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Darksome Knights: Resurrection


Book 2: First Impressions


First Fight



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December 21, 2011

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Rebirth is the twentieth chapter of Darksome Knights, the final chapter of Book 2: First Impressions, and the second part of the First Fight saga.


The roof was slowly teetering on a single corner. The Pillars and Team Avatar were motionless, paralyzed by fear.

The roof began to fall.

Sokka and Suki fell into the fetal position, covering their heads and necks for the crushing blow.

The blow that would not come.

Haewa deflected the roof with a shield of light. It broke apart as if the shield were constructed of diamond, not light.

The pieces bounced towards the others. The earthbenders in the group, Toph, Aang, and Hwasan, bent them away from their friends easily.

Except for one particularly large section headed for...

"Zuko!" Mai screamed.

Noeseong burst into action. Using blasts of air, he blasted himself between Zuko and the speeding boulder, slicing through it with a bolt of lightning.

It sent shards of rubble flying everywhere. The fighters deflected them with either weapons or bending. After the dust had died down, they opened their eyes to see Noeseong's arm trapped under a section of the rubble.

"Noeseong!" Hwasan and Toph rushed over to him and lifted the rock off his arm. Suki was right behind them with a first aid kit to heal his arm.

"Why-" Noeseong panted, "why are you helping me?"

"Because we were wrong." Suki replied. "I'm sorry that I attacked you."

"But why would you?" Haewa asked.

"We thought you were spies or even assassins." Zuko admitted.

Geolda looked hurtly at Haewa. "How long as it been since we were last here?"

At the Castle

"So, why exactly are we here?" Sokka asked.

"Simple." Sigan said, pulling out his sickles. "Geolda and I will work together to open a portal through time and space. You will each go through the portal to one of the five other worlds. Noeseong will stay behind because of his arm, and I will stay behind to monitor your progress."

"Why are we going through a portal? I don't think you guys came to our world through one." Aang asked.

"It took us days to even reach the Northern Water Tribe." Sigan explained. "This will make the trip a lot faster."

"What are these things we have to wear in our ears?" Sokka asked.

Sigan grabbed a microphone. "They are called headsets." He said as they all cringed. "They're used for me to give you direction and for you to report back to me."

"All right." Haewa cut Sigan off. "I think we're as ready as we're ever going to be."

"Right." Sigan said, annoyed. "Let's go."

Sigan held his sickles out in front of him. Geolda summoned a pink ball of magic resembling a pearl. Sigan slashed at the air, creating a diamond-shaped hole, and Geolda shot her magic into it.

As soon as the magic hit, the hole turned into a teal and silver tube, extending farther than the eye could see. Haewa stepped into the portal.

Into the portal through space and time.

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