Flood Damage
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November 6, 2009

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Flood Damage is the thirteenth chapter of Avatar: Guardian.


During the night, Team Avatar is attacked by the Aqua Assaulters, making Aang feel confused about his job as the Avatar and wonder if he was actually doing the right thing


Aang lay on his back in the grass, thinking about the recent battle, the rebellions, his job as the Avatar and his Egg custard tart. Katara joined him.

"What's wrong?" she asked, clearly worried about Aang.

"Nothing, I just can't sleep."

There was a moment of silence, but then Katara smiled.

"Hey, don't worry. Everything will be alright in the end."

When Aang didn't respond, she bent over and tried to kiss him. But suddenly, Aang grabbed her and pulled her away.

"Watch out!"

A couple of ice spikes flew at the place where Katara's head was seconds ago, pinning themselves in the nearby tree.

The Fight Begins

"Where did those come from?" Aang looked around. How come he or Toph hadn't sensed anything? Aang and Katara ran back to the camp, there friends still in deep sleep, except for Sokka.

"Hey, what were you guys doing out there?"

"Not now, Sokka" Katara responded, "we're being attacked!"

"What?! Again?!" Sokka screamed out in terror as a deep rumble came from Toph's tent.

"How come I didn't sense them?" she said.

"Because they're not on land". Aang pointed at the nearby lake, where a thick fog was hanging over.

Zuko came out of his tent, still sleepy. "Hey guys, what's the matter. I -"

Suddenly, a large water whip came from the fog, grabbing Zuko by his ankle and pulling him in before anyone of the Team could respond. Katara screamed as Aang and Sokka hurried to the lake, Katara and Toph following.

"Well?" Sokka asked.

"I still can't sense them." Toph said.

"They have to be under water. Stay here." Aang said, taking a deep breath with airbending and diving into the icy water.

Mean while, a small tentacle rose out of the water, grabbing Toph's leg and pulling her into the water.

"Help, I still can't swim! Help!" Then, Toph was pulled underwater. Katara immediately jumped in, a bit later followed by Sokka when he realized he was left behind.

Meanwhile, Aang had retrieved Zuko after defeating the Aqua Assaulter who had captured him. He then saw Katara, and Sokka who was holding an unconscious Toph. And Katara was signing that they had to go up. He then bent an earth pillar, raising them out of the water.

The Team all coughed up water for a moment when they rose out of the water, except for Toph, who was still unconscious. Aang bended the fog away as Katara started to heal Toph.

"How is she doing?" Zuko asked.

"I don't know, there is a lot of water in her."

Suddenly, all the hiding Aqua Assaulters rose up from the water, many of them already attacking with various forms of water whips and ice spikes.

"Leave her!" Aang yelled, while deflecting some attacks with his staff. "First, handle these guys."

Katara stood up, bending some water. "Okay, I'll - Aaah!"

An ice spike pierced Katara's shoulder as she fell on the ground. "Katara!" Aang screamed.

Katara stood up, holding her injured shoulder and melting the ice spike. "It's okay, Aang," she said while healing the wound.

The four of them continued to deflect attacks, all defending the unconscious Toph in the middle.

"Aang! There's too many!" Sokka yelled while cutting a water whip in half, which immediately reformed and started to attack Katara.

Aang glanced down in despair. He knew this situation. This was just like in Ba Sing Se during the War. And then, he would have died if Katara wasn't there.

"No, not this time," he said, the voices of all past Avatars speaking with him as his tattoos began to glow.

The Aqua Assaulters now all focused their attacks on Aang, who simply blew them away. The Aqua Assaulters decided to form a massive wave and sent the wave crashing towards Aang. With his tattoos still glowing, Aang propelled himself forward into the wave, sending the wave crashing back towards the Aqua Assaulters, who tried to no avail to hold it back. Katara and the rest of the Team shielded their eyes of the water, and now looked back to the battlefield, but not seeing Aang.

"Where's Aang?" Zuko said.

"There." Sokka answered.

He pointed to the border of the lake, where Aang was standing with a surviving Aqua Assaulter. Zuko picked up Toph and carefully walked the ice path Katara made. They saw Aang holding up the Assaulter, interrogating him. The man laughed and Aang punched him. The Team now was close enough to hear what they said.

"Once again: Why are you doing this!"

The man laughed. Aang punched him in the face, blood dripping from his fist.

"We are punishing them. The Fire Nation. Those who burned our homes, killed our sons, made slaves out of our daughters. They have to pay for their crimes, and anyone who gets in our way gets killed. Including you, Avatar."

Aang turned around and dropped the man. He stood up and was about to run away, when Aang turned back with a loud scream, blasting the man into a nearby tree with airbending.

Aang turned back, in the Avatar State once more, "Leave Now!" The waterbender ran away as fast as he could.

Aang turned back towards his friends as his tattoos faded back to the usual sky blue. Katara tried to comfort Aang, but he shrugged her off.

"Leave me alone, Katara. I... I need some time to think."

Aang picked up his glider and flew off, watched by his sad friends.

The waterbender ran up a hill and was thrust back by an ice spike driven through his chest. On the hill, two men, who had just watched the battle, were talking.

"You see, lord Mitros, savages. Nothing more than savages."

"I see" Mitros turned around. "Severe precautions must be taken now. I am already working on a solution to our numbers problem, but this Avatar issue must end." He began walking away, and Katas followed.


  • This is the first chapter to be written by someone other than The Bos.
  • This is the darkest chapter in the series.

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