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November 19, 2011

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Five days gone is the eight chapter of the fanon series Avatar: Legend Of Fire


Awakening some time after his bout with the pirates, the young Avatar learns about what has happened and suspects that he isn't being told the whole truth about his journey.


Well, this seemed like a recurring theme, Tak mused as he slowly put his clothes back on, his entire body aching like he had just worked out for several hours straight. Waking up in a dimly lit room, head pounding and him unsure of what happened, it seemed like the last week or so was nothing but that same thing replayed over and over, he sighed, if this continued for much longer he'd spend more of his life passed out than he had being the Avatar. He was partially sure he was giving himself some sort of form of brain damage from all of this passing out, who knows; maybe a few years later he'll find out that he had a serious injury from fighting pirates. A unsettling thought crossed Takeo's head, if he had died fighting pirates... that would have been without a doubt the shortest reign of an Avatar and without a doubt the lamest death an Avatar has ever died, at least as far as he knew, most Avatars did from old age or fighting some strong

He was in the captain's cabin, dimly lit, he was laid in the single bed, where he assumed the captain slept, and when he woke up he immediately put his clothes back on, but spent a few minutes sitting on the edge of the bed. His head was aching. And not just the typical aching, it was literally POUNDING. The captain's cabin itself was a mix of an office and a bedroom. A small single bed in the corner, bright red sheets and a red pillow, a tabling standing on the other side of the room, various maps and papers lined its top. There were large windows, but they were covered by dark red curtains, through which only small beams of light passed through into the rather dark room. He stood and he stumbled. His hand grasped the edge of the table and he pushed himself up to his feet. That fall from the mast really did a number on him, but Takeo was lucky enough that it didn't kill him, he still had no idea how he had survived.

The second he opened the thick wooden doors of the captain's cabin, light poured into the room. Takeo's eyes closed and his right hand move to shield them from the light, he blinked them a couple of times until they adjusted to the light, finally he opened them. He saw the clean wooden deck of the ship. Around them was nothing but seemingly endless ocean and the sailors were going about their daily duties. A few of them waved at him, some of them gestured towards him for other sailors to look, but more or less, it seemed like a normal day.

"Well, look who finally decided to limp out of bed." The smug and loud voice that Takeo had grown to remember as Jin's came from above him.

Takeo tilted his head back to look up. Jin was standing on the platform above the captains cabin, next to him was the captain himself, holding the helm of the ship and steering it quietly. As the fighter leaned onto the wooden rail, Tak turned around and took a few steps backward to seem them both clearly.

"See, I told you he was alive, you owe me two gold pieces" Jin said to the captain.

"You still owe me for the weapon's fee anyways." The captain retorted in an annoyed tone.

"And I recall us saving your ship..." Jin said matter-of-factly

"He saved my ship, not you. You just got my deck dirty with blood, my men cleaned for an entire day just to get some of it out."

"It's not my fault the pirates bruise so easily." Jin laughed and the captain shook his head in disapproval.

By the time the two had finished their argument, Takeo had climbed the stairs to the platform and came up to Jin.

"Where is everyone?" though only he noticed it now, the entire ship was too quiet, the last two days, at this time, the ship was busy with a lot more sailors and the passengers were enjoying the good weather on deck, today- there was no one, but a few sailors, Jin and the captain. For a moment, Tak feared that they might have...

"They left." Jin said, unsure with his answer.

"What do you mean, they left?" Takeo raised an eyebrow.

Jin looked at the captain and then back at Tak, before he let out a quiet laugh.

"What's so funny?" Takeo asked, rather insulted.

"You've been out cold for nearly five days now, in that time, we traveled to the Earth Kingdom, that's where everyone got off, a few of the sailors resigned in that port and so now we're here, heading towards Whale Tail Island at rather annoying speed." Jin turned to the captain. "Seriously, I will punch you if we don't start going faster."

"Five days?!" Takeo shouted out "That's not possible!" he objected.

"Sure it is, after that little stunt you pulled with the four elements back there, you puked, fell into your puke, puked again and then lost consciousness." Jin explained

"Your companion was laughing the entire time." The captain added.

"The sailors weren't though, they had to clean your puke up, clean your clothes, give you a bath and then dry your clothes for you to wear, it was all so amusing, wish you were there to see it."

Takeo fell silent for a moment. Five days... he'd be away from the Fire Nation for a week now, he missed his home so much, and he began to wonder about Zhin Tsu... For five days, the Avatar was unconscious, what kind of Avatar falls asleep for so long? How did he even fall from the mast... oh no, the mast.

"Is Hana... is she..."He couldn't bring himself to say it.

"She's alright." Jin said calmly as he leaned over the rail and watched the sailors work "She sat by your side the whole time you were passed out, even when they had gotten off the ship in the Earth Kingdom, she wanted to stay and make sure you were alright, but her dad showed up and carried her off the ship, screaming, kicking." He shrugged "Honestly, everyone's glad you're alive." He himself even sounded a bit relieved.

