Maxnascie By Len Poles Part of the Xiaons continuity.

The origin and preparation

In 2008, Jake killed the Kazelian Lord Xarloman. He was succeeded by Fearden. He wanted my father to gain power over the world. That, however, wanted to do this for equality of nations, and Veter for totalitarian rule. Also wants revenge on Jake and Xiaons. Kazelians after many provocations Fearden's and Xerath's decided to go all out, or begin to conquer the world.

They began to prepare for war. They made more than 120,000 mechanical soldiers. Now the war. They moved from the Central Training Centre of the Kazelians in Police to Szczecin. So the war broke out.

First Kazelian Blitzkrieg


Ulrich Knoten

Hostilities began in Szczecin. Xiaons received it as yet another provocation. Fearden ended up in the river. Xana was nearly drowned in the Oder River. Later I came to the battle for Gryfino. Xiaons fell. In the area Gryfino county was created Kazelia. In the new country's totalitarian government was created subordinated to the Fearden. President Kaczynski declared martial law. Only after four days of the Kazelians rushed to the attack. Kazelians took Pyrzyce, Myślibórz, Choszczno and Gorzów. Also made ​​an attempt to gain Stargard, which however failed. Xiaons made ​​an attempt to attack the capital Kazelia. But the arrangement of Ulrich Knoten Fearden attack failed. Fearden again attacked Stargard. The battle continues. At that time, Xana occupied Zielona Góra and several counties in Greater Poland. After the Battle of Great Poland, the Kazelians captured Stargard and Poznan. In Poznan, the side the Kazelians passed General Knoten. Soon Ulrich conquered Łobez and later moved to Berlin. Xana and tries to get the Police. Fearden fight for Szczecin. Jake Toporski in Rzeczpospolita through a coup d'état took over the government. Quickly arranged for the exodus of the civilian population in the Polish to Ukraine. At that time also Kazelians captured Kuyavian-Pomeranian Voivodeship. Jake moved to Lublin the Polish capital.

List of known major engagements

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