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Fanon:The Headquarters Part 1

Azula and Shiungi went to ask the richest family in the entire city for money, the Bei Fongs. They would use the money to take a ferry to the Southern Water Tribe. Many people told them that the Bei Fong family were greedy and never lent money to anyone. However, they still went on to try.

Azula burst in to the Bei Fong's livingroom. At the living room, Aang, Katara, Toph, and Toph's parents were sitting and having dinner. Katara jumped out and froze Azula. She only left a small part of her mouth unfrozen. Toph exclaimed, "You better have a reason for busting into my livingroom like this!" Azula responded, "Let me explain, a escaped from the Mental Facility with the help of a waterbender named Hama, becuase I overheard a rebel guard group was boarding a ship from the Southern Water Tribe to reach Zuko and then kidnapp him." "Azula, there is no way possible that we can believe you or your insane story." "It's true, then I met an old lady named Shiungi who's son is one of Zuko's royal guards." "It's true, Azula had made ammends, everything is true. Azula also battled a rebel named Inda who is probably after us. Now we saw the Southern Water Tribe getting invaded by the rebel organization, it's all true!" said Shiungi. They all agreed that an old lady like Shiungi would not lie so they set off. They flew on Appa to the direction of which Azula and Shiungi witnessed being "invaded".

When they arrived, they were all surprised to see that it was not the Southern Water Tribe! It was an island named Zu Singe. Towards the entrance of the island was a large wall that resembled much to the Ba Sing Se Wall. On the side of the tall wall was a banner which had a large Savior emblem in the middle. Azula and Shiungi were correct about there being tanks and trucks however. Hundreds of tank battalions were lined up towards the coast of the island. Trucks entranced and excited the wall through a small tunnel at the bottom. Appa flew to higher altitude over the wall and they were all not visible. But once flying over the wall, they were able to see a headquarters/fortress inside. It was surrounded by a volcano. Around the large volcano, dozens and dozens of airship fleets were found.

Katara, noticed something familiar about the island. She felt like she had already been to this island. Katara knew the island, it was Whale Tail Island, the former headquarters of the Southern Raiders.

Suddenly, the group noticed a ship porting onto a dock. It was loaded with prisoners. Two of the prisoners, were Mai and Ty Lee! Team Avatar would now have to enter the fortress/HQ. What made it worse, was that Dai Li Agents were seen guarding the entrance tunnel. Long Feng was also seen inside the wall entering the fortress/headquarters.

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