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Book 2, Chapter 3 - First Contact

As the messenger bird sent by Waku arrived on the deck of the Fire Nation command ship, Zuko read it then swore in his head. His fleet was already being attacked by a single vessel using a dark shield to protect itself, he must have lost about 4 ships by now and this message wasn't helping his problems. Zuko prepared to join the fight but was held back by Aang.

"Your in no condition to fight Zuko!" warned Aang.

"My men are dying its my duty to fight alongside them!" said Zuko attempting to push past but the young Avatar strengthened his grip.

"Listen to yourself don't be fool I don't care if you feel if its your duty! Your duty is to stay alive Fire Lord!" shouted Aang annoyed by Zuko's foolish attempt to attack. Zuko was stunned as Aang had never addressed him like this before, reducing the Fire Lord to silence before he went back to the bridge. Aang jumped into the air and began to create a Tsunami aimed at the enemy ship. The man stood on its deck looking at the Avatar's amazing display of skill, this to him however was a simple trick. The man raised his hand and pointed two of fingers forward before firing a dark beam that Aang narrowly avoided. It ripped through his armor and stunned the Avatar now aware of this dangerous foe. Aang raised a hand calling for the fleet to retreat a bit before calling to the enemy ship asking the man to face his personally. The man stood on his bridge hearing this request and removing his cloak jumped into the air keeping himself airborne thanks to twin flame jets under his feet. Aang's face turned from confidence to shock as he realized who it was. "Zhao" he called, his voice trembling.

"Hello Avatar I trust you like my entrance, these new powers are going to come in use killing you" Zhao muttered his voice unlike Aang was brimming with confidence.

"You're not that strong Zhao I already defeated Shinzo-" Aang was starting to remember his great win but was cut short by Zhao.

"With the help of Waku, and besides he's busy with my 'friends' in the north," said Zhao cockily.

"What are you talking about!"

"You don't think I'd leave it unguarded?"

"What did you do, Zhao?"

"Let's just say the Water Tribe is gonna need re-populating."

"I'll kill you myself." Aang grew angry.

"You and what army then!"

"They're too intimidated by me and your friend Zuko is a weak cripple. What do you intend to do against me!"

"Don't underestimate me, Zhao!" Aang began to feel power building up inside him, but it was coming from a different source.

"I have the power of a Demon Spirit and the most powerful Fire Lord in history," shouted Zhao as wings began to extend from his back.

"You don't have the power of ten thousand Avatars, brother!" shouted Aang, but it wasn't his voice, it was Shinzu! Suddenly a massive combination of the four elements fired towards Zhao sending him flying down to the bottom of the ocean before exploding into a massive crater. However the fallen Admiral rose yet again surfacing a few seconds later, his armor completely destroyed. "This isn't over!" shouted Zhao as he engulfed himself and his ship in a cloud of smoke before disappearing. Aang momentary gazed at the spot where they used to be but was quickly thrown out of it by Zuko. As the fleet began to move to North to rescue Waku and Akuma.

Northern Water Tribe- 1 hour after landing

"Keep firing," shouted Waku and he shot back hordes on oncoming tribesmen. Akuma and the soldiers continued to fight on despite the fact they had 10minutes left at the most. But to their surprise a massive wave appeared with Aang riding on the top of it! By using the Avatar State Aang temporarily adjusted the ocean currents to shoot them to the north. As a ship broke land Waku and the soldier ran towards it. Akuma was about to board when a spear shot through his leg. Unfortunately it was attached to a chain and hurled the General back. As the fleet retreated Waku looked back at the Northern Tribe, vowing to return and save his friend. As the fleet began to set up camp at a nearby ice field.

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