji, Suki, Koko


Fire Nation

Chronological and political information
  • Cheerleader (9 years old - 16 years old)
  • Kyoshi Island Villager (14 years old - 20 years old)
  • Avatar (23 years old - death)
  • Kyoshi Island governor (20 years old - death)

Kyoshi Island

Foaming mouth guy is the main protagonist in Avatar: Parody series. As the first foambender in the world and the next Avatar after Aang, he must mastered all-four elements. But, he couldn't. He was the chosen guy for the next Avatar by Iroh. He just bend the most-special bending skill in the world, foambending. He eventually be the Kyoshi Island Governor since Oyaji retired from his job.


Long ago, at 77 AG, a lucky couple had a child, that they named Ikus. They cared the little boy very patient, with love and so many advice. Ikus grew onto a big strong child, until he reach his 9 years birthday. At his 9 birthday, he eventually joined the Kyoshi Cheerleader team at the island. Suki, still a year old, was fall in love at him, when Isuk play his role at the cheerleader team. He be the leader at 10, and be the coach at 16.

While he reach 16, he starts to get a sickness, that make him foaming while he shocked and joyful. He kicked out from the cheerleader team, and then he starts to be alone since his parents are going to Ba Sing Se for get a better life. Suki, the leader of Kyoshi Warrior suddenly get "in-love" to him, as the cupid shot her and Isuk together.

Suddenly, while the current Avatar, Aang arrived at his home sweet home, Isuk get his sick relapsed. He be the "foaming mouth guy" in the Aang's story. But, the true story isn't explained at all. But, the "effect" of the cupid isn't useful like Isuk's request, as Suki fall in-true love while kiss Sokka for the second time in Serpent Pass. After Aang won the war, Isuk eventually be the next elected Avatar, selected by Iroh. Aang and he works together, though, they never met again. The most powerful Avatar, Isuk eventually died while Iroh founds the new Avatar, Ruksi in Republic City.

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