Origin of firebending mural Zuko, something happened to Five Good Men in the last hundred years.

This fanon has been discontinued, but is still available to read for your enjoyment.

Earth Kingdom throne room
Five Good Men
The Earth King couldn't deserve better.
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Agent Slash


It is 85 AG. Commander How, the military leader of the area of the Earth Kingdom known as Posaan, has been captured by the Fire Nation. While in captivity, he meets four other soldiers and the five of them bond while plotting their escape. Now it is up to them to turn the tide in this battle against the Fire Nation and achieve the highest rank an Earth Kingdom soldier can earn.


  • How (Jim Meskimen): The commander of the Posaan forces and the leader of the group. He is a serious, headstrong man who has earned the respect of his subordinates.
  • Sung (Barry Dennen): A member of the group. He is a very awkward and sometimes spastic man, but fights well nonetheless.
  • Danao (George Coe): A member of the group. He is an intelligent man and the brains of the group.
  • Konghe (Scott Menville): A member of the group. He is considerably younger than the rest of the group, but is still a good fighter. He is the normal guy on the team.
  • Heng (Fred Tatasciore): A member of the group. He is a bit arrogant and tends to want to do things his way which usually involves violence.
  • Khang (Miguel Ferrer): The main antagonist of the story. He is a general and the commander of the military forces just outside of Posaan.
  • Yoshi (Rob Paulsen): Khang's lieutenant. He is the second-in-command of the forces outside of Posaan.




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