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Sensu sat in the gondola with other prisoners as they were taken inside of the Boiling Rock. He was quietly sitting in a corner while others chatted away about rumors they'd heard.

"I heard they hang you by your thumbs if you don't do exactly what they say the moment they say it."

"I heard that they throw prisoners who cause trouble into the boiling lake."

Sensu stopped listening and started to think about his family back in the Earth Kingdom. He wondered what kind of trouble his little brother Lee was getting into. His thoughts were interrupted by the guard.

"Alright stand up you miserable wastes of skin." the rumors still fresh in everyone's minds, they were on their feet immediately. "Outside now!" The prisoners each stepped out of the gondola and lined up single file line as the Warden walked onto the platform.

"Welcome to the Boiling Rock," he said, "Now I'm sure you've heard all sorts of rumors about your new home, but they don't have to be true. If you just behave, everything will be fine. Now be aware that no one has ever escaped from here. I'd sooner jump into the boining lake myself than let that record fall." The warden then turned to the guards. "Show them to their rooms."

As Sensu was taken to his "room," he heard someone yelling for someone else to stop. Sensu and the guard turned around to see an inmate sprinting towards the gondolas before being cut off by several guards. The inmate was boxed in. "Guess they got ya." Sensu thought while witnessing the Warden's warning coming true, no one escapes this place. The inmate smiled as the guards closed in before vaulting over the railing and falling onto an adjacent floor. The inmate then disappeared from view as he ran off. The guard regained Sensu's attention led him to his cell. Sensu looked at the small, windowless chamber and moved to sit on the bed. A few hours later a guard came and pulled him out of his cell.

Sensu was escorted into the recreation area after he was let out of his cell. He looked around and saw a big inmate who was surrounded by others while he threw dice against the wall. The group all drooped their shoulders afterwords and handed the inmate bits of bread. The inmate turned to Sensu and almost immediately a look of scorn appeared across his face. Sensu started to back away, but bumped into another inmate.

"Sorry si..." Sensu began turning to the inmate he'd seen trying to escape earlier, Sensu could tell he was from one of the Water Tribes. His face was hard and cold as he looked at the gambling innmate then at Sensu.

"Want to make up to me?" he asked Sensu while grabbing him by his shirt and dragging him over to the gamblers. "Then roll the dice." he added before handing him a set of dice.

The big inmate stood and crossed his arms blocking Sensu's and the Water Tribe inmate's path. "What do you want Liu?"

"He wants to roll, Enoch." Liu answered pushing Sensu forward. The big guy smirked as Sensu bounced off his chest, dropping the dice Liu handed him. The dice landed with spidersnake eyes. Liu picked up the dice and Sensu as Enoch moved aside. Sensu knelt to the ground and tossed the dice at the wall. They came up spidersnake eyes. They continued to come up spidersnake eyes everytime Sensu rolled. Eventually he was in possession of all the bread, which Liu helped him carry.

"Wait just a minute" Enoch yelled prompting the two to turn around. Enoch dropped the dice used by Sensu and they landed on spidersnake eyes. "These dice are loaded." he declared grabbing Sensu by his collar while raising his fist.

"Play nice Enoch." Liu said grabbing Enoch's fist as it moved toward Sensu and punching him in the gut, dropping him to the ground.

"RIOT!" one of the inmates shouted as the other gamblers swarmed over Sensu and Liu. Liu blocked one of the punches coming for him and kicked the man who threw it in the groin, as Sensu did all he could do to avoid being hurt. Sensu turned to see a fist collide with his face, throwing him to the ground. While on the ground Sensu watched Liu fight his way through the riot until he backed into a wall. Then he watched as the Water Tribe inmate somehow scaled the wall with no foot or hand holds. When he reached the top Liu threw some guards over the edge before running off. Sensu got to his feet and sidestepped a kick meant for his gut. Using his military training Sensu backed himself into a corner so no one could attack from behind. When the prison guards finally regained control they rounded Sensu, and several others as the instigators of the riot.

All of the firebenders were thrown into a cooler, while everyone else got an interrogation chamber. When they finally got to Sensu all of them had been taken up so they threw him into an occupied one. Sensu's eye's widened once he saw his "room mate."

"You!" he yelled upon seeing Liu hung by his wrists. Liu looked up with a smile.

Five minutes later both of them were hanging by their wrists.

"Sorry I got you in here." Liu said with a completely unsorry tone.

"Yeah right." Sensu responded. "So what was all that about anyway?"

"Oh just another one of his half baked escape plans." the Warden said entering their room.

"Half baked?" Liu said indignantly, "This one never even got near an oven."

"So I see." the Warden said leaving the two alone.

The two hung in silence before Liu lifted his foot. "My name's Liu by the way."

Sensu stared at him for a moment before placing his foot on top of Liu's "Sensu." he introduced himself as they shook feet.


Sensu is the older brother of Lee mentioned in Zuko Alone

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