First Encounters
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Rebirth of The Lost Empire




The General from the West



Written by

Choe Dae Jun


My little sister

Release date

November 9, 2013

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Past Betrayal


Aang and Katara confronts a mysterious group of men from an unknown nation.


May contain strong language


The Hundred Year War intensifies as Avatar Aang and his gang plan their next move against the Fire Nation. Ember Island is a vacation resort for Fire Prince Zuko and his family, but now his vacation house serves as a secret layer for Team Avatar. It was pretty wise to choose this location for necessary purposes: neither Ozai nor Azula would think to look there and the house is big, so they can practice their bending in open spaces. Furthermore, no one would dare enter the house but the royal family and their friends themselves.

Aang and Katara left the house to do some shopping and the street market was very joyous like the one in Hama's village. The common people looked as if they never cared about the war and the children got along with each other real well; they all just get along with their simple lives and that made Katara a really happy girl. But unfortunately, Aang has to wear a hat over his arrow because that arrow tattoo can give away his identity, so he's in a little bit of a pinch.

"I can't believe Ember Island would be such a worriless place," said Katara.

"I know, right? Because in a war like this, people should be a little worried."

"Well, perhaps people just want to take their minds off of events that would scare or stress them, like doing meditations and yoga." She turned towards a fruit stand and asked for some bananas and mangos. "Remember how you were anxious about the invasion, Aang? You were so hell-bent on surviving this battle that you almost went crazy. That really got us worried that we believed you were not ready for it."

"I understand, Katara, but thanks to your relaxation methods I felt better and I was ready for it."

She lowered her head uneasily. "I hope you're not stressful about facing the Fire Lord."

"No, no. I'm fine, there's nothing to worry about it. All I've learned is that with enough faith and confidence in my bending I can bring down the Fire Lord. Besides, we've been here for two weeks and I'm not feeling any stress or nervousness at all." That made Katara smile.

"I'm glad to hear that, Aang." She looked around and pointed at a toyshop. "Hey, let's head for that toyshop. I hope they have something that can alleviate Zuko's "hot headed nature."

"Nah, he's too old to be playing with toys," Aang snickered.

"What makes you think that?"

"I don't know, maybe he didn't want to go back to being Azula's 'ZuZu'," he suggested.

"Oh, don't be silly, no one can be old for toys."

Suddenly, a huge ruckus came from a brothel two buildings ahead of the toyshop. Four tall white men in dark blue uniform armed with rifles are dragging out four young women in their bikinis.

"You can't do this to my employees! They're being promised to pleasure four Fire Nation soldiers tonight!" The owner was desperate to keep his prostitutes safe.

"I don't care you little shit! You people don't have the bloody guts to take us on!" A moustache soldier in dark blue uniform spoke Chinese fluently as the prostitutes tried to free themselves.

"Yeah, these bitches are damn pretty that they they're qualified to have a good time." Another dark blue soldier with blond hair laughed as he licked the neck of another victim causing her to shriek.

"Let's go have some fun, darlings!" said a drunken soldier as they dragged them away.

The tears of the prostitutes, their desperate cries for help, and the excrutiating burns on their bodies from their tight grips prompted Aang to go after the harassing group, but Katara forbade it by grabbing him.

"Aang, we can't take action in haste when we are in a public place." She whispered.

"Why can't we? Those are innocent people and those pale looking tall guys are hurting them!"

"But what about your air bending? What if you used that in a place like this by accident? We could be noticed!"

"Now who's the nervous one?" He faced the unknown group and made his last statement, "don't worry, Katara, I will only use my fire bending on this island."

As they started to leave the owner helpless, Aang shot a ball of flame behind their heels. "Hey!" he shouted. The perpetrators caught the young monk's attention, and in their spoiled, irritated faces they wheeled round and drew their rifles.

"Are you guys deaf? This poor man demanded you to release them. Let them go!"

They tried to find the right words to offend, but it took too long for them so they spoke British English.

"Tell that to my face again you god damn gook! And I'll have you whipped for eternity!" The Avatar does not know the group leader's language, but he knew that he spoke offensively.

One of the prostitutes managed to free her and made a run to the Avatar but one of the soldiers grabbed her and pointed his revolver under her chin.

"You're not going anywhere you little bitch!" The blonde soldier cursed.

He punched another fireball over his head, throwing him off balance and causing him to release the girl. But the moustache soldier drew his own revolver and pressed the barrel against his own victim. He threatened the Avatar in fluent Chinese, "chrome dome, throw another one of those bloody fire punches at my men or I'll blow her brains out."

Katara stepped in to settle Aang's rage. "Aang, he's trying to pull you into this so let me handle these jerks." Aang nodded and backed away and then all the people caught Katara's attention as she picked the right words. "Was it worth it? Having 'fun' with these girls while you stand on top of everyone? This is unforgivable! And what kind of humans are you anyway?"

The blonde soldier teased with the group, "Look boys, we've got ourselves another tanned gook in our mist!" And responded back in their language, "and since you're not a white person, your right to speak in our presence is inevitable!" Taunted the leader.

"I don't care whether we're different from each other or not. You cannot resist this poor man's demands. They just want to be left alone!"

"What makes you people say that?" asked the blonde soldier arrogantly.

She stamped the ground with rage and her voice rose up like a tidal wave.

"Because people like you are too stubbornly stupid to learn what the Fire Nation can do!"

"<English> you whore!" As the leader cocked his gun, a gunshot came out of nowhere and knocked the revolver out of his hand. Shocked by the sound, the whole market followed their ears to the source and they led them to a masked man in a different colored uniform on a white stallion.

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