Jin then got a bit more serious and turned to Takeo "That brings me to my other subject." He stopped leaning against the railing and stood up straight "If you already know how to airbender and for that matter- waterbender, then why are we going to the Air Temples?" Jin shrugged.

"What are you talking about?" Takeo asked, genuinely confused.

"Oh, don't be so modest." Jin jumped forward, bent his knees and brought his hands out forward, then punched the air rapidly, spun on his left foot, kicked the air a few times before saying "Come on, show us all how it's done using all four types of bending." And only then did Takeo realize that Jin was doing various bending stances from a multitude of elements.

"I can't." Takeo shrugged "I don't know how to airbender, or waterbend."

"But, we saw you." The captain interjected "You destroyed an entire pirate ship singlehandedly."

The headache returned, more vicious than ever "What are you two talking about?" Takeo blurted out.

"Look, let's just go back to The Fire Nation, explain to the Firelord what happened and you can forget about the training and just go -" Jin cut off. He fell silent and his lips pressed together tightly, his eyes widened and he seemed to be struggling to keep silent.

"I can go where? Do what?" Takeo questioned, completely unsure what Jin meant.

"Oh you know... Avatar stuff." Jin gulped.

"Wow, you're a terrible liar, has anyone ever told you that?" Takeo noted

"Given the fact that the he blurted out you were the Avatar when we were all captured, I'm not surprised his lying abilities aren't that good." The captain spoke, spinning the wheel slightly for the ship to make a turn.

"One more word old man." Jin shook his fist at him, slowly.

"What are you keeping from me?" Tak pressed on.

"Nothing." Jin turned his head away to the ocean.

"Don't lie to me, I-"

"Look, the fact remains that you obviously don't need training" Jin intervened

"But, I can't airbend or waterbend or earthbend for that matter." Takeo stressed it as much as possible.

"Then how did you do that?" Jin asked

"Do what?" Takeo asked, a bit scared. The captain and Jin exchanged glances.

"You mean to tell me you seriously don't remember how you fell into the ocean, came out of it like a tornado and then slaughtered an entire crew of pirates?" Jin asked, a bit of amusement in his voice

What? Takeo had no memory of even coming close to the railing during the battle. When did he fall in? Did he fall in when he fell from the mast? Was that how he survived? No, that didn't make any sense, from that height; landing into water would have been as painful as landing into a rock, he couldn't have survived that. He simply stood there, confusion riddled across his face.

"Slaughtered...?" Takeo muttered quietly, his expression blank. Did he really kill that many people?

"Well, more like completely annihilated." Jin said, his tone relaxed and calm.

"At least you saved honest people, spirits bless the lads we buried at sea, poor sailors trying to make a living, I tell ye, sailing is becoming more and more dangerous these days."

Though that was somewhat of a relief, that he saved innocent people, Tak still couldn't help but feel appalled at what he had done. Could he really have done that? Why can't he remember? And then it came to him. In a flash, he saw blood splattering all around him.

"What have I done..." Tak placed a hand on the railing; he felt his head growing dizzy and his knees weak.

"Are you alright?" Jin asked, a bit of concern in his voice.

Takeo however, wasn't alright. He had a sensation of extreme vertigo flush over him. It was like he had just seen a play at a theater. He was standing there, watching it all happen, yet there he was, doing all of the destruction and murder. So many people... so much power. How, when... this never happened to him at the temple... he felt sick, all of a sudden. A hand appeared on his shoulder.

"Look, you saved everyone back there, including me. If not for you, we'd all be dead."

Takeo felt his stomach twist. He placed a hand onto his face, he saw so hot and at the same time so cold. His arms felt heavy, his knees weak, his throat dry and his stomach empty. "I'm just..." Takeo gulped "Hungry and tired..."

"Go lie down again, I'll order the chef to cook you up some food and bring it to you." The captain spoke "It's the least I can do."

Takeo wanted to object; he had slept for five days already, how much more would he waste "Is the island still far away?"

"We're a couple of hours away from it, I'll come and get you when reach it." Jin assured him.

Takeo nodded, and began walking down the stairs, carefully placing his feet and resting his hand on the railing as he walked. He closed the door behind himself as he walked into the captain's cabin.

"So you weren't joking, he really doesn't know..." the old captain finally muttered when he and Jin were alone.

"Let's keep it that way, shall we?" Jin replied, annoyed.

"Hey, it's not me you should be worrying about; you almost told him yourself, you should learn to shut your mouth once in a while.

"Okay, seriously, you're just asking for it now!" Jin shouted.

The bed felt comforting, laying on it., not needing to move a single muscle, it felt so relaxing, something that Takeo had learned to take for granted in the Fire Temple. Maybe it was just his aching muscles speaking, but he never wanted to leave this bed. It was warm, soft and quiet; all of his troubles seemed so far away. He covered his face with his hands and released a loud sigh. How did that happen? He really wanted to know, he was scared and he was... confused. Zhin Tsu wasn't here to tell him, there was no one here that could tell him. The scary sight of himself destroying an entire ship haunted him that entire night and he couldn't help but wonder, was everyone not telling him something?

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