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January 28, 2015

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End to All

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All I have done is for the better of us all. You may not know it yet but trust me. It is all for the better.

It happened all too fast. The arena erupted with screams and yells of agony and fear, the audience ran all over the stadium. Levy herself stood in awe of what was happening, the Avatar himself attacking the innocent that he was supposed to protect. She began to tremble before the madness that happened around her, only the distant voice of Remar pulled her back into the present.

"Levy! LEVY! HEY! C'mon we gotta get everyone out of here before kills them all!" He was picking up Katie now, and shouting at the Fire Ferrets to start getting everyone out. He threw Katie over his shoulder and began to direct people to the exit behind him.

Levy shook herself awake and focused her attention toward the on coming spirits. Drawing from the lake below the platform, she entered Northern Style Waterbending stance and performed various ice spikes to impale the foes. After taking out twenty different spirits, she noticed one key thing: no police force. Could this be happening all over the city? she frowned but quickly dropped it as another wave of spirits came.

Aryeh flew above the madness taking out multiple spirits while trying to make his way to the lone figure on the platform. Aryeh finally took out enough to make a quick dash to the platform, causing an air swipe upon landing.

Shai turned to see the old man who stood alone before him, "Well if anything I certainly must congratulate you on your bravery," he said, "but you think you alone could stand against me?" His eyes glowed red as he fire to project fire streams at Aryeh, who quickly jumped backward into the lake below.

The laughs from the madman could be heard as Aryeh fell, but he quickly recovered as he began to fly upward. Spirits followed him in close pursuit but shot out of the air by Levy below, "C'mon everyone's out!"

Remar directed the last person out, Katie moaned over his shoulder but quickly forgot about it. As his Uncle landed next to him, he shouted to the Fire Ferrets to go. "Let me take her Rem, I maybe light as air but I'm stronger than a hurricane," said Aryeh.

Moaning louder now, he handed Katie to him and helped Levy with fending off the spirits. Entering an airbender like stance, he began taking pot-shots of fire at the spirits. "It isn't worth it! There are too many Levy, let's go," he shouted, she locked eyes with him for only a moment then nodded. They turned and made a dash to the door with the others.

Katie awoke to the sound of a river and birds. Laying there with the pain in here chest gone, she pushed the strands of brown hair other her eye and sat up. Looking around, she realized the location she was in. Xai Bau's Grove. In the Spirit World.

Now frantic, she stood up quickly and searched for an exit, "No need for panic," a voice echoed, "I just wish to speak to you." A bright light appeared before her, revealing the most known spirit to man. Raava.

Taken by surprise, Katie just remained still with awe. The white spirit seemed so majestic, so calm, it was just the way the spirit of all goodness in the world should be represented. But that feeling of awe was soon interrupted by one question in her mind. What happened?

"I knew you would have many questions," Raava began, "but I'll tell you what happened. Shai, originally the current Avatar, was facing off against Vaatu when the unthinkable happened. Tempted by Vaatu's promises of power, he willingly allowed my spirit to be pulled from his to allow Vaatu to fuse with him."

She ended with a sigh of defeat, "I never wanted this to happen again, but here I am." Katie began to process the information and frowned, "Then why come to me? What is so special about me?" she puzzled. But Raava never answered that question as realization dawned her own face.

"I think you already know why Avatar."

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