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Five is a five part fanon mini-series created and written by SuperFlash101. The mini-series follows follows five individuals in the South Western Earth Kingdom during the early stages of The War, 15 AG, and how they all connect. Its first chapter was released on September 25, 2010.


Five was a concept SuperFlash101 came up with to stretch his writing prowess and set up a story that was very unlike that of his main project, Avatar: Better World. He wanted to do something that structurally was different from anything he had done before, and that revolved around the number "Five"; as a final result, the fanon became a mini-series about five individuals. Previous ideas for it included a non-linear story about five different people from different time spans who turned out to be the same person over various stages of his life, and a story about five days in the life of a solider during the war.

The story is a pastiche, embracing traditional storytelling elements and tropes that in recent years have gone to become known as either cliches or classic ideas. These are most prominent in the five main characters; Xue desires to seek revenge on his father's murderer, a classic literary technique that has been used countless times before, Kirai has lost her memory and wonders about her lost past, Canren is a money hungry "executive" type person in the vein of characters such as Mr. Pots in the film It's a Wonderful Life, and Wu is a wordless man of mystery, with his and Ni's five-year-long battle acting as an homage to Western films. The story itself, following five individuals in one area and how their lives relate and intertwine, is similar to films such as Pulp Fiction and Magnolia.

Though Five is not officially connected with Better World, it could easily fit in with its continuity past, and The Lord—the main spirit in Better World 's mythology—is mentioned in the first chapter, "Smells Like Teen Spirit."


Five features a vast assortment of writing motifs that are prominent in each chapter, such as the aforementioned pastiche presentation. Other motifs featured in the story are:

  • The number "five", upon which the series receives its title.
  • The use of song titles for chapter titles.
  • The employment of lyrics (from the song upon which the chapter receives its name) into the dialogue of the chapter
  • Similar words being spoken by characters during different plotlines (i.e., "ham-fisted" in "Smells Like Teen Spirit")


Xue Five

Xue, the de facto main character of the story.

  • Xue: A rebellious seventeen-year-old Earthbender. Xue has always despised his home village, considering its residents of group of "ham-fisted asses" and "cowards" due to their insistence on not accepting change. When he was five, his father was murdered by a Fire Nation man named Canren, and since then, Xue has sworn to find Canren and kill him in the name of his late father.
  • Canren: A greedy, selfish man from the Fire Nation obsessed with money. He is corrupt and willing to do whatever it takes to make a profit, though he is indifferent on topics such as The War and performs evil acts only in order to secure his intake.
  • Kirai: A bohemian/nomadic woman from the Earth Kingdom who woke up one day in an alley without any memory of herself or her past. She is a strong-opinioned woman and has adjusted very well into bohemianism.
  • Wu: A mysterious, wordless Firebender engaged in a five-year-long, seemingly endless battle with Ni for unknown reasons.
  • Ni: A mysterious Firebender who opposes the War. He is locked in a five-year-long, seemingly endless battle with Ni for unknown reasons.


Chapter Number Name Summary
1 "Smells Like Teen Spirit" Xue runs away from his village and hitchhikes away with a bohemian woman named Kirai. Canren is informed that his role as tax collector for the Southwest Earth Kingdom region is being given to someone else. Ni and Wu duel in the forest.
2 "Bohemian Rhapsody" Xue dabbles into the life style of a bohemian with Kirai, but this is stunted when Fen is visited by Canren. Ni and Wu clash in Hai.
3 "Desolation Row"
4 "The Fool on the Hill"
5 "Dancing in the Streets"

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