Kuruk By ParadoxGuitar8 Part of the Kuruk's Redemption continuity.
Guard spirits chapter 3
Flying Guard Spirits
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Chapter 3: The Spirit World - Kuruk's Redemption


The Flying Guard Spirits take residence in the Spirit World. Not much is known about them. They attacked Avatar Kuruk when he attempted to take a seemingly unguarded scroll on a tree stump in the Spirit World. As Kuruk tried to escape he was awakened from the Spirit World where the spirits followed him and were taken out by his bending.


The spirits resemble an octopus in physical shape. They have a large brown head with one, black eye. Markings are inscribed on the head that read "Guard". The Tentacles are more of a blue/purple color with coin like objects at the bottom. Each coin has a marking engraved on it meaning "Defend". They are about the size of a human, yet some are smaller or larger.


The Flying Guard spirits have the ability to levitate/float and to fly at a fast speed. They also have the ability to use their tentacles to constrict and suffocate their target.


These spirits are not able to be seen until they decide to attack. They dedicate their being to guarding things of importance in the Spirit World. If the item is stolen, they appear and will attack the offender with vigorous tenacity.


  • Chapter 3: The Spirit World - Kuruk's Redemption

- Avatar Kuruk attempts to take a scroll and they begin to attack him.

  • Chapter 4: Interruption - Kuruk's Redemption

- They follow Avatar Kuruk into the regular world and attack him and Sokin, but are defeated.

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