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First Fight is the fifteenth chapter in the fanon series, Kyoshi Revolts.


After they realize they're low on money again, Chen leads the girls to a huge market, where many artists show their performances and talents. Mina gains money by shooting apples from the heads of volunteers. When a man offers a large sum of money if Mina can shoot a coin between his fingers, Mina becomes nervous and shoots the man's finger off. The man is furious and challenges her to an Agni Kai, and that offer is taken by Chen.


Our three heroes are standing opposite to each other. Kaila extracts her hidden blade, Mina places an arrow on her bow and Chen generates fire in the palm of his hand. Suddenly they begin to attack each other. Mina shoots some arrows at Kaila, who quickly dodges them and leaps to Mina, only to be blocked by Chen, who begins to attack both of the girls with fireballs. The girls dodge them all, but Mina loses her balance and falls on the ground. Kaila pins here, rolls to Chen and performs a leg swipe, letting him fall as well. The trio is very exhausted and Kaila picks both up, saying it was a good practice and they're both getting better. They all laugh and realize they're starving. They see they don't have much money left, so they have to make more. Chen says he knows where they can and says to the girls that they should follow him. Mina then asks where Momo is, in which Kaila replies he's out finding berries.

The girls are curious about Chen's goal, but he doesn't say anything. Finally they arrive at a gigantic market, full of acrobats and artists, each showing their talents and capabilities. Mina and Kaila are a bit scared, but Chen is blissful about the fact he's back here. He explains to the girls he went many times to this place with his family, and he had the time of his life. Mina asks how they're going to make money here, and Chen explains you hire a standing place, and on that place you can do whatever you want. Mina gets an idea and asks Kaila for all the money they have left. Kaila gives it to here and Mina runs to the letter, who gives her a standing place. With the remaining money, she goes to a nearby fruit stand and buys as much apples as she can. She runs back to Kaila and Chen, who are a bit astonished about what Mina is going to do, and points them their stand.

At the stand, Mina tells Chen to stand against the wall. Chen does it, and Mina places an apple on his head. Chen, a bit scared, asks what Mina is doing and when he sees she points her bow and arrow on him, he freaks a bit out, calling Mina crazy. Mina says he should stand still, and she releases her arrow. Chen closes his eyes, waiting for the strike, but he doesn't feel anything. When he opens his eyes, he sees that the apple is pinned to the wall with Mina's arrow, and expresses his admiration for Mina's archery skills, who says it's mostly because of Kaila's training. Chen nods and says "Hu, Kaila... What should I do without her?", what he quickly corrects in 'we', leaving Kaila blushing.

Chen wasn't the only one amazed by Mina skills, and many volunteers ask for Mina to shoot an apple if they pay her. The Team soon makes a lot of money, but then a big, angry-looking guy appears. He shouts over the whole crowd if the girl is really that good and that she can prove it by shooting a gold coin between his fingers. If she succeeds, he will pay 200 of them to her. Encouraged by the large sum of money, Mina accepts the offer and the man places himself against the wall, holding the coin between his right thumb and forefinger. Mina is nervous and takes her time to place the arrow and pull the string. The man gets tired of waiting and when he shouts angrily that she should hurry up, Mina releases the arrow. She close her eyes, hearing the man's scream and the terrible sound of steel piercing through flesh. When she looks to the man, she sees the coin pinned to the wall, covered in the blood of the finger hanging next to it. The man is furious and runs to Mina, but Kaila and Chen go stand in front of her, threatening the man with their weapons. The man calms a bit down and challenges Mina to an Agni Kai. Mina says she's not a Firebender, but Chen says he is, and gladly accepts the offer.

Spinning flame kick

Chen creating the huge blast of fire

Chen's Agni Kai begins at sunset and in the beginning, he and his opponent launch small fireballs at each other, searching for weak spots. Chen soon sees the man is a master of Firebending and he's no match for him. Despite this, Chen still fights fierce and tries to break the man's footing, only exhausting himself. When the man sees this, he smiles evilly and begins to launch much bigger fireballs the before, so that Chen eventually falls on the floor.

Chen whispers to the man that he should finish him, but the man laughs and says he will do it, after Chen sees his two girlfriends die. He makes a sign at two of his personal guards, who drag Mina and Kaila at the Agni Kai arena. At the side, they drop them and pull a knife out of their uniforms, placing it on the throats of the girls. The man smiles evilly and says to Chen he can choose which to die first. Chen curses him and the man laughs and asks again. But Chen keeps whispering: you bas***, you bas***.... Eventually, he shouts a terrifying scream, scaring the man. He then spins around, creating a huge, un-Chenny, wave of fire and hurls it to the man, who is slammed into the wall by the power. The guards are terrified and run away, and Chen stands up, breathing heavily and falls back to the ground. The two girls run to Chen and Kaila holds him. Chen opens his eyes, asking if Kaila is alright, to which Kaila, with tears in her eyes, implies she is. Chen then closes his eyes, smiling.

Behind the Scenes

  • Because of lack of inspiration, this chapter had many other names such as Burn Lessons and Chen's Fight.
  • Momo being out looking for berries was a convenient excuse for why he wasn't included in the chapter.

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