Flaming Triangles
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Another passionate romantic story, taking place between Sozin's Comet, Part 4 and The Search. This explains the early stages in Aang and Katara's relationship, and an attempt by Zuko to ruin it tunes down their relationship. Will Katara be able to deal with the unfriendly rivalry?

Oh, and I really loved writing this. But it was sad how Aang's heavenly life with Katara is subject to change at the end, and I think I felt Aang's sadness. He was really upset.


Aang and Katara are sitting on a bench, seemingly laying at each other, very close, while staring at the ground.

"You know, Katara, this moon blossom sort of reminds me of you..." says Aang, blushing.

"Really?" asks Katara.

"Yeah. You both like the moon better, and you're both beautiful."

"Oh, Aang. That's sweet."

Katara lays her head at his shoulder, and he wraps his arms around her, whispering into her ear.

"Sweetie... I love you." he whispers.

He leans in at her, and she leans in as well, their lips coming in contact. Things were just like heaven for Aang. Not only he achieved world peace, the Harmony Restoration Movement is in works, and he gets to stay around Katara in the beautiful meadows, where they exchange kisses all day. Things were great.

But Zuko in the distance, was not so happy. He was staying up all night for his Fire Lord duties. He looks over the couple kissing in the distance, then turns to Sokka next to him.

"Aren't these love birds gonna let go each for a moment?!" yells out Zuko in agony.

"Eh. They've been together for a week now, like that," answers Sokka lazily.

"I mean, seriously, Aang is being distracted. I doubt he even remembers how to firebend anymore," inquires Zuko.

"Well, the world's at peace. He won't need it," answers Sokka, calmly.

"Well, not for long! The world is still in instability, and I doubt that means the peace will last forever. The colonies haven't fully departed." says Zuko in anger. "And besides, are you just gonna lay back there and watch your sister getting kissed all day?!"

"Eh. She's giving me oogies, but I'm too lazy to do anything about it at the moment." says Sokka. "And besides, are you jealous?!"

"Jealous?! No! I am just worried about Aang!"

"Or Jealous."

Zuko gives him another glare, then gets up, approaching Kataang, who are still kissing. He firebends, shooting a fire ball at them. Aang quickly reacts, pushing them both out of the way.

"Hey, what is your problem?!" yells out Aang.

"Eat fire!" yells Zuko, firebending at Aang. Aang twists his staff, providing an air current to stop the fire blast.

"You have no right to attack me and my girlfriend!" answers Aang, angrily. He gets up, helps Katara with him.

"This is distracting you, Aang!" yells Zuko, pointing at Aang. "And we haven't even finished your firebending training!"

"Calm down, you two!" answers Katara.

"So what, Zuko?! The war ended. The world is in peace now!" Aang growls.

"The world is still in an unstable phase!" he yells out in defense. Aang takes an Earthbending stance, levitating a boulder.

"Aang!" yells Katara, catching Aang's attention. She wraps her arms around him, calming him down. "I think Zuko's right. Maybe you two should continue your training..."

As if Azula struck Aang with lightning again, Aang is surprised. It can't be. He was in paradise moments ago, he shouldn't let Zuko move him away from Katara...

"I've trained enough!" says Aang. "Enough firebending!"

"No!" says Zuko. "There are 35 more Firebending techniques!"

"I'm a master, and I can prove it!"

"Fine! I challenge you to an Agni Kai!"

Aang is surprised, and Katara holds him back.

"You're on" says Aang, anger filling his eyes. At sunset, Katara and Aang return near the Fire Lord's Beach house. Zuko is already there, topless.

"Okay, Zuko, here I am!" says Aang, taking off his shirt.

"We'll start in a moment," Zuko says, angrily, before turning away.

"What is wrong with him?" asks Aang defiantly.

"It's okay. He's been in a lot lately" says Katara, playing her fingers against Aang's bare chest. "You're handsome when you're topless..."

"You too, sweetie," he says, leaning in at her. She leans in as well, and they begin kissing. Zuko returns, and sees them. He growls angrily, firebending at them. Aang quickly moves Katara aside.

"Zuko! Your fight is with me!" yells Aang.

"Alright, let's start," says Zuko, taking a stance.

Aang turns to Katara, who is staring at him. He smiles at her, but she displays an expression of shock. Aang immediately turns around, finding a fireball towards his direction. He quickly breaks the attack.

"Distracted!" yells Zuko.

