Love is Brightest At the Dark Omashu
First Kiss
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Oma's Strength

Meanwhle in Ba Sing Se Waterfall

"What are you talking about, Oma?" Shu asked.

"Are you ready to face death?" Oma asked.

"I don't know..." Shu answered because he remembered that he stole the necklace. Oma seems so suspicious to Shu.

"Don't be afraid, Shu. I am here. If we're together, nobody can face us..." Oma said.

"Yes.. But how if death apart us?" Shu asked.

"Shh!!" Oma said, "Let's go somewhere..." Oma said.

"But I like this waterfall." Shu said.

"Alright then.. Bye!" Oma said.

"Wait!!" Shu said.

"Wait... My necklace!! Where is it? Just forget it!!" Oma thought.

When they arrived in a place that is near a beautiful beach, Oma found a book. A book found in the water. It was wet but Oma still can read it although the writing is already messed up.

"Hey! I found a book!" Oma said.

"What book?" Shu asked Oma.

"I have no idea," Oma replied.

"Open it!" Shu said.

"What the... It is hard to read!!" Oma said.

"The world will be dark today. Because of the moon and the stars are further from the world. Be ready. You won't able to see anything until the sun rises," Pma said.

"Oh no.." They both said.

"We should collect some candles!" Shu said.

"Yeah..." Oma agreed.

"Let's go to that shop!" Shu said. They walked and go to the shop.

"Excuse me?" Oma asked.

"What is it, young girl?" The shopkeeper asked.

"Can we buy some candles?" Oma asked.

"Sorry but all are sold... Don't worry. After a magic thing happen, people will light up the fireworks!" The shopkeeper said honestly.

"Er.. okay!" Shu said.

"Oh well.." Oma sadly said.

They went back to the beach seeing the sun. They are not afraid if their eyes are damaged.

"The sun goes down..." Shu said.

"Prepare for the dark," Oma said.

"Where love is brightest at the dark..." They both said.

Oma and Shu Sunset

Oma and Shu ready for the dark.

"Goodbye sun..." Shu said.

"No!! We're doomed!" A citizen said.

"Oh my! I can't see a thing!" Another citizen said.

"Pfft'... Newbies..." Oma said.

"Agree," Shu said while laughing.

"Light up the candle!" A citizen said worriedly.

"We don't need candle. All we need is love..." Shu said.

"Yes... This will be our first kiss..." Oma said.

"Us... Kissing..." Shu said.

"Ready, Shu?" Oma asked.


No moon... No stars... Just candles from afar... They kissed for the first time passionately. Fireworks appear after they kissed.

"So your kiss is the magical thing!" A citizen said.

"I guess..." Oma said awkwardly.

"Isn't that beautiful?" Shu asked.

"Yes, it is... Especially if you're with someone..." Oma replied.

"Correct..." Shu said.

"Yeah..." Oma said.

"Oma, remember... You have to be strong. Never give up in anything. Don't lose your strength!" Shu said..

"Yeah..." Oma said.

"So..." Shu said.

"Epp!!" Oma screamed.

"Oma, I wanted to tell you that..." Shu shouted in a loud voice, "Oma!"


"Oma? Where are you!?" Shu asked.

"You are going home!" A strange man said.

Back to Oma's Village|Oma's house

"I sent a man to bring Oma home... That man's target never escape from him..." Oma's father told his wife.

"I am sorry about what I told you..." Oma's mother said.

"It's okay..." Oma's father said.

They almost reach the village in the morning...

Oma Kidnapped by a Man

Oma kidnapped by a man and almost arrived in the village.

"I can't believe it. It only took a day to reach the village. What did this man use? And where am I? Where is Shu? I can't hold my tears..." Oma thought.

"Oma, we are almost arrived..." The man said.

"ERGHH!!" Oma yelled.

"Sorry little girl but you have to stay at home.. Your father ordered me to do this.." The man said.

"I won't forgive my parents.... Never!" Oma continued to cry and see her house. The door, the window, the grass, the roof, the wall and everything outdoor. She is very angry. She tried to get out but she couldn't. The bag is too tight so she couldn't escape.

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