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"I had run out of chances."

Origin of firebending mural Zuko, something happened to Flames on the Horizon in the last hundred years.

This fanon has been discontinued, but is still available to read for your enjoyment.

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Over 500 years have passed since the Rupture, when Avatar Kuyin, an Avatar-gone-bad, nearly destroyed the world after unleashing a powerful explosion of the elements. All of the world succumbed to fires, eruptions, earthquakes, floods, and terrible storms, destroying all the technological advances made since Avatar Aang's time. Civilizations crumbled, and the world was forced to start from the beginning.

The simpleness brought the Four Nations back together to their ancestral homes. But after a chain of tropical islands rose from the bottom of the ocean during the Rupture, the Northern Water Tribe reached out an extended their nation. Dozens of waterbenders flocked to this archipelago, inhabiting the islands and creating a whole new tribe.

The Northern Water Tribe flourished in their new addition to their lands, deemed the Island Tribe. Obsessed with the natural beauty of the environment anywhere, the Water Tribes became protectors of wild lands across the world. However, most Air Nomads found their culture odd and considered the tribes savage and primordial due to their simple ways. Air Nomad missionaries try to teach them to change their ways, but to no avail.

An age of steam has yet again come, predominantly in the Fire Nation. To the horror of the Water Tribes, they have covered their empire in a veil of smoke and pollution. Their natural resources are running out, and they are starting to turn elsewhere for factories.

With the Fire Nation slowly reaching outwards, the Islanders are feeling threatened and scared. Finally, the firebenders began to encroach on their land to build factories. Tensions are high in the islands, and they are waiting the strike down the violators. But the Fire Nation are many, and they few. Soon, they will be overpowered. And if that is to happen, the burning nation will extend to the Northern Water Tribe, and the Southern Water Tribe, for space and land. Not too long after, the rest of the world will crumble into steam and smog and sever their connection with the environment, thus destroying the Avatar Spirit.

But the Avatar is nowhere to be found. After having the Air Nomad Avatar dying at a young age, the Water Tribes are expecting an Avatar to surface in their land. But sixteen years have passed, and there has been no sign of an Avatar in any tribe. They are growing worried and nervous.

As the Fire Nation gets closer and closer to them, the Islands start to get in deep, deep water. The Air Nomads disapprove of their love for the environment, and the Earth Kingdom is tangled up in a four-way civil war. They have no help from the outside. It's up to Devion Miyu and his friends to save the Island Tribe and rid the Fire Nation of their plague.

Epic battles, deep relationships, and fierce characters will put the reader on edge, begging for more. Henryjh98 will bring us a brand new fanon with an idea like no other that'll rock Avatar Fanon Wiki.


So, this idea kind of circulated from the Seven Realms novels, a great series by Cinda Williams Chima. The Rupture is styled off the Breaking, and the Islanders and their love for the environment is extracted from the Spirit Clans, or copperheads. So, kudos the Cinda Williams Chima.

I came up with this from the above, and developed it a lot in my head while trying to get to sleep one night. It pained me to not sit down and start writing. But I'm very excited for this, and hopefully it won't interfere much with ATSW. This fanon, however, I think will be better than ATSW, and it's much more original. I have a great feeling about this and I think, coming from myself, it'll be pretty good. I hope you guys agree.

The summary sounded much more epic in my head. And yes, I know, it's a bit long, but I have a lot to explain.

Well, that's pretty much how I came up with the idea. The chapters will be more planned than my other fanons, and hopefully a bit shorter for my sake, and yours.

Team Avatar

Devion Miyu-the main character of the story, and a waterbending prodigy from the Island Tribe. He is young, and despite his skills, he has an equal number of friends and enemies. It'll be up to him and his friends to save the Water Tribes.

Kialuk-Devion's best friend. He is very smart, but is weak in bending and physicality. However, his intelligence is very important and Devion values him as a great friend.

Nani-A beautiful nonbender that is secretly quite skilled with the dual katana swords. She's popular and nice, and also Devion's crush.

Kayun-A fifteen year old Air Nomad spending time with the missionaries. He is spending time in the Islands as punishment for being unruly Befriends Devion, Kialuk, and Nani.

Molaka-Devion's pet dolphogator, a hybrid between a dolphin and an alligator. He's loyal and protective of Devion.

More members will be added to the list as the series progresses.

Current World

This post-Rupture world is very different from the pre-Rupture world. For example, the only significant places of old that are completely unaffected are Ba Sing Se, the Avatar Temples, the Air Nomad Temples, and the Spirit Grove in the Northern Water Tribe.

All the islands that surrounded that island the Northern Air Temple is located on crumbled and sunk during the Rupture, leaving a free standing mountainous island and clearing space in the ocean. More than half of the island the temple was on also fell into the watery depths. The Air Nomads have expanded the Northern Air Temple, tripling the size. The same has occurred throughout the rest of the Air Temples.

Ba Sing Se, being the impenetrable city, still managed to survive during the Rupture, even though half of the Lower Ring, most of the Middle Ring, and the Royal Palace were destroyed. They persevered and have made the city larger, grander, and better defended for Rupture like events. Much of the rest of the Earth Kingdom was destroyed, but they managed to recreate their towns and cities. Half of Omashu slid into the abyss it is surrounded by. However, the king of Omashu survived and began to construct a better city that was supported by stone beams going from the city across the abyss to the mainland, reinforcing the island it was on. The peninsula on which Wulong Forest was located shattered, crumbling into several small islands. The rest of the Earth Kingdom is still rebuilding after the devastating Rupture.

Most of the Fire Nation sunk during the apocalypse, but the main island survived, though it shifted south one hundred miles, and a whole different archipelago arose from the ocean, extending further south and southeast instead of east. Several more islands rose to the east, forming a sort of barrier around the main island. The Fire Nation grew larger and the land was more fertile and inhabitable than before.

The northern ocean froze during the Rupture, and afterwards earth rose from the ocean floor. Fires melted the ice of the eastern Northern Water Tribe, and caused half the island to be lost in the waves. But the new land extended the tribe westward, allowing for a new chance to recreate what they had lost. Down south, the whole continent shifted west as another, smaller continent budged up from the ocean. The tribe doubled its size and claimed the island for itself.

Overall, the world of Avatar has changed immensely, so there will be whole new locations and places that have never been even thought of. Sadly, I probably wouldn't be able to recreate the world map into my own version, but maybe I can. I'll attempt it. I hope you can picture what the Avatar world looks like now.


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  • Devion's last name, Miyu, means water in Japanese
  • The Island culture will have several similarities to the Hawaiian culture
  • The names will sometimes sound Hawaiian, due to the likeness to Hawaii, or sound Water Tribe, due to the fact it is a Water Tribe and has many roots from that great nation 


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