Aang creates earth wall
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Darksome Knights: Resurrection


Book 2: First Impressions



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December 20, 2011

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The Gaang's All Here

Reverse is the nineteenth chapter of Darksome Knights, the ninth chapter of Book 2: First Impressions, and the first part of the First Fight saga.


The group walked slowly down the main streets of Ba Sing Se, the members of Team Avatar for some reason walking a few steps away from the Five Pillars.

"Why do you think they're avoiding us?" Geolda whispered to Haewa.

"I don't know."

"You sure that they're not who they say they are?" Mai asked Zuko.

"It's possible." Zuko replied, looking suspiciously at the Five Pillars.

"I'm fairly certain that they're leading us into a trap." Aang told Katara.


"Something about them just doesn't seem right."

"Do you think they're spies?" Toph nervously looked at Sokka.

"If they are, we need to get rid of them now." Sokka said, a hand on his sword hilt.

"Right." Suki opened her fans.

Team Avatar turned to the Five Pillars, weapons and elements at the ready. The defenders were stunned at this betrayal and dashed dowwn a side alley, the attackers in hot pursuit.

Aang launched three air punches at Noeseong, who redirected the strike at a nearby building. Zuko threw two fire blades at Geolda's plant shield, but Hwasan used a fire shield to save her. He then released a stream of fire on Zuko. Katara and Mai launched daggers at Sigan who deflected them with an air slice. Toph threw rocks at Haewa who held his staff out and created a light shield.

"How can he do that?!" Suki wondered.

"I don't know." replied Sokka. "But now I have an idea."

Standing back to back, Toph used an earth launch to catapult Sokka and Suki over the Five Pillars' heads. They landed on the underside of a roof hanging over Haewa's head. They pushed off of the roof and streaked straight down to Haewa, weapons drawn, finally about to make the killing blow and end the battle.

Haewa threw his staff off to the side and dropped down flat on his back.

Suki and Sokka fell closer ad closer.

Haewa closed his eyes.


Suki's fans stuck into the earth on either side of Haewa's neck. Sokka's sword fell right next to his torso. Haewa opened his eyes to see how close he had been to being murdered. He began standing up when...


The Pillars and Team Avatar looked up at the roof Sokka and Suki had launched off of. A large crack had formed in the roof from all the deflected attacks. And now... was collapsing on them.

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