Aang growls, taking a firebending stance. He quickly creates fire whips, swinging them at Zuko. Zuko grabs both whips.

"That's weak!" yells Zuko.

Zuko breaks the whips, running forward, and hurling fire daggers at Aang. Aang attempts to dodge them, but one of them hits him in the neck, and he falls backwards. He moans in pain. Katara runs towards him, and hugs him.

"Are you okay, sweetie?" Katara says.

"STAY OUT OF THIS!" yells Zuko, wielding fire whips. He swings them at Katara, who swiftly conjures an ice shield to dodge.

"He's hurt!" says Katara.

Zuko then runs, enveloping his fists with fire, and punching down the ice shield.

"Move!" yells Zuko, preparing to firebend at her.

A water whip quickly catches his fist. He turns, finding Aang, still on the floor, but with glowing eyes and tattoos.

"Don't you dare touch her!" he yells, the voice of the previous Avatars yelling with him.

Aang stomps the ground, creating an Earth fissure that sends Zuko flying backwards. Aang then fires another vortex of air at him, proceeding to hurling fire daggers at him. All of them hit Zuko hard, injuring him. Aang then leaps into the air, earthbending two large Earth Fists. The fists then proceed to pound down at Zuko.

"Never," the fists pound at Zuko again, "ever," the fists pound again. We zoom to Aang's angry face, "think," we hear the sound of pounding again, "of doing," another time, "that," another pounding noise, "EVER AGAIN!!" Aang breathes fire at Zuko, and he yells in pain. Katara waterbends, creating an ice wall to stop Aang. Aang merely destroys it with earthbending, then proceeds to earthbend a cross. He airbends Zuko at it, and he slams hard. He waterbends, creating ice structure to strap Zuko tightly to the cross.

"I will kill you!"

"Enough!" yells Katara, standing in front of Aang. She grabs him, and kisses him on the lips. He calms down, and he closes his eyes. He then reopens them, and she releases him. His eyes are now normal, tears shedding down.

"Katara..." Aang begins. "I... I'm sorry, I... I was able to control myself before, but just not this time..."

She silences him with her finger, but he continues.

"I am sorry, I just... I love you too much," he says. "I can't let anyone lay a finger on you."

She smiles, but then turns to Zuko.

"Aang, it's best if you just go now," she whispers to him.

"Yeah... I understand," he says. He leans in to kiss her on the lips, but she lays down her head, giving him her forehead instead. He kisses her forehead, then bows, leaving. The camera reveals a tear going down his cheek.

Katara turns to Zuko, and melts his ice straps. He falls down, and she approaches him. He moans, and she uses the very water to heal his wounds. He moans again, opening his eyes.

"Feeling better?" she says.

"Yeah..." he weakly points out. "I have something to confess... I..."

"I know." she interrupts. "I know you didn't have in mind to help him, and that you were..."

"Yeah, I was kind of..."


He gasps, but then closes his mouth in disappointment.

"Yes," he begins. "In reality, I love you, Katara."

He helps himself up to lean in at her. She leans in closer, but then pulls back.

"No, Zuko," she says. "I do love you. But like a brother. I love Aang, the romantic way."

"Sorry... I didn't..." he tries to explain.

"It's okay," she says. "You better stay with Mai."

She gets up, having finished healing him.

"I'm going to check up on Aang," she says. "But thank you for pointing out. My relationship with Aang truly is distracting him. I'll try to reduce it a bit, but not more..."

She walks off. Zuko in the meantime, feels sorry for messing up things. Katara walks to Aang, who is sitting on the ground.

"Is he okay?" Aang asks.

"Yeah. He's fine."

Aang lays down his head in shame.

"I shouldn't have lost control of myself."

She leans towards him, and kisses him softly on the lips. He is shocked, but he kisses her back happily. Moments later, they break, and move apart slightly. Aang is clearly smiling, and he leans in again, but she stops him with her fingers.

"Aang, Zuko's right. I think our relationship is distracting you. Enough kissing today," she points out. "I'm not saying we stop, just let's not do it too often."

Aang is disappointed.

"But..." he begins, like a little kid stripped from his toys. "Will we sleep together?"

"Yes, but only once in a while," she says. He sighs sadly. He was just hit hard in the face. The paradise he lived in is now partially destroyed.

"Can we just share one more kiss now?" he pleads. "Please, one more, Katara?"

She sighs, and leans in at him. Smiling, he leans at her, and begins kissing her.

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